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Thread: [Forum Contest] Shopping Cart World Building Contest

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    IGN: CHL
    World: VATROS


    This is VATROS, our entry for the Black Friday Cart Contest. VATROS offers more than just your typical parkour world. It houses interesting information about the famous events, Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Not only that, but it uses fun mechanics like cybots and adventure items. It has a jazzy music composed by CUZYSONG. We sadly were unprepared to make a story, though we tried our best to supply information about these two famous events.


    PZ Jammers with Fire House
    Background weather
    Growtopia Blues ~ composed by CuzySong
    Credit Board
    Fun Adventures with cybots/adventure items and trivia games
    Information about Thanksgiving
    Information about Black Friday
    Information on our inspirations building this world

    Plus Points Achieved:

    Talks both about Black Friday and Thanksgiving [ +1 ]
    Has a section fully dedicated on where we got our ideas [ +1 ]
    Has an interesting trivia game like no other [ +1 ]
    Fun cybot and adventure parkour included [ +1 ]
    Growtopia Blues, a song, composed by CuzyCat included [ +1 ]
    Newly made world [ +1 ]

    Name:  vatros.png
Views: 357
Size:  865.5 KB

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    Default BigTimeDash

    Presenting my Shopping Cart World Building Contest entry.

    WORLD NAME: BigTimeDash
    IGN: Flyxx

    My Backstory:
    The items I placed inside my shopping cart are my long term goals in this game.
    Legendary Katana, Spirit of Anubis, and BGL(s) are things you cannot obtain overnight.
    The image of growtopian peeking at the side can be myself because I'm still at awe looking at these items.

    About the World:
    The world is a race world with a meaning.
    The race represents my own sub-theme "CHASING MY GROWTOPIA DREAMS."
    More than just racing against others, I'm actually racing against myself.
    "How fast/motivated am I to go after my dreams?"
    "How persistent and patient am I to reach my goal?"

    Game mechanics:
    The race is basically a one-way path that you need to finish.
    At the end of the race is a race end flag that will indicate your time.
    Find the door that corresponds to your time.
    Enter the door to find what it says about your time.
    The meaning is actually intended for fun only.
    You can choose a certain time and make it your personal goal.

    Shopping cart theme
    Background music
    Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse
    Nothingness weather machine
    Large vip area (seperated into 2 according to time result)
    Pixel arts

    Thank you
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default My Entry For The Contest!!!

    Yes, This is my entry for the contest:
    The world name is CITYCART
    & My Grow ID: is 162007
    This world got:
    -Pixel Arts
    -and A Host in The World!!
    I always wanted, Love, an iPhone, and a Challenger Crown
    -All the pixel art in the world is all the item I ever wanted in my life, but I wanna earn it not getting it, is better giving than receiving
    I guess that's all from me
    Hopefully I win thx
    xoxo 162007Name:  citycart.png
Views: 339
Size:  794.1 KB

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    Default GAINORLOSS by voOny

    Name:  gainorloss.png
Views: 357
Size:  1.18 MB

    Is it a gain? or a loss?

    Should accountants wear black or red clothes?

    World Features
    1. Basic Requirements (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse, Weather Machine-Night)

    2. A thanksgiving-themed maze wherein it can also be a hangout place.

    3. An adventure parkour wherein it aims to go to the SHOPPING CART STATUE and to play a password door game with awesome prizes (when a player already answered correctly, I will change the question, also the password and add prizes)

    Plus, there is also a shortcut for the adventure parkour but it will not be easy for you cause it also had a password door game.

    4. It has a clocktower pointing at 12 midnight. Because some shops are open for 24/7, since it is Black Friday, it is something that reminds that people should leave their houses early in order to avoid traffic congestions. Cause based on my research, there is a huge traffic congestion during this day.

    5. There are 2 main shops, the mall and the neccessity shops. In mall, I personally chose fashion items to be sold in there cause fashion is one of my interests and it is said in thread that I show what I want in-game or out-game items. In neccessity shop, you can see there the household items and those items represents my wants.

    6. When you see a black tree and window, it represents a GAIN while when you red tree and window it symbolizes a LOSS.

    7. The world will also let you know why accountants wear black clothes during Black Friday.

    8. There are music blocks (Victrola and Note Blocks)

    9. The information that I get from can be seen in the guestbook near the white door.

    10. The world is created by myself and it really shows my interests in building this world cause it tackles the accountants and personally I am an accounting student.

    11. This world is very engaging, different, and unique compared to other participants. No hate, Just LOVE.❤

    12. That's all and thank you!
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    Hey, this will be my entry for the contest! You might wonder why are there two shopping carts in the world. If you look closely, the world itself contains a mixture of in real life items and the in game items.

