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Thread: BFG Owners and Trade World Owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakum View Post
    Growtopia rules punish BFG owners but not trade world owners.
    Yes which is not fair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedaki View Post
    I just compared rl logic to gt logic watcha gonna do?
    Imma blacklist u since u are poster anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesqwik View Post
    Okay, so we practically all know how in a BFG if an autofarmer is caught by mod you get warned/your BFG can get nuked right? Autofarmers are practically bots, now so are spammers, aren't they? So, why do BFG owners need to constantly watch out for BOTS in their world or they'll get nuked, but mods can just ban spammers in Trade Worlds and it's no biggy?
    I have open bfg more than 1 year 2 month till now.and still open till this day,to reduce auto clicker,bots etc who illegal.i always use setting time,always do kickall,and i use a sign,banner that auto is ilegal.dont worry if we have concern to reduce auto,and fair nothing happen



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