Buy a ghost set (nwutron gun, pack, synthetic glasses) and 20-how much u wanna spend on jars, then catch ghosts. After using up ALL the jars, plant the seeds and sell the gij (ghost in jar) for 7-8/wl. Keep doing this till ur out of jars/seeds.

The first time I tried it I spent 5wls on jars and got 13wls back, an 8wl profit. Second I spend 60 and got 110wls back, im not too sure for third as I quitted and they dropped from 5/wl to 7/wl, though I still profitted. (I spend 72ish this time and got 124 back.)

Ignore the mind ghosts. Theyre super annoying to catch and will make you lose jars (and profit!)

If you wanna be serious about ghist hunting, buy an alien mind protector (3ish) and rubber boots (1wl). Those items will protect you from getting slimed and confused. (Though you'll be slow and have no double jump. Double jump isnt necessary but you should bring along some coffees.)

Go to ghost locked worlds. There are ghost worlds everywhere. I suggest GHOSTLINK and enter the doors of the worlds you entered when you already cleared all of the normal ghosts.

You may be inexperienced so you should stand on a platform (with a gap in the bottom), pull the ghost to you and put a jar below you. The ghost will get sucked into it and you'll automatically collect the gij. When you get more used to it then you can simply stand on a block thats kinda like, protuding from the ground, scoot over to the side real quick and plwce the jar. DONT EVER put the jar on the block you're standing on as they wont get sucked into it and you'll waste a jar.

When youre selling the jars, put them in a vend and just spam something like "gij 7.1 @eagsworld". Just spam it and let it do it's magic. Please dont block someone else trying to sell their gij though. (Also dont spam periods, some people just check the chat and you'll miss an opportunity by spamming periods. Focus on the text.)

If you have some extra gijs, maybe you can buy an ssu for 3-4/1 and put them in there. Who knows?
Also, start praying or performing the ritual and drop the jars on it one by one once the ssu reaches 100%


Ima copy paste this lol for future stuff.