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Thread: Transmutabooth Update (Mobile & PC)

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    Default Transmutabooth Update (Mobile & PC)

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    Hello Growtopians,

    Time to get creative! The Transmutabooth has arrived, bringing all-new customization and clothing possibilities to Growtopia!

    Tired of having to make outfits around mods instead of, y'know, LOOKING AMAZING? Well, with the Transmutabooth, you can layer the visuals of one item on top of another, giving it an all-new look while keeping its mods! The possibilities are crazy, so grab one from the store and crank your imagination into high gear!

    And as usual, we would like to know your insights regarding this update! Share your thoughts and suggestions in the feedback thread here.

    ~ NekoRei

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    Default [Dev Diary] Transmogrification and the Transmutabooth!

    Hello Growtopians!

    We've got something special for you today - so special it gets its own dev diary! For those who don't know, we've just introduced the Transmutabooth, an item that allows you to overlay the visuals of one item on another in the same slot! This is wild, wild stuff, because it allows you to start remapping the traditional rules of outfit design and mod use, giving you a ton more freedom to design the outfits you want while keeping the mods you need! Oh, did I mention the altered item keeps its mods? Because it keeps its mods!

    Of course, something like this probably has a ton of edge cases and weirdness that's going to crop up, so we're being careful in how we roll it out, testing items carefully to make sure they don't blow up the game. Right now, we're at over 400 approved items across all the major clothing slots, and we'll be adding more over time (there's just so much to test, because with every item, we need to try it with every conceivable item in that slot to make sure it works).

    For all the work and testing and craziness that went into the Transmutabooth, the point of this feature is simple: We want you to be able to add a cool item to an outfit without needing to have the perfect setup of mods to make it playable. How often have you gotten something really awesome-looking, but the mods weren't there? As I understand it, all back items must have double-jump, and that's not fun - the point of Growtopia is to let you unleash your creativity, not constrain it!

    We hope the Transmutabooth accomplishes this goal and lets your imaginations run wild. What kinds of outfits will you create? How do you like the system? Do you have new suggestions? Let us know!



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