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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default CavernDragon for wotd

    Name:  caverndragon.png
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    Dragon took from art
    Name:  546216d6840a7af3d97ff1c1dc1dbb9e.png
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    World have:
    -P & Z Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather Machine-BackGround
    -Normal parkour
    -Vip room
    -Adventure items
    -Pixel Art

    I got the idea for WOTD from the Lord of the Rings movie when the dragon flew into the castle and started guarding the gold

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    Hello! I Am A New Growtopian! And Already love this game!
    My friend Recommended me to play this, and i am already addicted!
    I’m quite a Fairy Tale Wonderer, so I Get Creative Sometimes, And Decided to Build A World!
    This is my First Nomination towards a WOTD! And i really hope i win!

    This World Is Created By: FbaCarrot <~ (My GrowID)
    This World’s Name Is: LOVEMECLOSE

    The Story: Once upon a time, there was a boy, who was cursed, But never got to know how or when.
    He lived his life, following his Dreams to become an Athlete, And Hanging out with Friends!

    Somewhere Far Far Away from this boy, Lies a Girl, in a small village, who was also cursed, and that curse was called The ’Love Nerve’ Rumors Were Told that whoever had the Love Nerve Was Either Lonely, Greedy, Or Sad.
    At her Case, She was Lonely, and everyday prayed to god That She’d one day find her Sacred missing heart through the Love Nerves connection System.
    One day she did, And that day was when the Athletic boy From the other side of the World Got the Sacred connection of the Love Nerve.
    This girl needs you’re Help! And Wants to set you off for a Quest!
    Will you Help Her Find her True Love?

    This World Contains:
    Original Designs
    5 Quests (Missions) alongside a Final Level In The Second Missing Broken Heart
    A P-Z Jammer, And a Weather Machine.

    As I Said, I Really Hope i’d Win! And of course, if i don’t win, It was still fun Building!
    If Nekorei Could In any way possibly See this! I want To Tell you that You, (And The Other Moderators)
    Are Mostly doing a good job on Controlling the game, and making it Addicting for me, and many other Growtopians!
    Thank You!

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    ID: 2ego
    World: Casefiles

    At your house: "You are a 29 year old unemployed man. At this point, you're doing nothing but waiting for nothingness. October is here, october 7th, the exact day your daughter disappeared without a single trace. She is buried in the forest that burned down years ago, she is buried next to her mother who died in that forest fire. Go visit them now that it's the day..."

    Visiting a Detective Morgue that you either way would have to pass when visiting your family's graves: The administration immediately says this to you: "Hello sir. What servic-- oh, it's just you... What do you need? You're not welcome here. I mean, you'd be welcome if you actually worked on some case again, but that won't happen, will it?" You ask them whether you can visit the top, because that is formerly where you used to work in, and in response you get: "T-the top?'s too dark in there, not really fond of letting people in there... M-Maybe if you paid a bit?"

    Some things I tried conveying to the readers here: It shows that you used to work there, at this detective morgue. The staff asserting their confidence and "control" by saying "but that won't happen, will it?" In the world, it does not say that you used to work there, I left that for the readers to deduce themselves. Once asked whether you could visit the top, you can easily spot the panic of the staff. The stutter at the last sentence is hinting that the "if you paid a bit" was an excuse made up to get you away from them.

    Visiting your dear friend Canute, because you have to walk past his house when visiting your family's graves: First, Canute says this to you once you see him: "Of course I'm okay, I'm always okay. Stop asking that." The bulletin board that continues the story: "I seem to have a bad habit of asking people whether they're doing good or not. It always creeps people out. I can't tell whether a person is feeling bad though, so I will not try to break out of this habit - if someone feels horrible and I fail to notice...I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." Your character explaining your relationship with Canute: "Canute has been a really good friend of mine for over a decade, he's a real buddy! He's a mysterious fellow though, he never seems to talk about himself or his family. Well, it's better to not force people to open up, will just create unnecessary awkwardness! And well, it's his personal life I suppose."

    Some things I tried conveying to the readers here: your character being insecure and terrified of losing dear people, and in attempt to cope with that fear, he, your character, asks friends whether they're doing good or not, asks that way too often, to a point they feel creeped out. I had this habit many years ago which also developed due to a tragedy, so this does happen in real life I believe, but probably very rarely.

