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    Default Egg Guild - All guild must do this...

    Egg Guild

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    Hello Growtopians.
    This is the Egg Guild, a very organize and fair guild.
    We record everything and we reward everyone based on their contributions.
    Visit us in WonderLand

    I've been staying in many top guilds since the beginning of Guild Clash 2018, but none of them is organize and fair like this. One of them forgotten me even they still have my deposit to their guild. And most of the top guilds doesn't really give fair reward to members. I hate that unfairness, they spent more world locks than the other members but everyone gets the same. So I decided to have my own member/guild, where I can make everything fair.

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    Managing a guild with 75 players is really hard. You need to record every member's score for the guild to give a fair reward. We made a program/Discord bot that helps us to do it. That bot can record scores and automatically compute members reward based on their scores.

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    Each member have their own room in our Guild Home. We used that for deposits, rewards and payments. Those rooms have numbers. Our bot have records of member's room number and joined date. Beause of that, I can easily distribute rewards to each member.

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    Each member's overall performance is also important to many guild but it is very hard to monitor. Good thing, we have a bot that monitor for us. Our bot keeps record of all the rewards that the members received from Daily Challenges and Clashes. From that, we can see who doesn't participate and who rarely participate on events.

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    We also make sure that no member can abuse the guild. We immediately kick them and put notes on their room once they break or forgot our rules. This is the best way to warn and tell them.

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    I didn't post it because we are recruiting. My guild is full, right now. I post this, to show what this guild does and to show to other guild what they should do. We are doing this since the Summer Clash 2019. This post doesn't provide complete info about our guild, only about how fair and organize are we. If you want to know more about our guild, visit our Guild Home. Our reservation is open...

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    Our Discord, Egg Server.

    Suggestions for devs...
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