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Thread: Few problems about Wings and VOTW videos

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    Default Few problems about Wings and VOTW videos

    Firstly, Why designers trying to make new wings so big and weird? Almost all new wings like this... Can we just get normal small wings like Phoenix/angel/autum/Crimson Wings. Also Wings connection things(As i mentioned with arrows) really so so bad, don't make this kind of wings again, please.

    Also about Video of the Weeks, as i understand the person who select them love animation videos. Can we change name to AOTW (Animation of the Week)? Just kidding… Just select only 1 Animation per month, other 3 weeks should be music, roleplay or others. Currently people saying you can't win VOTW, if you don't know how to make animations.. We need growtopia music videos and more!

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    I agree with you. It has come to the point that the legendary wing doesn't look special anymore. We need to put back the gap between the art style of the rare and the common wing.
    Quote Originally Posted by GrowPixel View Post
    Currenly people can made super cool and noticeable set with only 500-1000wls and i think it's make them quit after a while. Because bigger and noticeable items was Final goal in growtopia. Developers definitely should stop making big wings / clothes. Being rich doesn't feel special anymore, i think that's the one of the reason why a lot of players quitting.
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