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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Thumbs up 3 day gap

    Ign: LfU
    Name world: WHITE CASTLES

    Basic jammers
    Fire house
    Snowy night weather
    Adventure items
    Clash items
    Waterfall with antigrav fields.

    Lastest render:
    Name:  whitecastles.png
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    Credits board near white door.

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    Default Wotd?

    Name:  collapsedworld.png
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    Hey there, I’m nominating COLLAPSEDWORLD for World of the Day!
    GrowID: UpY

    * The world has many different varying parkour styles which come along with it, including different themes with them.
    * It has a Punch/Zombie jammer and also a Ghost Charm, so ghosts won’t ruin people’s fun.
    * It has adventure items and different tasks you need to complete to advance through the parkour.
    * It has a V.I.P room at the end of the parkour, if you complete it you can hangout there!
    * It has amazing detail so people can have a good time being around the nice scenery of the parkour as well as they do it.

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    Hello, my GrowID is akagari ! It's 2020! alot of new amazing features will be available in game, but let's not forget about the past years that made us on where we are right now. Here I present to you the world "GROWNOSTALGIC" In this world it's a flashback on how players used to play back then. I think this might be a good concept to remind the players on how the game progressed and how big the difference was back then compared to now
    the world has a "nostalgia" effect which the monochromatic weather fits the theme perfectly. the world contains old items like Ultratrophy and pcats' hat. that's not all the world contains the old version of START, SEEDS, and even SEEDIARY but converted to be a awesome parkour. The world's dirt is monochromatic dirt and the item named "pcats' hat will actually let you in a growtopia game(screen) with normal dirt and normal colored blocks to give emphasis on the game in the phone the world contains of the old youtubers who quitted growtopia.
    The world contains:
    1. monochromatic weather
    2. Punch and Zombie Jammers
    3. Adventure items
    4. World is Newbie friendly no wings needed to complete
    5. Enjoyable concept
    6. Bulletin board with credits
    I played Growtopia for over 4 years and I'm sharing my past experience on the game before hope you all enjoy my world!
    GrowID: akagari
    Name:  grownostalgic.png
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    Attachment 228943
    After I Did Some Discussion With My Friends,We Have Decided To Change The Story Because The First Story Was A Little Bit Mess Up And Confusing

    Story :Santa Claus Is On The Way To Deliver The Christmas Gift To All Growtopian Region.
    Out Of the blue The Sleigh Suddenly Lost Control And Make Santa Suddenly Fall Into Weird Maze.
    Somehow His Soul And His Body Are Separated.
    You Need To Help Santa Reunite His Soul With His Body In Order To Make Sure Christmas Eve Happen!
    Whithout Santa Claus Christmas Eve Is Nothing!

    Not Interested In Parkour?
    Dont worry you can hang out with your friends while listening to the Christmas song called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" inside the Santa Claus Gift Bag or you can watch other growtopian complete the parkour at our Spectator Room.

    Well for "Parkour Lover" this will be heaven for you!
    Yes you heard me right!
    Our parkour is not so hard and not so easy.It packed with different difficulties.
    I can guarantee that once you finish the parkour, you can complete other parkour easily.

    This world has:
    • Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Snowy Night Weather
    • Song Called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
    • Vip Room For The Growtopian Who Complete The Parkour
    • Spectator Room Inside Santa Face
    • Hang Out Room

    Credit :
    • Google For The Santa Claus Pixel Art
    • LadyWarrior For The World Ladysong18 That Let Me Copy The Christmas Song
    • (Check Out Her Masterpiece World At Ladysong Or You Just Tap The Last Button On Gateways To Adventure Inside My World)
    • Buysnow Owner For The Bridge Idea ( His In Game Name Also Owner )
    • Digied For Building The Parkour
    • Tacetus For TherMonuclear Blast
    • Blazwal For The Weather Machine
    • AmirulGamer5 For Sponsoring Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Wdaawdwad1For Sponsoring Some Block
    • Lizxan For The Decoration Ideas

    Hopefully You Can Enjoy This World With Your Friend!
    Merry Christmas To Everyone!
    Have A Nice Day
    IGN : DaunKunyit

    My Quote : ( Ask For Wl, And Get Advice.
    Ask For Advice, Get Wl Twice)

    Goals :

    • Focused Eyes (7/100)
    • Win 2 World Of The Day (1/2)
    • Zeus ( Still So Far Away)
    • Own All Ring ( 5/10 )

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    Default Waterandfirelovestory WOTD ATTEMPT

    Attachment 229521
    Hi! I want to nominate my world for wotd.

    Ign: Naumie

    This world contains:
    Weather Machine - Background
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    An easy & medium parkour
    World is 70% painted
    Adventure Items
    Pixel Art
    A Sad Song
    And an amazing story


    Water and fire doesnt go together. For water puts off fire. But a long time ago, there were two kingdoms. The water and the fire kingdom. This kingdoms are separated by a huge border. But in that border, there is a forbidden entrance connecting the two kingdoms. But aside from that, in each kingdom has a royal family. In the water kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the princess. And in the fire kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the prince.

    What if the fire prince and the water princess was unexpectedly crossed by faith?

    Hopfully I win :3
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    I dont live in darkness, darkness lives in me.
    Becareful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.
    Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.

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    Default TRAPPEDINTHEMAZE by silverfriend

    GrowID: silverfriend

    Thomas, a teenager, arrives in a giant labyrinth. Like the others youths dumped there before him, he has no memory of his previous life. Thomas quickly becomes part of the group and soon after demonstrates a unique perspective that scores him a promotion to Runner status. He and his friends try to escape from the maze and eventually learn that they are subjects of an experiment.