    Once you reach your family's graves: "Visiting two empty graves, that gives you a pretty empty feeling... How can I ensue my life with're not even resting properly, are you Kayte, Lizanna? Of course I wouldn't do a different case, of course I would stick to trying to solve your case, Kayte, you're my daughter...were my daughter.. Eventually they dismissed me even from your case. Still a cold case - but nobody is dedicating anything to this chain of disappearances that happened between 2004 and 2009 in our dear little town. Sure, they stopped, but they stopped from our perspectives; perfect crimes exist; the crimes that happen and permanently remain a cold case without any shared connections in the book. That's all, Kayte, Lizanna, that's all I have to say this time, I'll come again to talk with you two. G-goodbye."

    Some things I tried conveying to the readers here: The character's confusion and lack of power to cope with the situation. You can see the stuttering, you can see how the character continuously mixes words up; unable to speak properly. Notice how at the first part of the story it's said that the daughter disappeared yet he decided to visit her grave? That implies that she is officially "dead," even though evidence of that does not exist. The stutter at the very end shows how hurt he is, shows that stuttering and communication problems begin when remembering this situation; and since forgetting something like this wouldn't happen...

    Same board: "I guess I'll check the cavern system that is the only thing that suggests that it was a kidnapping rather than just running away; the cavern system that one must enter through the house at the right side." This is just a plot device, since that's the only way I can make the player play the parkour at least for a somewhat believable reason.

    When you get to the bottom of the cavern system: "A key? What's it fo-- it says "Canute" on i-- wait, is it the Canute I know? "Canute" isn't a very "common" name, so it must be my Canute's key. I guess I'll bring it to him?"

    Some things I tried conveying to the readers here: First, I tried showing the readers how impulsive the character is. Before checking the key properly, he instantly said "A key? What's it fo--" rather than properly inspecting it. He also made a joke by saying "isn't a very 'common' name," the joke is, such a name is never used anymore, and probably only a few people in the world have it at this day.

    Since Canute was gone at the moment, you sneak into his basement merely out of curiosity (Previously said "He's a mysterious fellow though, he never seems to talk about himself or his family" to foreshadow this act): "What is this? What is this basement? Why is there a corpse at the end of the tunnel?! C-Canute, h-he...I can't think of anything that could explain this! It's his basement alright! Sure, I did a bad thing by sneaking in here while he's away, but we're long time buddies, h-he wouldn't get mad, right?! M-my curiosity took over...forgive me please. Anyhow, f-friend or not, I better take some evidence of this scene. The rope seems sufficient! I can't carry anything else right now, and Canute might be back any second now! (Bring the rope to the Detective Morgue)"

    Some things I tried conveying to the readers here: Notice how the first two sentences did not have an exclamation mark? That was because he begun describing the place before seeing the corpse, therefore he was remotely calm, even while noticing how dirty and malicious it looked. Used the word "tunnel" rather than "basement" to give the writing more aesthetic quality. "I can't think of anything that could explain this," shows how caring he is, even while being in a situation such as that, the first thing he does is try to think of something that could justify it all. Then, he begins conflicting with himself, being confused, asking for forgiveness even while he did not do anything wrong. Why the detective morgue? Because they said you'd be welcome there if you worked on a case again, and well, technically the rope could pass and be enough to convince them.

    Once you visit the morgue and show them the evidence, they welcome you, and thus you instantly decide to once again check the evidence of your daughter's disappearance: "I was let in the evidence room because I begun working on a case again, t-technically (all you did was bring in a piece of evidence that is not nearly enough to do anything). Nonetheless, I can review the evidence of my daughter's disappearance now. These pieces of evidence are borderline nothing though, they don't lead to anything at all, and have been reviewed tens of times already. Still, I feel...obliged to do it again."

    In a very clever way I introduce halloween blocks as "evidence" there (plus points), one of the pieces of evidences being an "adventure banana," using that you can enter a new parkour stage and continue the story. At the bottom of the gorilla-dungeon (the place where you use the banana in) there is something that you could call a body-dumping hole, a pile of old bones and bodies cramped up with an excessive amount of cobwebs surrounding it, and due to the foul smell, you say this: "This place...this smell...How many people have died here? 20? 30? No, even more. Around 60 people have died here." After exploring that dungeon, you get a torch.

    The torch suffices as the "payment" the morgue staff were talking about, and thus you enter the top. They lock you out instantly, making you unable to leave: "t-this is... how could this be? These corpses are thrown around without a single care in the world. T-this morgue... This morgue has a dark secret, and with this - I might be able to expose it's dark secret! However, the exit is locked, so how am I supposed to leave this place with the evidence? (The "evidence" is a goblet, and goblets break on death, and since the exit was locked by them, the only way to leave the top is to respawn). There is no way... I will have to find a different piece of evidence. The torch could prove useful in the cavern system (there is a special cave in there that you can enter only while having a special light source).

