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Thread: Forumers United Drawing Competition

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    Default Forumers United Drawing Competition

    Are you looking for something new?
    Would you like to be part of a big and a challenging competition?
    Are you hungry for new experiences and challenges?

    Then the Drawing - Art Tournament is what you’re looking for!

    In the competition, the theme is going to be Christmas! Anything about Christmas, any format is allowed, whether it’s paper, digital art or pixel art. Anything Christmas themed!

    In the first step of the Competition, there will be participants chosen who’ll be eligible to participate in Quarter Finals.

    In the second step, participants will compete with each other upon to participate in the challenging and tough semi-finals.

    In the third step, participants will compete with each other to obtain the key for the Finals. A hard and a challenging path will be waiting for the them.

    Once semi-finals come to an end, it’ll be the time for one of the most gripping moments of the competition, the Finals. 2 Lucky participants will challenge each other using their skills. And once the given time is over, then it’ll be the time to choose our winner, the Art Champion!

    And in notice, it’s forbidden to copy from other sources. Artwork must to be original! If you copy, you’ll be disqualified. And as in, you can only nominate 1 art per time and you can not nominate the same art every time.

    Here’s the information about the prizes and the periods of the competition

    1. Discord Nitro Premium + Art Champion Role
    2. Discord Nitro Classic + 1 DLs

    Semi Finals Participants : 20 WLs
    Quarter Finals Participants : 10 WLs
    Participants : 5 WLs

    December 1st-7th First Eliminations
    December 8th-15th Quarter Finals
    December 16th-23rd Semi Finals
    December 24th-31rd Finals

    You can join by using +checkin in the server. Here’s an invite link,

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    IGN: ChickenF1sh (GL)
    Discord: ChickenF1sh#9999

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    Y’know, I sucks at drawing.
    But, good luck to everyone who joins.
    IGN: GTStorage



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