Hello guys . Firstly, I haven't been in the Forum for a long time. And during that time, I've decided to investigate and find the minor issues/need to be changed things of Growtopia . And so far I have found six flaws totally and I think the game will be visually better if these flaws are changed by the Developers . Let's start from the first minor issue:

  • Between "Dr." and the player's name should empty(Dr. <Name>).
  • The challenge timer's label(XX:XX) actually isn't in the middle of screen. It should be a little right.
  • Player's gem amount should be in above when Grow Events' icon disabled.
  • This isn't very noticeable but, same account type(Supporter/Super-Supporter) players' flags' are a little more big.
    You can understand what I mean by looking at this screenshot: https://prntscr.com/q0ilx7
    Look at this. Two Super-Supporters but other player's flag is a little bigger.
  • Before the new rendering machine, the "Back" button and some other buttons in the sections "Options" and "About" were
    stuck to the left side of the screen. But now, it's changed and not stuck anymore. I think, the old system was better.
  • And again, before the new rendering machine, I noticed that some buttons like "Play Online" and world buttons were minimized a little in Mobile.

So guys, these were all I found. But don't forget that; I'm not enforcing Developers to change, these are just my suggestions about Growtopia's visual view.

And of course, feel free to share if you too have minor flaws/issues like these. I'll add more soon .