    Once you're at the end of the special cave: "this is?! This is from the morgue, I'm sure of it! It also has "the dirt" on it! If I bring it outside, it will definitely expose their misdeeds! I will shove it right next to their faces!" Shoving it right next to their faces doesn't sound like a smart idea, but well, the character is pretty impulsive...

    Once you're at the morgue with the evidence: the staff tells you: "W-we got it, we'll take you to our leader!" Once you're there, you can see cult-like design, fire wallpapers, and dozens of cult portraits (been foreshadowed at an early stage with cult portraits AND by an item shelf in Canute's basement that had a cult outfit in it): "Seems like The Detective Morgue was involved in some sort of cult activity... The more I get to know about them - the more unsettling it gets..." Once you walk in that malicious-looking dungeon for a bit, you see a cultist which seems to be a guardian of something, he tells you: "You found evidence - but you are now stuck here." Once you're past him, you enter a portal which leads you to another stage. At the end of the stage, you get a key (and since you already have one, you can enter a vent at the end of the cavern system, since it had the requirement of two keys): "This seems to be the exit, luckily. Now that I got a key that does...I'm not sure what-- BUT should work as evidence, I will be able to expose the dark criminal life of the morgue!"

    You enter some sort of science laboratory, however, it seems like it's an abandoned one. You find a text saying "Human experimentation: Area 1," which completely shocked your character. You also find the cultist portraits in one of the rooms, proving the connections of the three. In one of the rooms you find books, two of them, one of them holds the records of the kidnappings that happened through the years, one of them saying "Kayte"... The other book shows the records of the human experimentation they committed; proving that Kayte is in fact, long dead, along with every other person that got kidnapped by this heinous criminal organization. The way you came from automatically closed up once you got inside the laboratory, and so you use the laboratory's emergency exit.

    Once you parkoured your way out, you said this: "Being honest, I was petrified after reading that, as the realization sunk into me, I couldn't even speak of a word. Canute was a part of their cult - was he the one that kidnapped my daughter? He was the closest to me, he was always...right there, always... I will expose the truth, I have everything to do so. I hope...I hope this makes you happy Kayte, Lizanna, because I, I don't feel any relief...the same feeling of emptiness is still haunting me."

    Well, that's it! I doubt that the players that will play this live will notice any of the subtle details I left in the story, but oh well, the suble details are there for older audiences either way. I made this story while trying to fall asleep, I took around 5 days to think of it.

    Inspirations and references:
    > The name "Kayte" means "pure." Trying to say that the kidnapping of her could NEVER be justified, as she was an innocent child with a bright future.
    > The name "Canute" is taken from the anime "Vinland Saga," the coward Prince "Canute."
    > "This place...this smell...How many people have died here? 20? 30? No, even more. Around 60 people have died here." The room and the entire quoted thing was heavily influenced by the anime "Monster." In that show once the character named "Heinrich Lunge" enters one specific room (in which also many people died), Lunge kept increasing the number of people that have died in the room when stating how many have.
    > The name "casefiles" is inspired/comes from the detective mystery anime "The Kindaichi Case Files."
    > The iron bars around the world might seem "off," however, they are actually very important; they indicate the main character's feelings of being lost, trapped, unable to live on; being caged.

    > HEAVILY inspired by the detective anime "Detective Conan" and "Monster."

    Of course, this has unique parkour mechanics, some are ones that I've never seen in any world, and believe me, I've played many worlds. I used a lot of portals, very bad unicorns, evil eyes, deadly spiders, and more to create the parkour, I used them in specific because they're never used in any worlds, and that is because they're insanely expensive, and since I do not care about such things, I just want to build something great, the GREATEST thing of it all, I don't mind spending my growtopia life savings on some world that will most likely not even win (halloween contest). Well! I hope you will play it yourself to truly experience it's beauty, the mechanics are damn mind blowing, I'm telling you!

    Often you have to run from one side of the world to another, re-use gateways, read the story to understand where to go, and more. So yeah, gameplay-wise I'd say it's a 10/10 (objectively saying that, got some professionals to test it). The design & story will be the decider I believe, sicne I am not sure about the level of those two.

