so we know that casinos are illegal, neither its regular casino or other casino, because the host can easily scam the player but i have an idea about making an AI that can decide who's the winner based on the number that appears from the roullete. so basically, here is the explanation about how it works :

1. player gives the wl to the AI (maybe you guys can add the limit of how much world locks you can bet on example: 20wls)
2. when the AI receives the world lock/s the player gave, the AI immediately looking for someone who wants to play in a same amount (maybe you guys can add banner like they want to play for 20 wls or something then the AI immediately pull them
3. when the game abt to start, both players must confirm if they ready to play casino or no, if one of the player is not ready, they can just press the cancel button and theyll get the wls back, as well as the oppenents, theyll get their wls back too
4. when the game starts , both players got 3 rounds to spin the roullete, highest number wins.
5. over and over again untill one of the player lost
6. the AI immediately kick the player who lost and trade the player who won to double their wls.

idk its just my thought

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or, why dont you guys just delete all casino items to prevent casino?