So, I have a lot of stuff that I don't need and they are taking up space. So I'm selling for cheap. Tbh, I do not know the price of these items so I hope you'll offer something nice.


Items in World:
3 Bouncy Balloon
12 Target
1 Dunking Basket
61 Waterslide Struts
104 Waterslides
1 Balloon Throwing Stand
3 Towel Rack Checkpoints

75 Colonization Wagon Canopy
45 Colonization Wagon Base
20 Dinner Bells
7 Wagons
3 Turkey Carving Sets
4 Turkey Onesie Tail
5 Turkey Onesie Shirt
4 Turkey Onesie Pants
4 Turkey Onesie Hood
1 Pilgrim's Boots

1 Heart Necklace
1 Barbed Wire Barrier
1 Glowing Nose