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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Hi everyone! I built a cool looking world.I spent a lot of hours for this.I tried my best,i hope i can win!
    World Contains :
    - PZ Jammers
    - Weather Machine Jungle
    - Adventure Items
    - New added blocks ( Bountiful )
    - Credit Board near the white door
    Name:  jungleofgrowtopia.png
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    Default for wotd?

    Hello I am akagari and I created this world called CHAOTICDESERT I want to nominate this world for wotd because I made a very cool concept which is caves under the desert, Bridges, Traps and Pixel art of skeletal creatures that acts as it is burried underground. The world has a windy sound effect to make things more realistic the world also has a story and parkour..
    You are living in this chaotic desert. However you are safe at home. One day your mom asked you to throw the trash out. Then someone wearing all black kidnapped you, he used somekind of sleeping potion on you and the only thing you remembered was waking up in this torture room, you were terrified. Fortunately this random guy lost his torture tools so he went out to find it, he left the gates open and it's your only chance to escape. However you must undergo the chaos and suffering of this cruel desert in order to get back home.
    The world Consists of
    +Adventure items
    +Punch and Zombie Jammers
    +Wind sounds
    +Pixel arts
    +Desert Blast
    +Parkour (tested without wings)
    I hope I win
    GrowID: akagari
    World Render
    Name:  chaoticdesert.png
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    Name:  radrocket.png
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    World Name: RadRocket
    GrowID: Jisam
    During a bumpy part of a space mission, it seems that some tools fell out of the ship! The team was able to stall the ship just as it was, with just enough time to send someone out to collect all of the items! You are chosen to go about bringing everything back, and will have to face challenges to do so!
    This world features:
    -A short storyline
    -Parkour with increasing difficulty
    -Adventure items
    -A VIP/Winners area
    IGN: Jisam
    Discord: Jisam#9391

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    In your Heart




    The Greatest Love begins with young Gloria's love story with a boatman named Peter. Despite the fact that they love each other, Gloria is forced to marry Andres under duress, forced by her father to marry the man who raped her, Andres Alegre Sr., the town mayor's nephew.

    Through the years, an adult Gloria is a loving and selfless mother to Amanda, Andrei, Paeng, and Lizelle. To her children's perception, their father is a hard working overseas worker who visits from time to time. They live in the Alegre's ancestral family home. Andre does not remit funds regularly so Gloria compensates by collecting, buying and selling junk. When their father comes to visit, they are a picture of a happy family.

    A long-kept secret shatters their happy family and Gloria's children leave her one by one. As Gloria struggles to keep her family together, she starts to show symptoms of dementia and begins to lose pieces of her memory. She initially brushes off the symptoms until she is finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
    Name:  thetruetolife.png
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    GrowID: asdsda321412

    "Another year and christmas is near,
    people are busy, buying gifts and preparing
    but you only think is work
    Nothing more, nothing less

    Would you be able to save Santa?
    Would you be able to save christmas?
    Would you be able to make your family happy?
    Would you realize the most important thing for you?"

    It's Christmas again, but you got tons of work to do same as last year. Last year, you chose work over family even though it's the same day with your son's birthday. However, this year's Christmas will never be the same. As you decided to go the mall to buy an early gift for your son, as you will leave again this holiday for a business trip, an unexpected journey will unfold. Will you choose to save Christmas? Would you be able to save it and received the best gift this Christmas? The answers will depend on you.

    World Contents:

    Story containing alternative endings for the players to choose (WARNING: Contains massive spoiler)

    Review of the Whole Adventure/Parkour:

    Story Inspiration and World Making:


    Special Thanks goes to Cernodile's World Planner and Music Planner

    Note: The Sleigh of Winter's Reindeers are not seen in render however it's visible in the world.

    Hope you'll visit the world and like it. It's my first time joining building contests. Thank you so much! Name:  savingchristmas.png
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    Where is 2020 trophy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfreak10 View Post
    Where is 2020 trophy
    The 2020 trophy was added to the game a few days ago

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    Default Nominating thegameofevilness for the WOTD!

