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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Nominating "THEGREENCLOUDS" For WOTD
    GrowID : JunHongYT

    World Has
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Vip room
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Short Story

    Name:  thegreenclouds.png
Views: 100
Size:  483.8 KB

    Short Story :
    A group of student are searching for The Green Clouds , so they went to this village to find for it . There are many difficulty during the journey . What will happen next ?
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    This world has
    -Easy to Moderate parkour
    -Storyline about volcano
    -usage of winter blocks
    -mystery game
    -pixel arts
    -adventure items
    (Read the information board near white door for more info)

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Latest render:Name:  articvolcano.png
Views: 96
Size:  855.9 KB

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    GrowID: Noodle || World:STEAMWORK

    Travelling around the world, you find a town, though, it's not like the others. This town contains powerful technology, powered by steam. However, when running through the town, you get lost and can't get back into your house. Find a way to get back home.

    This world contains parkour, a story, and puzzles.

    Jammers: Pineapple Guardian, Ghost Charm, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse, and Mini-mod.
    Song: Undertale OST: 061 - Oh! One True Love, Made by DynPlaysGT.
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    IGN: Noodle (previously Noodle905)

    Just your average dude who enjoys playing the game and solving riddles

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    Smile Hello Reia, I'm back with another WOTD!

    Attachment 231368
    GrowID: Famia


    -Pixel arts
    -Parkour (medium)
    -PZ Jammers
    -Valentine Weather
    -Colored Blocks
    -Story, storyline
    -VIP room
    -*Credits to* guest book (beside white door)
    -Adventure items
    -Added credits to: (pixelart sources)


    Hello Growtopian! You got an mission! You should complete
    it to get out of here and save the Pikachu too!

    You gotta find all four keys to explore the Poke-Ball!
    You'd ask why would u have to do this. Well, there's
    no much time before the Poke-Ball sucks everything
    around! It's including you too on the list!

    Just stay strong and follow they way and portals which
    are going to lead you to the keys. Stay strong and fight for your's and Pikachu's lives!

    I hope, I win my 3th WOTD!

    THANK YOU UBISOFT, Happy valentine's week!

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    Default ALIENSTIME

    Nominating ALIENSTIME for WOTD.

    World name : ALIENSTIME.
    Grow-ID : MineDeath.

    Plot Description :
    Basically, your a young lad who was walking home from Collage with his fellow colleagues when suddenly, a bright light illuminated the dark evening sky, and you instantly woke up in a strange, old place. You were basically kidnapped by an alien race known as the Zeltrons who brought you to the future where these alien creatures had taken over. It's your mission to collect clues, solve riddles, solve puzzles, complete tough parkours, lazer grid air vent mazes, swim through alien waters and collect lots of adventure items, and run through burning rockets, To save the world and return back home.

    There's also a short little space quiz aswell as a "space facts" section if your bored and wanna get your brain working and well suprised. So, what ya waiting for?, time to get adventuring!.

    World Contains:
    1)Full credits, even with door links to worlds that we got an inspiration from, followed by how we we're inspired.
    2)Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    3)Huge Ufo, burning rocket, space tree and cybot pixel arts with lots of paint.
    4)Usage of almost all adventuee items, even gorillas!.
    5)Three VIP rooms for winners!.
    6)Bonus space quiz for the bored ones.
    7)Bonus space facts section to really suprise you!.
    8)An option to head outside and just enjoy the veiw.
    9)Dialogue along the way.
    10)Interesting Storyline.

    Render world:
    Name:  alienstime.png
Views: 85
Size:  557.9 KB

    Can you save the world?.
    IGN - MineDeath

    If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

    Instagram Link!
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    Default Nominating my world "VALENTINEORIGIN" For WOTD

    Here is Latest Render :Name:  valentineorigin.png
Views: 84
Size:  597.2 KB
    World : ValentineOrigin
    Grow ID : imProudOfYou
    Backstory : back to the old centuries, the brothers Remulus and Remus the founder of Rome and also the founder of "Lupercalia Festival" (known as valentine now). All their life journey until they found valentine. As we know, valentine is an event with full of romance and loving spirit. But is it the same in the old days?, who knows?, No spoilers, feel free to jump in the world!.
    This world contains :
    - Easy to Hard parkour
    - Riddle
    - Adventure items
    - Some Pixel Art
    - Jammers
    - Vip for those who successfully done
    Thank you.
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    Post Sumbiting My world for WOTD: SilentEgg

