Since I am bored and I am in need of some wls. I wanted to offer some services to ppl.

I can build farms for you! (You will supply me the material and send me an image of the farm that you want me to build) 10 wls.

I can build dirt farms for you! (I will be the only worker so it will take max 1 week. Depends on the way you want me to build your farm like.)
Prices: With cave background and rocks-6
Without cave and rocks-7

I can build any type of world for you.(You will describe me how and supply me the materials and I will build it. WARNING: I MIGHT BE UNEXPERIENCED WITH THE TYPE OF WORLD THAT YOU WANT ME TO BUILD. SO I DO NOT RECOMMEND IF YOU DONT TRUST ME. You can offer me the price.

So here are all the services that I can provide. I am in real life and in game friends with Selim149 a.k.a Functionless. You can get references from him. Probably he will say that I am a noob so yeah.

You can contact me through forums as I am online nearly all the day.