    I will talk about items that are in real life. There are two real in life items in the carts (A robot toy and a TV). I would like to purchase during Black Friday because for a Robot toy, I would give that to my younger sibling for his birthday. (Birthday falls on the same day as Black Friday) For the TV, I would like to have it in my bedroom so that I will be able to chill and watch TV simultaneously.

    Now for the in game items, there a few items in the shopping carts and some of them are in the shelf. Those items that are in the shopping carts that I would want. Growboard, Soda Jetpack, Basketball, Dragon Hand and Legendary Kanata. I would want them because all of them do have cool effects. (Eg. Growboard has flamming trails, Dragon Hand attacks with his breathing fire and Jetpack has trails of soda)

    World contains:
    - An easy and manageable parkour (Does not require special effects to complete)
    - Definition of Black Friday
    - How is Black Friday created
    - P and Z Jammers
    - Guardian Pineapple

    Growtopia Wikia

    World created by myself.

    This will be the world design/render:

    Name:  blackblackfriday.png
Views: 247
Size:  830.1 KB
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    Name:  growtopicart.png
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Size:  741.5 KB
    Ig: Kyan7
    World: Growtopicart
    Pz Jammers
    P Guardian
    background weather

    Has a few facts about thanksgiving and black friday and a search for letters games to get to the vip

    Eh not that good didnt have much time
    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
    — The Doctor
    “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
    ― Ross Lynch

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    Default Empty world duh

    Oke, me done with this empty world duh
    World: S9L0
    GROWID: RiMuOi
    Tbh I don't want to take part in this contest because the remaining 2 days of the contest are over but someone asked me to stay in the contest.
    (Yes that person wants me to spend wl)
    of course the idea in my world from my brain

    yes black Friday is a day that can't be missed, many people waiting for it and it turns out that on an planet there are aliens who also do blackfriday and Thanksgiving on their planet
    ofc this not real

    World contains:
    *Shopping cart duh
    *A litle fact about Thanksgiving and blackfriday
    *Outer space theme
    *punch and zombie jammer
    *No parkour oke?

    What's on my shopping cart? :
    Focused eye:
    Focused eye is one of my fav item in game
    Diamond Shoes:
    Ds is shoes item that I'm using from winterfest 2018until now
    Cursed spirit pendant blue and red: that item looks nice I'm gonna buy it later

    Render:Name:  s9l0.png
Views: 247
Size:  818.3 KB
    yes the name world didn't related with world I got that free clear world
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    My personal background is everything video games and anime.

    Remember im boy..

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    Default LOAN for contest submission

    LOAN by Kaito

    Here is the main render:
    Name:  loan.png
Views: 311
Size:  1.06 MB

    Here is the connected world:
    Name:  wrapped.png
Views: 186
Size:  405.0 KB

    World contains:
    *Modern Shopping Cart
    *In game and Out game pixel arts
    *Many facts, ideas, and reactions about Thanksgiving and Black Friday
    *Riddles related to Thanksgiving and Black Friday
    *A simple parkour
    *Autumn-Thanksgiving theme design
    *Autumn Weather
    *Dimension Block (parkour)
    *Tomb Robber Gameplay
    *Usage of adventure items
    *Usage of clash blocks
    *Extensive use of paint
    *Complete set of basic jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and Fire House)
    *Silver Dragon Trophy (ruling purposes)
    *Modernish song (made by Dvours)
    *Background Story of the world designs
    *Interconnected world

    In this world a very rarely gameplay has been used and that is the Tomb Robber (Raider), in order for the gates to open in the cart you must bring the items he seeks (Crystal Goblet, Key, Rope, Torch, and Golden Idol). To collect these items you have to go through some invisible parkour with the usage of "Dimension Blocks" in order to go up and gather the things needed. Once these items is brought to the Tomb Robber (Raider) he will open the gate that will lead you in solving riddles related to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Thus finishing the world with joy and hardwork.

    This world was merely created for this contest alone but some suggested it that it is also good for WOTD, and I am not nominating it there. FACT: The pixel arts I made inside the cart were the items I had never ever owned in game even at it's lowest cost, which made it more fun for me to build. I let visitors test my world earlier, and it worked out better than I expected. Teamwork is limitly present but critical thinking is very active. Visit "LOAN" for the full details of everything.

    Interconnected world:
    After doing some riddles you are warped through a time where in the Turkey of Black Friday was still alive and providing good sales to the townspeople. In which, you are travelled back to the past. In order to go back to the past you need to find the key to a gateway. But remember, to never change the past for it will change the future.

