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Thread: Is buying seeds or blocks more profitable?

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    Question Is buying seeds or blocks more profitable?

    I'm thinking of buying a load of Chand seeds or blocks to turn a profit...

    I was think either:

    Option A: buy 10dl worth of blocks 90 - 100/1, break them all; sell the seeds and use the gems to attempt a profit


    Option B: buy 10dl worth of seeds 200/7, plant them all; sell the blocks 95/1 to attempt to profit

    Which out of these senarios is more profitable? Do we have a formula to find out how many seeds we can get per 'x' blocks and vise versa?
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    iam currently farming chand right now, only 1 farm

    from around 2500 seed i planted, ussually i get 9700-9800 block (i don't remember clearly)

    and when i break all seed i get is 2600-2700 (i don't remember clearly)

    and for gems idk how much

    - - - Updated - - -

    if u buy seed
    2500 / 200 x 7 = 88-90 wls

    plant them all, wait 1 week

    farm all trees

    u will get atleat 9400 block
    9400/95 = 98 wls

    + seed dropped
    + around 20-24k gem

    correct me if wrong

    bcause i don't remember clearly
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    IDK..I'm lost...


    it might be hard selling block tho. most people prefer seed

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