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    Default I am Growno Grovanna and I have a reply!

    Oof... sad for u...

    I don't really even have IRL friends...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Axzyte View Post
    For people who dont know about the tragedy it's basically all yes all my BESTFRIENDS betraying me.. Like they say Trust takes years to build,but seconds to break.
    Its called Fake Friends. I only got 1-2 friends on my life and people that close to me that sometimes treat me like a garbage consider as classmates

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenChloe View Post
    All this for losing friend. Wls are side part here, i think main thing is that he has friend who betrayed him just for 80wls. Now he feels that his value is 80wl what is almost nothing.

    When my friend scammed my geiger, i felt so mad and disappointed. I was like.. rlly?! my value to u is 12wl? Like rlly? That hurts. Not wls just the fact that your friend exchanged you for 12wls. He must hated me for real.
    Not one friend almost 3, I trusted them since I started the game. I almost built a drop game but this is so...idk I have no energy for 5 weeks now I think yeh ok criticize me all you want,fun and free..
    Oh no!



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