    Interconnected world contains:
    *Riddles related to Black Friday and Thanksgiving
    *Tomb Robber Gameplay
    *Modernish song (by Dvours)
    *Complete set of basic jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm and Fire House)
    *Autumn-Thanksgiving theme
    *Dimension Block (parkour)

    Goodluck to all participants and may your Thanksgiving be joyous as ever, spread love and not hate.
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    Hey there folks, come and join us in our very special Secret Santa 2019 ⛄

    By clicking this link❄

    IGN: Kaito
    World: KAITO
    Instagram: @kaitonatics

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    Red face my shopping cart world

    world name: OurGiving
    my GrowID: ExFriendz
    world description: my theme is about thanksgiving event. which is the main event for the game. including traditional food in this event like pumpkin’s, eggplant and turkey. Also i draw two known characters in thanksgiving event ( Pilgrim) on top of the shopping cart that contains the items i wished for.

    world features:
    -zombie jammer.
    -punch jammer.
    -antigravity machine.
    -wether stars night.
    -many different colored blocks.
    -board with world about thanks giving event.
    -board with people letters about the event.

    what i decided to include in my world!!

    -A restaurant shaped as a huge pumpkin.
    -A turkey on top of the restaurant door as a sign of it.
    -small pumpkin garden on right of the restaurant .
    -A big box filled with eggplants.
    -Pilgrim couple holding folks and knifes ready to eat their dinner.
    -A huge shopping cart tied with a red ribbons contains diamond picaxe, challenge crown and a big gem lock.

    Name:  634B64DD-40AA-487F-B4F5-14A3138EF479.png
Views: 288
Size:  791.0 KB

    In conclusion:
    we are very thankful to growtopia game team for hosting this cind of challenge, it make us creative in expressing our appreciantion for this occasion.
    Hope you like what i made.

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    Default My shopping cart world

    World name : Vendtomb
    Grow id : IJMO

    World include: pz jammer,night weather machine , parkour, song ,story lines,pixel art ,chat room for ppl to chat.

    Story:The 4 a.m. chill settles into your bones. You're on a mission, running a well-crafted strategy through your mind again and again. As you visualize the path you'll take into battle, the action draws near. Chuffing warm breath into your hands, you try to stay loose. It's a last-ditch effort to stave off a milieu of emotional and physical states: excitement, fear, adrenaline, fatigue. Now is the time for singular focus.Its black Friday !!!

    Name:  vendtomb.png
Views: 191
Size:  154.4 KB
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    Default My Submission

    GrowID: KennyBB

    Jammers placed: Punch & zombie jammers, firehouse

    Story summary: One of your best friends’ father passed away and you want to help her out. You heard about this treasure hidden deep inside this dimensional rift and you must venture into the place in order to retrieve it. The power of the treasure? It is said that it can do anything, but only ONE THING that you wish for. You don’t know if the legend is true, but you’re going to at least give it a go.

    Idea behind world:
    During the designing process, I thought that a plain cart would be way too simple and boring. Then I remembered seeing BrayBrick & Techy’s world “PRESSTHISBUTTON” and all the little cool biomes in the world. I thought, “Why not try this, but with the cart itself?” and that idea was what I stuck with. I do have pixel art in the world too, but kept to the minimal as of the heavenly scythe sticking out and the little U.F.O. on the right side. And to not have the world overflow with random ugly pixel art everywhere, I decided to make a little shop area which feature various items that either me or my friends want to get. That way, I don’t have to rely on oversized ugly pixel art to represent the wishlist.

    Huge thanks to: Spyroboy, Collums & Demondoom for helping out.Name:  crossdimensional.png
Views: 281
Size:  1.27 MB
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    World name : MyTrolley
    GrowID: HB6
    Description: i have made a shopping cart pixel art and also golden trophy shopping cart pixel art and i designed the world with small parkour has a small story which people can have fun while doing it i put jammers and weather but i did not put music because ıt becomes annoying when it repeats itself so many times. I put item that i want to have in game (golden trophy) and i tried my best to make this world hope you liked it And i added some information about black friday and thanksgiving inside the shopping cart
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default The shopping cart 2019, contest entry

    Grow ID: BeerProfit
    World ID: ShoppingCart2019

    Story: It's that time of the year! Black Friday, but you have no idea what to buy! You have to go on an adventure to make a list of everything you want before you start buying items! However! You must avoid scammers and thieves along the way, so be careful!

