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Thread: So laggy when mods have nuked world

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    Default So laggy when mods have nuked world

    Now i am so laggy to plant seed when a mods use his power to nuked always happen for me or a each other player.just need statement from develover

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    Never had such an issue. I'm guessing the problem is with your PC/Laptop itself. Also, do not use whatever that guy posted above as he's advertsing illegal software which is not allowed (reported already).
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    Do NOT download that malware that the guy had in his video, he will steal your account. Beware!!
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    The forums aren't the best place to get assistance concerning any issues you may be experiencing with the game.

    You're best bet is to contact us at support so that we're able to go over your case personally with you.

    You can contact us from any website browser by visiting:

    I'll also be closing this thread now and have also handled the inappropriate post. Thanks everyone
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