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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Nominating "DARKNESSOFLOVE" for World Of The Day.

    The story is about a Henry and his classmate Evelyn. Henry is a good student. He likes Evelyn, but hes scared to tell her about his feelings. Evelyn is a quiet girl, because there was an accident in the past what changed her life, and Evelyn's love buried in the darkness.

    The world has (Long description) :

    -Z & P jammers / Background weather / firehouse
    -Guild stuff : gravity wells, stormy clouds etc...
    -Adventure items
    -VIP room for winners,
    -Sun gate and obelisks
    -Antigravity walls

    A quick description :

    -Basic jammers
    -New parkour mechanics
    -Rarely used things > Cybots etc.
    -Own made story.

    Happy Valentines!

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    Default Nominating my world "VALENTINEORIGIN" For WOTD

    World : ValentineOrigin
    Grow ID : imProudOfYou
    Here is latest render website :
    Story : the brothers , remulus and remus , the founder of tome and also "Lupercalia" (known as "Valentine" now)
    All their life journey until they found valentine. We know valentine as an event with full of romance and loving spirit , but is it the same in the old days?. Who knows? ، feel free to visit!
    This world contain :
    -Pixel art

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    TK69, by TK69 & Techy

    This is the fourth iteration of the world. The designs have always been cutting edge but unfit as a main world, thus this brings us to this final iteration, which mixes utility and great design. There are a couple of videos of the world itself on youtube of the previous iterations.

    Render ==>

    TK69 as a world is meant to be a state-of-the-art, cutting edge main world, unique by its design. This world is already popular among growtopians, whether it is to observe the collections, look at the recipes I have found in my growtopia history, or appreciate looking at the world's design, or play the one of the two parkours. This world is unique, and often known as one of the best looking main worlds in the game.

    Many core items are present in the world, whether they are items very rarely used or features. The world was made to provide a dark-fantasy atmosphere to players with it's towers.

    It contains:
    • A Growscan, for players to check every block in the world.
    • All jammers.
    • A Xenonite.
    • Daily Challenge & Very Rare Tournament banner.
    • Public wrenching areas of usefulness for players
    • Every single weather machine in the game.
    • A few easter eggs in the world.
    • And more.

    Looking to see a few players in there, submitting for WOTD.
    A recipe finder. A GT Wikia Admin. Playing since Feb 2013.
    Level: 125 - L Title/Dragon/DK Wings Done - Sponsored Mystical Etherboard
    IGN: TK69
    Growtopia Treehouse Discord | My Insta

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    Default Replying in 3 Day Gap (ITSERUPTING) nominating for WOTD

    Attachment 231432

    I'm nominating for WOTD contest
    this is my first ever WOTD attempt


    Based on true happenings in the Philippines it was January 2020 when the Taal Volcano erupts.
    No people died during the eruption but there are dead after the eruption.
    Many Animals & Plants due to the eruptions because of the ashes that the Volcano produces.
    Peoples stayed in the relocation sites, school building, and some good samaritans offer the part of their houses to use as
    a staying place of some peoples.
    The economy in the place is so bad because of what happened.
    people lost jobs because of the disaster.
    But whatever happened always stay strong and be hopeful of a brighter tomorrow.

    What's in the world:
    Punch & Zombie Jammmer
    Weather Machine: Rainny City
    Challenge timer
    Start Challenge Flag
    End Challenge Flag
    Short Story
    There Are Some Guide For New to the Game
    Story and Credits is beside the White Door
    A Mail Box For Some Positive & Negative or Constructive Comments
    Fire House

    That's all in my World

    My GrowID: joeroskill43

    This is my first time so I hope I will win but it's ok if not at least I tried to do my best in making it.

    I made this world (2/1/2020-2/7/2020)


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    Default THECUPIDANDPSYCHE for World of the Day!

    Hello everyone, I am StopDawnDrop and I am presenting my world THECUPIDANDPSYCHE for WotD!

    To sum it up, the world features;

    - Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
    - A Pineapple Guardian
    - Usage of Adventure Items
    - A love story based from the Tale of Cupid and Psyche
    - A Creditory Board (everything and everyone is credited)
    - A special area for the World Completers!

    World Description,

    The world's storyline is directly based from the Tale of Cupid and Psyche. You are going to play as Psyche and the world contains the challenges she faced in order to get forgiveness and love of Cupid. There's much more to discover, and goodluck to everyone.

    Here is the latest render of the world.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Attachment 231134

    I am nominating me(IGN: Jisam) and my friend Dragtan's world for WoTD. It is a story/parkour/pixel art world about his favourite animal, Otters! We have worked on this world for a while together and I think it is finally time to nominate it. It has all the necessary requirements, such as jammers and a board near the door, and also has some extra things to such as a cool weather machine to enhance the mood and a really cute Otter pixel art! The world contains otter facts, an underwater parkour and a quiz at the end. Here is the render world, and I hope people can have a fun time in our world!
    IGN: Jisam
    Discord: Jisam#9391

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    I still can't nominate...
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
    Instagram: @zytran_gt

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    The castle, an ancient legend,
    Now empowered and strengthened by the Golden Heart Crystal,
    The mythical artifact fallen from the stars, infuses things with an essence of wonder.
    It's power transforms the items.
    It's power cannot be contained, and from ruins the castle was revived...