    First, I figured people will just go crazy on pixel arts, so yeah, I decided to not even compete in that; mostly because I can't build them either way, and overall I think pixel arts ruin adventure worlds; sure, they are eye-candy when checking the render, but when actually playing the world you can't even see the pixel arts, and they take so much could add like 3 stages in exchange of one pixel art. So, yeah, I'd rather do my own thing, do what I'm best at; making good gameplays and individual designs (individual designs are the designs you experience while playing the world in-game - my worlds always look the best when playing them in-game, my renders always turn out bad for that one reason; because I don't do overall designs).

    I think I made a lot of great designs, I used tons of paints, tons of blocks that're never used in worlds, and just in general, I think this is by far my best work so if I don't win, it's fine, I'm satisfied with this world

    While I enjoyed myself while building this world, I did not enjoy getting the resources, I've probably spent more time looking for resources than building the world itself, it just...took so long, it felt as if I was looking for some kind of extinct creature, since no one had anything I needed for this world. At the end, I ended up buying everything I needed for insanely stupid prices, spent all my profit that I earned from my other WOTDs, even had to sell my set, weather machines, and jammers of other worlds. I'm satisfied and happy with how this turned out though. Don't think that anyone will top the stuff I used for gameplay/design.

    Plus Points In the most clever way I introduced people some halloween stuff, in the "evidence" room, I introduced halloween stuff as "evidence." I used a lot of gameplay blocks though, so I think people will learn a lot of things about growtopia in general while playing the world (Such as the Howler).
    Plus Points That is the strongest point of this world; the never-used blocks, backgrounds, mechanics, designs, gameplays, etc, being used here.

    Name:  casefiles.png
Views: 115
Size:  594.2 KB

    To sum up (for the instagram thing):
    - Great DETECTIVE story
    - Unique Parkour/mechanics
    - Great unique designs
    - VIP!


    Other one "TheBerserker"
    Name:  theberserker.png
Views: 106
Size:  400.1 KB
    > Has both Punch and Zombie jammer
    > Firehouse to protect people from fires
    > Parkours
    > Riddles
    > Mazes
    > Adventure items and gateways
    > Over a thousand paint buckets in use
    > Small and big pixel arts
    > Secrets to explore for players
    > Gravity Well block great use
    > Pretty good scary halloween story
    > Mystery Doors
    > And more!

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    Lightbulb Nominating BELOVEDVALENTINA for WOTD 🌹

    Nominating BELOVEDVALENTINA for WOTD 🌹

    Latest world render:
    Name:  belovedvalentina (3).png
Views: 126
Size:  452.7 KB

    A couple namely Valentino and Valentina faced some cool-off for a reason that Valentina feels like she does not deserve the love of Valentino, in which he contradicts.
    Valentino tries to catch up with Valentina ending up to be transported to a different realm "The Heavenly Heart Kingdom" secretly ruled by a ruler of the most purest hearts of all angels - visit BELOVEDVALENTINA for the complete love story

    World contains:
    -A long interesting eye-catching original love story by kaito, backup by krankie
    -A sequel ending trailer scenario on the end part
    -Creditory Board located on the end part
    -Full set of protective jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse and Mini Mod)
    -Transcribed song "Star Tears" (sad flute ver./mix by kaito)
    -Easy parkour gameplay: targetting the audience to focus on the story
    -Originally created pixel arts by kaito: heart notes, heart lip ring, and heart eye)
    -VIP area with Valentina and Valentino's last scenario for sequel 1: Feedback and Winners Board
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
    Instagram: @zytran_gt

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    Default I nominate INSANEWINTER for WOTD

    World name: INSANEWINTER
    GrowID: Zudikas

    Hey everyone, this is my second attempt for WOTD. Last time people said, that parkour was too easy, now everything changed, I made medium and hard parkour with rarely used blocks like gravity well, storm cloud, etc. this parkour is possible for everyone, you could make it without wings. I made a new, never used, skip system, which lets you skip 5 levels of parkour. I made a guide for beginners too, which helps them to know what different blocks do. After you finish the parkour, you appear on a huge VIP house, where you can relax and talk with your friends. This world is colourful, challenging, it fits for everyone.


    +Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer
    +Snowy Night Weather (used night just for rendering)
    +Hard and medium parkour
    +Skip system
    +Guide for beginners
    +Huge place to relax
    +Possible without wings
    +Music - Santa tell me
    +Credits near the door
    Name:  insanewinter.png
Views: 131
Size:  440.3 KB
    Good luck everyone!

