I know that no one knows me, but I left forums and game around June/July to focus on studies (since I started uni). Semester is about to end would like to ask what's been happening since those couple of months.

General Questions:

Are there any new game mechanics/features? Are there new rules that was just implemented during that time? Are there any interesting items that I should envy about? New interesting players that I should be interested in? ad infinitum

Specific Questions:

How's the status of BFG farms? Are there new things I should try to stop/start doing?
Whom could I contact for forum-related concerns (someone that will actually answer)?
other question:

[Filipino question] Kung may taga-qc o malapit sa solenad/nuvali diyan at up for tambay, dm me hehe. tambay katip/sole;)))

thanks dudeskis :))