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    Default RPG Pack

    Rpg Pack
    Contains a random grunt, a random npc and some random rpg equipment

    Multi Solution Password Door:

    A password door with multiple solutions that each lead to a different location
    Passwords can include wildcards (eg. * = any character, # = any number)
    Includes a "Joker" when none of the other solutions were picked
    Higher solutions have priority

    Interactable NPC:
    Is a named interactable mannequin
    can issue and finish quests
    chat options depend on equipped adventure items and quest status

    Certain tasks that upon completion can reward the player

    Types of quests
    • Kill x grunts of specified type (eg slay 1 boss slime)
    • Collect x of rpg block (eg collect 4 gold ore)
    • Pay x Coins
    • Obtain adventure item (completing a quest may remove the adventure item)
    • Wear a certain rpg equipment
    • ..??

    Types of rewards
    • Any RPG equipment
    • Any Adventure item
    • Gold
    • Password hint
    • Open rpg door
    • ..??

    Gold Coins:
    RPG Currency, only usable in the current world

    Bag of gold:

    A placeable bag of gold that when punched will reward with a set amount of gold

    Vendor NPC:
    Sells RPG equipment to players
    The world owner can select what can be bought, how often and for what price
    Setting the shop stock will consume the respective rpg equipment

    RPG equipment:
    Equipment that a player can wear that will assist him in fighting grunts
    RPG equipment can be placed down, bought from vendors or received as part of a quest.

    could include
    • Wooden Sword: +1 additonal Damage when attacking
    • Iron Sword: +2 additonal Damage when attacking
    • The Hero's sword: +2 Damage when attacking, +2 additional Damage against undead
    • Shield - Blocks 50% damage for the next 2seconds
    • Spell Book Ice: Freezes the enemy for 2 seconds (only one spell book at a time)
    • Spell Book Regeneration: Heals 2hp
    • Spell Book Holy Corruption: Poisons undead, ineffective against the living
    • Spell Book Poison: Poisons the living, ineffective against undead
    • Plain Armor: Receive -1 damage from grunts
    • Heroic Armor: Receive -1 damage from grunts, -1 damage additionally from undead
    • Healing Potion: Heals 5hp (gets consumed)
    • ..??

    NPCs the player can interact with to fighting in a similar fashion as pet fights
    Per default the player can only punch using fists to cause 1 damage, but after obtaining rpg equipment he'll be able to use those as well
    Defeating grunts can cause quests to advance

    could include
    • Slime (green 2 damage 10hp, purple boss 3 damage 15hp)
    • Bandit - can throw knives that deal 1 damage (green 3 damage 10hp, purple boss 4 damage 10hp)
    • Warthog - can stun for a second (brown 2 damage 20hp, purple boss 3 damage 25hp)
    • Skeleton - 30% evasion chance, undead (...
    • Vampire - Bites to lifesteal, undead
    • Demon - will steal healing potions
    • ..??

    Wrench Options:
    • Agressive Y/N - Attacks the player when he runs over the grunt
    • Boss type Y/N
    • Respawns Y/N
    • Drops gold after Respawn Y/N
    • Drop X gold after defeat
    • Drop specified rpg equipment after defeat
    • ..??

    RPG Block:
    A block that can be "harvested" to advance a quest

    could include
    • Lotus flower
    • Gold ore
    • firewood
    • crystal shards
    • cave bugs
    • ..??

    Rpg door:
    Will only open after a specified quest has been started/completed

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    I don't think so


    It's a good idea but idk if it would fit the way growtopia is built, though we've always wanted pve.
    Btw, wooden sword exists already
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