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    Lightbulb Update idea

    I've noticed that Ubisoft doesn't make a lot of ingame features and they're
    better in community stuff like the economy and balancing items (just set aside the support coz it always sucked)

    An Idea I had in my mind was something that players could compete with each other and an important item ( which u can buy with gems)to join that competition is called "Arcade machine" or "Arcade Station", hence "Arcade Update" (or something within that line)

    How this would work is that when we wrench the Arcade machine/Station, we could play mini-games and we will be required to aim a high score and whoever gets the highest score wins tokens (just like daily challenges but with mini-games and tokens as prizes), and this can be biweekly or daily (depends).

    Also to spice it up, you need a "Flipping Coin" to play a single game just like how arcades do it

    Those tokens can be used to buy items from a person called "Arcademaster", that person is also a traveling salesman just like locke.

    Just a fun little idea I thought of...


    Items and their uses (Visuals Soon)
    "Arcade tokens": can be earned from winning the biweekly/daily challenges and tournaments given by the Arcade Master (50 Daily, 500 for biweekly, 1500 for tournaments)

    "Tournament Ticket" (Untradable): Earned by doing 2 biweekly challenges and is used to join the tournament

    "Arcade Pack" (25,000 Gems),includes:

    -1 Arcade Machine: Is used to play mini-games the "Arcade master" required you to play (has a 30% chance of breaking)

    -3 "Play Coins" (Bronze, Silver, and Gold): Bronze allows you to play 1 game, Silver allows you to play 3 games, Gold allows you to play 5 games. These coins are used to "recharge" your Arcade Machine

    -1 "Gamer glasses": Used to protect your eyes! (Vanity Item)

    -0-1"Life coin": Allows you to continue the game whenever you lose. (50% chance of getting it in the pack)

    -5"Electrical Components": Used when your Arcade Machine breaks

    -0-1 "Personalized Computer": The Arcade Master's rare gift! It allows you to buy prizes from the Arcade Master through the internet! 0.025% of getting it in the pack and can't be used by other players because it's personalized...

    Prizes from the Arcade Master:

    -Modified Joystick (2500 tokens): Gives you double the score whenever you play a game!
    -RGB Lights (1 Token each): Rainbow Lights!!
    -The Arcade Master's lucky coin (500 tokens): Doubles the amount of tokens you earn when winning a tournament (must be used before one, and if you lose the tournament you lose the coin too, so be careful when using one)
    -Gaming Headsets(150 tokens): Look cool and look professional! (Vanity Item)

    (I cant think of more rn but there will be more soon)

    Additional Info:

    Daily challenges are challenges by the Arcade Master like "get a *specific* high score" or "beat this *specific* level"(These challenges are meant to be easy)

    Biweekly Challenges are like doing some goals required by the Arcade master like "Play Growch Kong for 50 times"
    or "Defeat the boss EYE OF GROWGANOTH in the game Monster Invaders 3 times" (These challenges are meant to be hard)

    In the Tournaments (monthly), you need to Finnish 2 biweekly challenges to get the Tournament Ticket and you need to go to the Arcade Master's lounge/world named ARCADETOURNAMENT (world) and players will be competing there, there will be 10 winners and they will be given 1500 Arcade Tokens which they can use to buy items from the arcade master himself or the Personalized Computer. The Top Three will be given 2 life coins, top two 5 life coins, and top 1 ten life coins but they will still get the 1500 tokens.
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