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Thread: Roots Rebalanced! (Mobile & PC)

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    Default Roots Rebalanced! (Mobile & PC)

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    Hello Growtopians!

    Today, we are giving you a full rebalance of Roots! Try this overhauled feature, enjoy Bountiful plants and check the Bountiful Seed Pack that has been added to the store!

    We'd like to hear your opinion of it all so please leave your feedback here

    ~ Ayame

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    Default Dev Diary - Roots Rebalanced!

    Hello Growtopians!

    Today brings a long-awaited update to the game in the form of an overhaul and rebalance of Roots! Blast from the past, right? I know, it's been months since we launched Roots - why did it take so long on this one, and what did we change? Well, both answers actually come from the same place: gems. In short, Roots was an attempt to add a new, longer-term, and more strategic farming loop to the game. This is, of course, incredibly dangerous, because if we screwed it up, we could end up tanking the economy with easy-to-acquire gems.

    As such, when we launched Roots, we did so cautiously. We were hesitant on the balancing, and we made sure to track its use and output for longer than usual just to be sure that whatever we were doing was based on long-term data (because, again, it's a long-term update). After we got our data, we spent a lot of time going over it, and ultimately, we determined that we'd erred too much on the side of caution: Roots just weren't enough to beat standard crops, value-wise.

    That's the why, and now for the what: We've done a ton of tweaking to Roots to make those Bountiful plants even more useful than ever, including a new store pack to help you get into it quicklike! You'll be getting a lot more return on your investment now, with outputs that should help Roots stand up against the opposition! Again, this should become very noticeable over time, as Roots is designed as a long-term, strategic approach to farming. Not all bountiful seeds are equal, are some are better than others, but if you invest in the right bountiful farm for the long haul, it should pay dividends that can help it compete with standard crops. Time for some agricultural experimentation!

    How did we do? Do Roots feel better and more impactful now? Are they full of life and vigor, or still feeling a bit lame and withered? Please let us know! We'll also be monitoring the prices and fluctuations of these seeds and blocks carefully over time to see if they match our new intention. If things don't look right for their long-term performance, we'll be back with more tweaks!

    Oh, and, as always, thanks for your feedback and care, folks. We really do listen, even if it takes a little while! Enjoy your new n' improved Roots!



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