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    Nominating "CHINESENEWYER"
    for WOTD
    GrowID : DAPPOL

    World Has
    -Zombie jammer & Punch jammer
    -Adventure Item
    -Vip area

    Name:  chinesenewyer.png
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Size:  447.0 KB

    Short Story :
    tells the story of a child's struggle to go to the temple in the Chinese new year, but it is very far from the child's home to the temple, and many obstacles during the trip, but are the children trying to avoid that obstacle? let's follow him

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    Default Growvenoms for Wotd

    World Name: Growvenoms
    owner: Arquiteto

    Teme: Parkour/Maze

    World have :Punch banner, Zombie Jammer, Nothigness, Pineapple Guardian, Ghost charm, Story and A big parkour with a misteryous Maze 1 Big pixel arte of Venom And parkour On it...

    And Story On world Line

    renderworld: Name:  growvenoms.png
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Size:  109.9 KB

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    Default Repost: Fireworksjuhla.

    I don’t know do I have to post my world every 3 days again.

    My world name: Fireworksjuhla.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    There are a parkour and a story about what can happen if you launch fireworks not carefully. There are some right way launched fireworks in the end.

    Here is the renderworld:
    Name:  1A99011A-48B2-4663-8844-F56C78286649.png
Views: 200
Size:  397.8 KB

    There are in the world:
    -basic jammers
    -VIP room for winners.

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    THECOUNTLUCANOR is a world which can teach you about decisions and the impact of them either consequence or reward! This world comes with storyline on a guestbook at the white door giving the world context as to what is where, where is why etc. The story goes along the lines of you're playing the protagonist of the story in perspective you are a young child (However, you can be whoever you choose to be in this world) You've always lived a poor lifestyle and never understood the actual meaning of how difficult it is to earn things in life so out of outrage of not understanding you run away from home to find your own riches! to live the way you want even though you'll encounter the difficulty of being alone in the wilderness then learning about consequences,adventure, etc.

    Obviously there is more storyline in the world but this is just an insight of what the world is about!

    Name:  thecountlucanor.png
Views: 193
Size:  322.6 KB

    GROWID: ashlame
    World has:
    - P & Z Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Pineapple guardian
    - Night Machine
    - Firehouse
    - Maintenance room
    - Storyline
    - Credit board
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items

    uh yeah follow me on ig if you'd like: @swerviesaurs

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    I want to nominating my world for WOTD.
    GrowID: ISKADI
    Story: The King of Kingdom of Love has sent news to all his people.
    "Best wishes to all my people. Our daughter Princess Valen is in danger. I guess some of you have heard it. We, King and Queen of Kingdom of Love need your help to rescue our daughter. She was kidnapped by a bad guy. But, we don't know who he is and who he from. Before Princess Valen was kidnapped, she went to the town for a walk. We will present it to the person who save her. Thank you!"
    P and Z Jammers
    Fire house
    Valentine Weather
    Adventure items
    Parkour and story
    Name:  13-59-43-valenrescue.png
Views: 186
Size:  542.1 KB
    GT Name: iSkadi
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    by Khalid


    GrowID: BLUTCH
    World Name: CorruptedLava

    Name:  corruptedlava.png
Views: 180
Size:  534.5 KB

    Dr. Destructo, the evil scientist who almost conquered Growtopia is back, and with another invention! He was improving the public lava, he wanted it to be unbreakable like bedrock. Dr. Destructo tested its power to your neighbouring village. Good thing it was still breakable, by a Golden Pickaxe that is. It was still not perfect. You decided to save Growtopia by stopping his invention before it is finished. You set off on a journey to the mountain where he is said to be living in. You know it will be dangerous, but it doesn't stop you. You wanted to be Growtopia's hero. Good luck on your journey to stopping Dr. Destructo!

    World Contains:
    All Jammers needed (PZ, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, etc.)
    Howler/Trickster Parkour
    Climbing ropes
    Obelisk/Sungate parkour
    And many more parkour experience.
    *There may be missing wallpapers due to music notes, sorry about that*
    Follow my Instagram: @blutchofficial
    Subscribe my Youtube: BLUTCH Official

    Goals in Growtopia:
    Angel of Mercy's Wings: ✔
    Dr. Title: ✖
    3 WOTDs: 2/3
    Legendary Bot: ✖
    10 BGL: ✖
    1k YT Subs: ✖

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    Mysteries awaiting to be uncovered, puzzles awaiting to be solved, try the world out and find out the truth!

    - Murder mystery, detective story and more
    - Logical and interesting puzzles to solve

    Name:  mysteryremains.png
Views: 172
Size:  516.0 KB
    may my demise be a promise to you.



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