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Thread: Improve the world 'HELL' & Rules (Discussion)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astigmatisme View Post
    3. In every section, two of the three smaller corridors contains a "Halloween surprise" that would scare the living out of whoever passes it (could be some kind of jumpscare) and sends them back to the first section. This means that if you got trapped at section 14, you're going back to section 1. Location of the "jolly fun surprise" changes for every world instance. Now it's a proper hell!
    4. After passing the long corridor, the player is then brought into a central HELL world decorated red, where everyone else who passed through the literal hell would also end up at. The world is properly royal-locked, so that no one can do anything but communicate via. PMs. This would encourage players to pass the hell just to have some company.
    Might be effective for older players, but younger players might be traumatised by this.
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    Turn hell into a land of fire and brimstone, to make all the rule breaker suffer for what they’ve done, twist their form into an indescribable mess, alter their voice into a scream of pain and agony, there are no sun there, are no moon only a rain of fire that sometimes fall upon the land burning everyone in the world, do you think the white door is a safe place? Think again @Satan is now back to bring pain and torture those in this endless punishment of HELL, a place where there are no freedom, the scream of death are altered make it more and more ear piercing not to mention you’re not gonna hear 1 scream you gonna hear dozens of scream from the rule breaker as they are punished this is HELL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JicinIsInvalid View Post
    Make hell live up to it's name.

    I suggest that a cursed player must undergo a period of one hour in pure isolation. Ubisoft should revamp the world HELL to make it appear as a type of limbo, plain, empty and disturbing.

    Also I think having the timer only progress whenever the player is moving is a great punishment, as well as restarting the timer if a player disconnects or closes the app.

    It's like one of those torture chambers in those ministries where they leave a criminal or defect in a white room with no entertainment whatsoever.
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    Make them subject to the maw of Molok, let their blood drain from their eyes as they stare at the screen horrified of what’s becoming of them, let them render without life for moments, and then revive them teaching them a lesson of which rules must never be broken.

    May the curse of Sami fall upon those rule breakers.
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