    Some backstory: So while coming up with items, golden angel wings were the first item that came to mind. Most players dream about having a pair at least once and many consider it a milestone. The Geiger counter is an item that can pay itself off, and it's one of the earliest and easiest ways of getting profit for new players. Emerald lock is shiny like golden angel wings, but it also gives bonus gems while farming. As for the pets rock and slime, I think they're pets that people usually forget about, even though they are pretty cool. The atomic shadow scythe is one of the, if not THE coolest token item worth 200 growtokens, and we figured no one would be making any token item. The wolf (wolf taming glove) would serve as a good guardian for part of the story. And lastly the death ray we figured the pet rock would look funnier while holding it, since he looks inoffensive, and it'd be cool if he was ironically holding a death ray.

    The world also features a VIP for winners, Punch and Zombie Jammers, Ghost Charm, Anti Gravity machine, Pineapple guardian, everything you would need. The world can be completed without wings or shoes since there is anti gravity.

    I hope you guys enjoy the world. It took a lot of time, dedication, and planning, but it was a very fun experience.

    Name:  shoppingcart2019 (1).png
Views: 254
Size:  890.7 KB
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    Default Growblackcar

    World name : growblackcar
    Growid: Arquiteto
    World have: Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer, Background Machine, Ghost Charm
    Parkour Easy/medium and Pixel arts

    About world:
    I decided to create a world with a market theme because everything is reported to a super market where we do a lot of our shopping, playing a little with the world put a phoenix wings on a display and made a vending machine representing the growtopia merchandise and a shopping cart the world contains an easy / medium parkour for some fun and some black friday and thanks giving trivia

    Render : Name:  growblackcar.png
Views: 240
Size:  878.7 KB

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    Default Posting for A Friend!

    GrowID: XAisha
    World Name: ThanksgivingOrigins
    Hi! I'm very proud of this world & spent atleast 20 hours, and all of my wls on it . This world is a mixture of information on the origins of Black Friday and Thanksgiving! Each book in the world contains a paragraph of information on a specific topic, for example how Black Friday first came to be, or what the pilgrim's relationship with the Native Americans was. There's an interactive adventure jam-packed with fun facts and information! The museum-like experience will leave you with much more knowledge on the true story of the pilgrims! The upper portion of the world Includes information on Black Friday and how it came to be! There's also a trivia portion that leads to the VIP room! Also known as the SHOPPING CART! The shopping Cart includes the puppy and puddy leash, and a turkey and pumpkin pie! yum! There is a book there that provides the reasons of why I picked those items.
    Where I got my ideas:
    I wanted to inform others on the beginning of Thanksgiving, and how it came to be. Surprisingly, not many people know the true origins of Thanksgiving, and this world explains a lot of it!
    For the shopping cart, I just put my favorite items inside! I hope to one day be able to purchase some of the items, like the puppy and puddy. If only Black Friday sales applied to items in-game! ,
    The world is newly made!
    World Includes:
    +Guardian Pineapple
    +Thanksgiving Trivia
    +Mini Death-Spike parkour
    +TONS of facts on the origins of Thanksgiving and Black Friday
    +Shopping cart with items I love!
    +Pixel art of pilgrims, turkey, shopping cart (with items) & dinner bells
    +Museum-Like structures that resemble real life things such as the Mayflower ship and Pilgrim Houses
    Name:  thanksgivingorigins.png
Views: 247
Size:  914.0 KB
    Note: the top is a bit cut off, but it says BLACK FRIDAY in pixel letters! Also, the world is much better to experience in person so maybe stop by and check it out!
    "Flowers grow back, even after they are stepped on."

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    Lunarus's Black Fridayworld : SALESRUSH

    It is black friday and you were recently hired to help a manager to make sure nothing goes wrong during this day, but during the midst of trying to keep everything calm, time suddenly stops. You wonder what happened as you investgated the market to search for what happened. It was the manager as he tries his best to also keep the market calm but recent situation has caused him to call you up and fix the mess. Can you make it the best Black Friday for your customers? Or will you mess everything up and ruin the Market's reputation?

    World Includes
    - PZ Jammer and Pine Guard.
    - Pixel art
    - Small VIP area for players to hangout in

    World Mechanics
    - World Swapping
    - Fun gameplay
    - Mini Quiz
    - Hard Parkour
    - Mini games for players who finished main storyline

    I personally have gained all my dream items so I asked my noober friends for what they like, one had a dreamt of holding 5000 Growsprays and others had a small dream, one a dead geiger charger and others, a turkey carving set.

    Wishing all the best to other people submitting!