    GrowID: Fametic

    The Story: You and your 2 friends, Tom and Jake found yourself at the entrance of a mansion, none of you remember how did you get there. The situation doesn't seem to be that bad, but there lives a man called Fametic. He lives alone and he wants to make you his slaves, he thinks it's a game, but is it? Find Fametic's office, it's the only way out! Good luck!Name:  thegameofevilness.png
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    The world has:

    Punch jammer
    Zombie jammer
    Pineapple guardian
    10 differently themed parkours (some of them might seem hard but you can try different strategies/think outside of the box, you can msg me aswell, I'd be glad to help you out)
    Recommended items' board
    Few totally unique rooms
    The winners room (Fametic's office)
    Password doors' test in the winners room (about the parkours)
    A story

    This is my first attempt for WOTD! I've spent a lot of resources on it, I built it all by myself, the ideas came from my head. The reason i made that world is that i wanted to try if I'm able and skillful enough to win a WOTD. You can play in there any time, you can msg me if you have any questions or need some tips for getting through! Hopefully you enjoy the world. You can also check my instagram: Fametic_gt, the nomination is there aswell #growwotdjan20. Good luck and let's hope the best


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    Default My nominate...

    One day, there has a hills which the house located, with a couple of peasant husband and wife.

    But, after the Christmas is about to end. They decided to went to the city for a while. Not for the cat, always living alone.

    After that, santa asked to his elf to accompany the cat as long they return from the city.

    Of course, your journey wont be easy as you expected.


    • Cat in couch and Giving tree Pixel art
    • PZ Jammer,Fire House and Ghost charm
    • Weather Machine - Background
    • Credit Board
    • Parkour
    • Question on Adventure door and Passdoor
    • Adventure item
    • Trickster
    • Winner Room

    Ign: RimuWu

    Name:  catinthewinter.png
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    all admin is useless aowkaokw

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    Default GROW7OPIAS

    Grow ID: NabiKrebs
    World: GROW7OPIAS

    Re-Nominating my world for WOTD, because i want you to experience my Anniversary themed world before the event end. I made some activities there, mini-games, parkours, also added a board where you can write what wish you want for Growtopia. Come and visit my world thankyou!


    ~Parkour and Minni-games i called
    *Sleep or spleef!
    *Entrace or Exit!
    *Slime Surfing!
    *Toxic Mario!
    *Portal LOL!
    *Coral or RIP!
    *FALL-se Swim!
    *Laser GRIDy!

    ~Adventure Items

    ~Code finding

    ~Basic Jammers
    *Punch Jammer
    *Zombie Jammee

    ~Weather Machine

    ~V.I.P Area

    New Render:
    Name:  grow7opias-3.png
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    Default CROCODILES by Chemmie


    GrowID: Chemmie

    +So! What exactly is this world?
    -It's a world about crocodiles.

    +What am I going to find in this world?
    -KNOWLEDGE, you will read facts about crocodiles.
    -A story! as any typical WOTD, there is this interesting story about a lumberjack's encounter with a wild crocodile, this man is running low on money and can't pay rent, so he ventures into the woods hoping to find some trees to chop, but he finds none. (the story continues). Note: it's a multiple ending story.
    -A quiz!
    -A spleef arena!
    -A battle royale arena!
    -BUBBLES! 8x8 bubble wrap pool.
    -True or False game (will host if enough people show up).

    UPDATE: Added a few changes to the design.

    And here's the render:

    Name:  crocodiles.png
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Size:  1.05 MB

    Also, there are some stuff that doesn't show up on /renderworld

    Note: the world IS PZ jammed + firehouse-ed and equipped with a stuff weather machine set on a dinosaur mask

    Discord: Chem #7714

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    Default Nominating GLOOMYDUSK for WOTD

    Hey everyone. After designing the world for some time GLOOMYDUSK is finally ready! This world follows a dark-esque neon theme and uses a rarely used wallpaper: movie screen (which looks holy when painted)!

    This world has:
    -vip area for winners
    -basic jammers (pz firehouse)
    -background weather machine
    -lots (and I mean lots!) of paint
    -exotic parkour
    -one-way blocks maze
    -alot of maneuvering around
    Note that the parkour isn't hard nor easy, it's not a traditional parkour too, but it's refreshing. It's not super long, but it gives amazing gameplay and can generally be completed in under 30 minutes while still leaving joy in the player!
    P.s. the world has been playtested by several people, it is completely possible and invites you to think!
    Without further ado, here's the render:
    Name:  gloomydusk.png
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    Ign : ooopsi
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