This night is my nightmare because i thing this game is broke...i already contact the Growtopia for support

So this the story

Its 00.20 at midnight 17/11/19
my world is locked,i drop 2 diamond lock and 1 autumn wing,its save cuz all is blocked with block
,I drop in a locked and closed place and then someone is like putting a block in a place that I drop, I'm confused about what he is doing, then I don't care about it and off, when I'm on again like 20 minutes my stuff is lost and the door that leads to My world is also missing goods

Then its missing now im very sad because how someone can get the items when its blocked by block,my items is always save then why now its missing??
Why so many hacker now on growtopia?then what about my goods whether I will surrender because my items disappear suddenly?