I had this idea browsing several games, similar games or not. No-Man's Sky Trade Outposts/Trade Terminal gave me the most inspiration.

The main idea is that there could be Local/Global Trade Terminals, per check mark in a wrench-able dialog. Also, vending machines would need to be updated to allow a global check mark, which is optional, default being unchecked.

The pricing/stocking will always be set by and made through vending machines, so they will not become obsolete at any time!

[Local -- free of charge]

A Trade Terminal that is placed in the world automatically catalogs all items the world currently has to offer in vending machines (similar to a Growscan).

The Trade Terminal offers a Search by Category/Item dialog, making it easier to find items in full scale vending worlds.

Most importantly, the purchase can be done through said Trade Terminal as well, using pricing information set in the vending machine.

Since it's local there's no fee, but offers the advantage to find an item quicker, or quick results whether it's available, or not, and at what price.

[Global -- fees apply]

Many times people just go from world to world, trying to find a specific item, wasting a lot of time. At times, depending on availability, it takes hours to find an item.

This is where the Global Trade Terminal comes into play. Vending machines would need an update to allow Global check marking, default being unchecked.

The player now has the option to mark certain vending machines global.

Turning on this functionality, people could use Trading Terminals to access items offered globally, cross-world purchases, if you will.

However, each transaction consumes gems.

Gems can be loaded to a Trade Station (8,000 max), or multiple, that stack (similar to filling Tesseract Manipulators, Techno-Organic Engines, etc).

If the gems are depleted, no offer will be shown globally, but has to wait until it's recharged.

[Fees for global trading]

10 Gems per WL transaction would seem fair. That means the limit of 1 Trading Station would be 800 WL = 8,000 Gems (4 Store World Locks), which is technically a 0.5% fee.

Of course, the actual fees would be determined by the developer, this is just a suggestion.

If you want to sell items globally that are more expensive than 800 WL, you'd need 2 Terminals, charging both with 8,000 Gems to increase the limit to 1,600 WL, etc.


The main goal with the Trading Terminal is to enable everyone, including single vend owners, to be able to sell to a global market.

Enabling competitive selling for items in demand, i.e. Daily Quest items, Carnival items, Clash related items, etc.

Which might also reduce item-related spamming, but not guaranteed, of course.