    - Possible without wings
    - A winner's room
    - Catchy story
    - New parkour mechanics
    - Credit board
    - Tons of adventure items
    - Weather machine Jungle
    - Pineapple guardian
    - Punch and Zombie Jammers

    This world has different kinds of parkour styles I hope you enjoy!
    Name:  trappedinthemaze.png
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    Default WOTD Attempt by Banksy

    Hi my name is Banksy!
    And this is my 2nd WOTD ATTEMPT! I'm really proud with this creation! I formed a cool looking Jungle world with a large parkour and fun adventures. You guys better check it out!

    World has a story with a plottwist!!

    -THELONELYLODGE is all about having fun and it has a big adventure theme with alot of parkour and it's funny because you'll have to be patient to complete the parkour so that will make you enjoy doing the parkour and winning it of course. It's a Jungle theme basically. I really like building and I will keep doing that. World of the day attempts are challenging and fun making at the same time, this is my second attempt

    -Grow ID: Banksy

    World Contains:

    Also a story with a plot twist!

    Name:  thelonelylodge.png
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    On the Console Growtopia

    Default RADIE

    World name: Radie
    GrowID: Crunlee

    This world is Christmas themed, pretty much it's Santa Claus Baking a Gingerbread house next to a Christmas tree. I wen't for something different this time, trying to get this 3D sort of world. I actually am quite happy of what it came out. I drew the world in a pixel art program and then converted it over to a world planner. I tried my best also hiding the song so the players wouldn't see the notes, they might see some but not all.

    This world includes:

    - P and Z jammer
    - Weather Machine Snowy
    - Song: Karna su sayang
    - Noob friendly parkour which is doable without no wings nor air robinson.
    - Santa, Gingerbread and Christmas tree pixel art.
    - A Story
    - Hangout VIP room when you complete it.
    - Ghost Charm
    - Info about the world.

    This world has different kinds of parkour styles I hope you enjoy!

    This is the drawning I did before building the world.
    Name:  Capture444444444444.PNG
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    This is the render of the world
    Name:  radie.png
Views: 154
Size:  187.4 KB
    Contact me on Discord: Recheh#5381
    Console Growtopia Discord Server

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    Default NewYearNewMe for WOTD?

    Hello, I would like to nominate my world NewYearNewMe for WOTD.
    My GrowID : BESTMBM
    World's Theme : New Year 2020

    Features :
    -Punch & Zombie jammers
    -Weather Machine - Stuff
    -Tangram shows : "New Year" - "2020" - "New Me"
    -Pixel arts : Successful life logo - Healthy life logo - Dart

    *This world do not have a storyline.
    *It's all about being a new better person with the beginning of the new year 2020.
    *During the parkour you will find info/tips/ect.. about how to have a successful life and a healthy lifestyle.
    *The parkour is not hard and its possible 100% without parasol/wings/ect...

    Render :
    Name:  newyearnewme.png
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    Happy New Year all.
    Best Regards..

    Successful life logo taken from :
    Healthy life logo taken from :

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    ICYBURDEN by Eximius and Verglas

    This world is a mystery-adventure parkour following an investigative journalist attempting to find the causes of the strange weather patterns that have plagued the town of Bushwell for years.
    The world features an interesting parkour that is challenging and unique from many typical parkours - through the use of a Xenonite Crystal, and blocks like snow blocks and winter winds to give a truly “frozen” feel. As well, the story and mystery aspect of the world offers great gameplay that is actually entertaining. Although gingerbread blocks were not used, we also made a gingerbread house in the middle of the world, using blocks to make it look similar to actual gingerbread houses. Music and jammers are included.

    Name:  icyburden.png
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    Grow ID: Nabikrebs

    So in this world i made a new style parkour and a song that you can listen while playing and there's alot of Information, Trivias, Facts about Christmas/Winter and other more. And i also put some christmas jokes.


    You're a beggar, you dont have family, in the Christmas Eve you decided to go to the forests and you saw a candy cane portal saying "Santa's Wonderland" and you entered and its real you saw a Wonderland and a Gingerbread house, it caught your attention, you tried to open the door but its locked. The only way to open it is to find the keys hidden in wonderland. Santa's doing his job giving Christmas present and every time he leave his wonderland he's hiding the keysn anywhere in wonderland. Are you ready to find them?

    World Features:

    *Gingerbread House


    *Informations, Trivia and Facts about...
    ~Santa Claus
    ~Christmas Trees

    *Christmas Jokes


    *Song (We wish you a merry Christmas)

    *VIP area for the winners

    *Credit Board

    *(P) (Z) Jammers and Weather (Snowynight)

    *Also Informations on how other countries celebrate Christmas.

    World Render:
    Name:  underwonderland.png
Views: 153
Size:  1.07 MB

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    Post DEATHNEAR for WOTD!

    World Name: DEATHNEAR
    GrowID: ChandExp
    • Weather Machine - Spooky
    • Short and Easy Parkour for all the players! You don't need the wings!
    • Adventure items
    • World Features: -Punch and Zombie Jammer

    World is about The Guy who came here to save the world. The Death want to take a control over the world! The Guy must help to the SuperLopez!
    When I've woken up at the morning as always, I've seen a Ghost. I thought it was a waking dream, but I was wrong.
    So i got up to take a look at the creature. I became speechless. (rest of the story in world).
    Name:  2222.png
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Size:  824.6 KB
    We've changed the whole story!

    We want all players (including the new ones) to know about our world. They will enjoy growtopia much more if they see that you can pass parkour with friends!
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