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Thread: A bug with detection amd action.

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    Exclamation A bug with detection and action.

    I am experiencing some issues which I have never experienced before in 3 years of playing Growtopia.

    Device: Mobile Phone

    Issue/Bug: At random, my game would "freeze". Not in the style of disconnection or crash. Other players' actions would still display on screen but my character is oblivious to any control input and would retain it's latest control input.

    To explain this simply, I will use an example:

    When I am walking and this bug suddenly occurs, I would continue to walk when I am not touching the screen or controls. The same goes for punching, placing blocks and placing seeds.

    The only method which I currently use to tackle this is by leaving and removing Growtopia from RAM memory and rerun it.

    Whenever I do the following, I relogged at the exact same place I was before I exit Growtopia and my chat would display the "There is nothing to worry about" message.

    Despite the friendly server message, I genuinely feel worried in the first time ever. There has been previous rumours of people getting their accounts into weird situations.

    This bug is very inconvenient and might cause misunderstandings to other players. I hope this problem can be resolved before Winterfest 2019.
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