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Thread: Concept for better bulk sales

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    Lightbulb Concept for better bulk sales

    This would be a great addition for trading/bulk sales, but its really up to the feedback I get...

    How this would work is that players that sell/buys tons of, for example, farmables, it would be easier for them to trade with this because of an item called "Heavy-Duty Box".

    The way we use that item is like how we pack items in a box in real life.
    Place the box, "wrench it", select the item you want to trade and do it as many times as you can and then to pick up the box, you need to break it (it is a perma-item).

    After that, you can trade the box to players without having to make a world and you won't be scammed because when trading it and pressing the item you will see it as "Heavy Duty Box (1000 Sorcerer Stones, Rarity: 87)", or something like that.
    Or you can still do the old fashioned world+key method but with the box placed, you can wrench the box to see all items in it!

    Additional Info

    There will be four types of this box
    -"Heavy Duty-Box": The basic form of this box. It can handle up to 1000 items.

    -"Bulk heavy-duty box": An upgrade to the basic one! It can handle up to 3000 items.

    -"Locke's Traveling heavy-duty box": Ever wonder why Locke can carry that many items? Well, now his secret is revealed! It can carry up to 10,000 items.

    -"Industrial Heavy-duty box": The ultimate heavy-duty box! It can carry up to 30,000 items at once!

    What are items you can't place to the box?
    -Locks, all types of locks.

    -Body Clothes (shirts, pants, hats, glasses, arm items, shoes, rides, special type), To prevent some methods of scams that might happen.

    -Leashes, that's just rude.

    -Perma Items, Nope...

    -Untradable Items, we've talked about this...

    -Components (Thingamabobs, Thingamajig, Etc.)

    Items that can be placed inside/ stacked inside
    -Wings, only limited to "Bulk heavy duty-box" and below
    -Non-solid blocks or backgrounds
    -Geiger Crystals and Event crystals
    -Packs (SSPS/Bountiful Seed packs, because they are the only packs that you get as literal packs but if they do this to all packs then all packs would be available to be placed)


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    Sounds like shulker box

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