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    Default GTSHOPEESALE for submission.

    World Name: GTSHOPEESALE
    GrowID: Edmush

    Black Friday is gonna have big discount sale around the corner and you must explore the worlds to search for
    hints/secret pathway that might need for your trivia/riddles! Explore the world to find out more!
    World is inspired by Shopee!
    You will need a notebook to note down the hints

    Name:  gtshopeesale.png
Views: 255
Size:  242.1 KB

    • Antigravity, Punch & Zombie Jammer!

    • Password Trivia about Thanksgiving & Black Friday! (with abit of parkours/puzzles!)

    • Password Riddles about Growtopia (if you want a break from Black Friday)

    • Explore the world outside! (A secret pathway to the Clock & the cart!)

    • Pathetique II - Beethovan song by MonstoR!

    • Thanksgiving/Black Friday facts/history, it's really educational!

    • VIP ROOM - For those who completed the password games!

    It's really a fun world, go check it out!
    IGN: Edmush
    Level: 91
    WOTDs: 28
    Growtopia since October 2013
    Forums since September 2014

    Sponsored Item:
    The Gungnir (Yes, xAzureHKF is me.)

    #AIRANCIENTS Guild Master

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    Default My Submission BLACKFRIDAYSPREE

    Hi, this is my world BLACKFRIDAYSPREE that I'm entering for the Shopping Cart World Building Contest
    GROWID: yoshi8u

    This world includes:
    >P-Z Jammers
    -Pineapple Guardian
    -Stuff Weather Machine
    -Fire House
    -Fun facts about Black Friday to read as you wait for a round to begin.
    -Music[Sped Up Version of rockstar by Post Malone ft 21 Savage]
    -A fun, fast-paced, and unique minigame

    I wanted to create a unique minigame that anyone could play at any time and this is what I came up with. When the game starts you teleport to a random room(there are over 60 rooms you can see the render) and you need to beat that room as fast as you can. Each room takes about 5sec-15sec and whenever you beat one you gain a point. You can never lose points if you die you teleport to a new room. One game lasts 3minutes and the game generator is always on so feel free to go there whenever. You can play this without wings or a parasol but they are both recommended. If you're alone try and beat your high score and if your with others try and have the most points. Also not all rooms are parkour so be ready for other challenges. Good luck .

    There's a lot of different items in the cart as you can tell so I don't want to go in depths in all of them. But all of them mean something to me weather It's something I want, I have, or something that means something to mean. Heres the most important ones: The dirt is there because dirt is my guild symbol and I wanted to represent my guild. The GHC is there because I've wanted one and even after spending millions of gems I'm very unlucky. The spatula(bottom left) is there because it's an item I once suggested(its like an infinite enchanted spatula) and although I know they didn't add it because of me it's still cool and the Youtube symbol is there because I like live streaming on youtube sometimes and I made the shopping cart in the world while streaming.

    Name:  blackfridayspree.png
Views: 210
Size:  203.9 KB
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    Name:  fridayshoppingspree (1).png
Views: 251
Size:  153.6 KB

    • GrowID : IcyHarry
    • A quicky description of the world : The world has fun and interesting trivia/facts about Thanksgiving and Black Friday! along with that is the parkour you have to go through. Reach the end to get to the cash register!
    • World also contains both Punch and Zombie Jammers along with a Firehouse,Music and a Nothingness weather machine .

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    Default World for shopping cart contest

    Name:  7F2A331E-A9B3-4DE5-B792-71EADA964C62.jpeg
Views: 258
Size:  411.7 KB
    World Name: ELCARTO
    GrowID: DuelSock

    - P/Z jammer
    - Anti grav machine
    - Heatwave weather machine
    - Game generator
    - Couple other weather machines placed
    Most things in my world I personally think it’s pretty original since I don’t remember seeing any other world with these things I made.

    Started on the world 3 days before deadline which has my reason to building the world explained in a bulletin board above white door in the world
    Took over 24 hours to build the world

    This world contains pixel arts of all 3 shopping cart trophies with different things built in each pixel art. Bronze is a thanksgiving story game based on the origin of thanksgiving, silver is a parkour I created (level = hard), and gold is a list of items that I own and wish to buy in the future with a place for other players to write what they wish to obtain in the future. There is also a turkey trot (foot race) built in the world with a bulletin board describing what it is.

    Using the 3 main games in the world I also used them to create a game using game generator which I can host when I’m in the world (there is also a place that describes how the game works). Riddles are also part of the game which could help them win.

    This covers most of the world, but there’s definitely more to check out
    Visit ELCARTO to see the world
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