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Thread: "Dynamite" is recruiting :)

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    Default "Dynamite" is recruiting :)

    Yoooooooooooooooo guys!

    This will serve as the recruitment thread for my guild, Dynamite. We are currently a level 8 guild, more than halfway to level 9. We will always place in the top 80 guilds.

    Some benefits for being in my guild~

    ~An amazing guild where everyone is friends
    ~Free, guild only laser grid and chand bfgs for easy XP and gems
    ~A friendly, 100% scam free environment
    ~We will always reach the #20 reward

    All you need to be able to join is to...

    ~Be at least level 35
    ~Personal minimum reward of #15
    ~A one time deposit of 10wls to prevent freeloaders (will be returned should you decide to leave)

    NOTE: Spots are limited! Currently, we have 22/40 spots available (18 spots left)

    And yea, that's about it. If you're interested, please message me in-game @Yell0wTail or my co-leaders, Sinxay, ConnectApp, or Laglions. Other ways of reaching are through discord, Yell0wTail#2910 or Instagram @yell0wtail
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    If you want to get in touch:

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    How much does it cost to reach #15 every event?

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