I am just wondering about anyone's opinions on the 2 new persona 5 games comeing soon.
For me I think the P5R is a great expansion of the original. persona 5 game, like what they did with persona 3 fes, and persona 4 golden. I also think that it's was very cool that we get a new party member, and like some of the new skins we can get like the persona q2 costumes. I also like the dlc boss fight where you can go up against the protaganess of p3 and p4.
Now regarding the phantom strikers I think it's a cool concept of haveing a disnesty warriors game in the persona 5 world. And even tho this is my opinion (since I grew up playing disnesty warriors) I think this game will be a great addition to the series I love the look of the new characters. And the story is something I think will be good. I think it will be possible for the inclusion of dlc characters from the other titles like what they did to both fire emblem and hyrule warriors.
In all I can not wait till the English version of both games comes out next year for ps4. Also reply to this your thought on both games.