I own a number of worlds which I'm intrigued to know its worth.

Here's the list:

  • DECAFFEINATED - My main farm. Meaning's self-explanatory.
  • STRIDSVAGN - It's Swedish for "tank".
  • RPRW - This is my fishing world.
  • CAMPTOPIANS - Because FRIENDLYCAFE had shutdown years ago, I made a world that reminds me of it. The place was pretty memorable for me and my siblings.
  • CHAFFEE - Taken from Gen. Adna Chaffee, which was also the name given to the M24 Light Tank from WWII.
  • FV4005 - Nicknamed the "Deathbarn". A British Tank Destroyer.

Also, if you own a world with music which you think is the only existing copy in Growtopia, what should you do about it?