    Name:  silentegg.png
Views: 79
Size:  1.22 MB
    Submitting my world "SILENTEGG" For Growtopia WOTD!
    GrowID: Ribbid

    Short Story = A Nightmare Comes to and old timey town , people keep disappearing one by one , everyone is afraid.They think there is a demonic ancient creatures come to their town , your mission is to find out what happened on the town , Its your choice, will you keep run dead or alive?

    This world contains =
    •Pixel Art
    •Average to hard parkour
    Special Tags

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    Growid: ROOTbeerr
    The world has been improved. Story has been rewritten, some changes to parkour and the world has been touched up a bit.

    Name:  cursedmemories.png
Views: 77
Size:  396.3 KB

    Puzzles and parkour

    A haunting story

    Features two worlds for more content and flexibility
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    Default IncredibleWinter

    GrowID: ThoriqDRA
    World: IncredibleWinter

    I made this world since last December, during winterfest, but I didn't win 😅, I tried to fix and change some features. This time I changed the story, last month the theme was Christmas Day, now I am changing it a little, because it's not Christmas 😅.

    Name:  incrediblewinter.png
Views: 71
Size:  590.1 KB

    Short story :

    A cold night, full of darkness and peace
    Suddenly an ice dragon tried to blow up the castle
    The knights tried to fight the dragon with swords and arrows
    But the dragon was very strong, he could not be defeated
    There is no other way out except to leave here
    The only way to get out is through an underground passageway
    Everyone in the castle including the king moved to the village
    Finally everyone was successfully evacuated

    You can read the story more fully when you get to the end of the steps in a Guestbook.

    Weather Machine Snowy Night
    Punch jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    Adventure items
    Pixel art

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    Default CANDY45 For WOTD?

    World Name: Candy45
    Grow ID: TeaLand

    My world CANDY45 made by Chocolates,Candies also Cookies. You can do parkour to win some Chocolates!!!

    -World Have-

    * Punch/Zombie Jammer
    * Weather Machine
    * Challenge Timer/Prizes
    * Parkour
    * Not Common used blocks

    (I add Guestbook) New Render of World

    Have Fun...

    Name:  candy45.png
Views: 78
Size:  247.0 KB

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    Default Starting to losing hope..

    Hello community! My name is 5Special (IGN: BigBoiBank), and this is my first ever WOTD attempt, DERINGWOODS. And, this time, it's modified.

    SPECIAL CREDITS TO: Zyonic, my friend, who has written every single sign, bulletin board, or door. And Ghost pixel art

    The Dering Woods, also known as, the Screaming Woods, are the most haunted and ghastly or spiritual woods in the entirety of Britain. It is situated in the village of Pluckley. DERINGWOODS is a world based on the completely true story of the Dering Woods of Britain, with the addition of high-quality storytelling, truthful facts and medium-difficulty parkour.

    STORY: You are a traveler, who just happened to stumble across the most haunted woods of Britain. With your trusty guide, Oscar, you explore the woods and all that it contains, as he tells you the terrifying tale of Dering Woods and its spirits.

    The most recent render:
    The world contains the given below luxuries:

    #1. Punch Jammer
    #2. Zombie Jammer
    #3. Ghost Charm
    #4. Firehouse
    #5. Night Weather
    #6. Alot Of Adventure Items

    I hope to get WOTD and be proud for just a day. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this. Wish me luck.

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    Default Nominate CavernDragon for WOTD

    My render is not exposed, so here is the site with render
    LAst render:
    World has:
    -P & Z Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather Machine-BackGround
    -Parkour (medium-Hard)
    -Vip area
    -Adventure items(2 banana, 5 key, 1 torch)
    -Pixel Art

    I got the idea for WOTD from the Lord of the Rings movie when the dragon flew into the castle and started guarding the gold



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