    (Latest Render, Although some of the new blocks are invisible)

    An artifact from the cosmos (right) interwined in the earth to power the ruins into a castle.

    Attachment 231519
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi
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    This mysterious place you’ve encountered seems oddly ominous, it sends shivers down your spine. You are a wandering traveler that's been walking deeper and deeper into these desolate lands for who knows how long. You will journey through the most dangerous of feats, but you must remain strong and focused, stopping at nothing, until you reach... The Oasis. The Oasis is your goal, it’s a calm place to relax, in this harsh and chaotic world. Are you ready for this challenge? Will you get to the end or will you give up?

    World Includes
    + Pixel Art
    + Jammers
    + Unique Parkour and Features
    + Engaging Storyline
    + VIP Room
    + Adventure Items

    NEWYEARBRAWL - A Lunar New Year PvP World

    It's Lunar New Year! An event packed full of fun, fireworks and money! In this world, battle through dragons, fireworks, a gigantic blossom tree and even golden loot! Player with the most points will emerge victorious

    World Includes - +An enermous battlefield where every area is navigateable even without wings +Jammers to block unfair play +Non-stop pvp world +Fun builds representing Chinese New Year
    Point Values:

    Game Block broken (total 15): 2 Points each
    Every Death: - 1
    Every Kill: +1
    Hits to break game blocks: 2
    Hits to kill player: 3
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    The first ever legit choice based world. There are total of 10 endings due to limited door limit. This world works through the combination of Gateway coding and adventure items.

    Cotton Mather died from lynching. It was discovered that he is the godfather of the mafia group in town. It was also discovered that he is you! But, as told by elderly, everyone who dies will roam around until the 14th day of their funeral. You will use this opportunity to kill the disrespectful people who farted in your funeral. There are only 3 people who did it. Take them with you.

    Other information that must be considered:
    Gateway to Adventure(s) with Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are doors for kill confirmation.
    Gateway to Adventure(s) without Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are the final doors. They will only work if you already killed 3 people.
    Killing more than 3 people, if possible, will lead to the Gateway to Adventure(s) not work.
    Details about the people are written in the guestbook located in each person's room.

    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    A couple namely Valentino and Valentina faced some cool-off for a reason that Valentina feels like she does not deserve the love of Valentino, in which he contradicts.
    Valentino tries to catch up with Valentina ending up to be transported to a different realm "The Heavenly Heart Kingdom" secretly ruled by a ruler of the most purest hearts of all angels - visit BELOVEDVALENTINA for the complete love story

    World contains:
    -A long interesting eye-catching original love story by kaito, backup by krankie
    -A sequel ending trailer scenario on the end part
    -Creditory Board located on the end part
    -Full set of protective jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse and Mini Mod)
    -Transcribed song "Star Tears" (sad flute ver./mix by kaito)
    -Easy parkour gameplay: targetting the audience to focus on the story
    -Originally created pixel arts by kaito: heart notes, heart lip ring, and heart eye)
    -VIP area with Valentina and Valentino's last scenario for sequel, Feedback and Winners Board

    Nominating PANDEMONIUM for WOTD

    A young kid (you) who have commited a lot of sins in the human world have been punished in the pandemonium, a hellish world that burns and let sinners suffer. The young kid (you) does not know what role he/she places in the pandemonium that is why he/she gets to choose rather to be a ruler of slave entities or to be a slave of ruler entities.

    World Contains:
    *Hellish looking designs (original)
    *Symetrical Hell castle and towers (original)
    *Demonic seal symbol original pixel art
    *Two deadly floating head monsters original pixel art
    *Choose a role gameplay (ruler or slave)
    *Choose your clothing item gameplay
    *Choose what path to go on gameplay
    *Working Cybots in each tower
    *Song: Death Note (creepy flute ver.) transcribed by kaito and krankie
    *Mystery Door gameplay (chance gameplay)
    *Full set of jammers (Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, Weather Machine - Background [Rock N' Roll Wallpaper])

    Nominating THECURSEDFLAME for WOTD

    In the city of Haluluna, a fire emerged within the forest causing enormous fire spreads among the city: this fire plead no harm to burn anything but to curse massively on its surroundings. A chosen one, prior to a prophecy from the Crapedium Book of Haluluna, a book which holds the destiny of the city written by a Greek God named "Titaly", ruler of fate and wisdom. The chosen one was to find solution to stop the curse of the flame, and try to revoke it with the help of the Eyeledge, what holds beyond hids beneath.

    World Contains:
    *Various Scenarios
    *Horrific Storyline
    *Pixel Arts
    *Wolfworld inspired
    *Usage of numerous unknown blocks
    *Usage of old and new Halloween Blocks
    *Story Quiz
    *Mind boggling block mixing
    *Usage of various adventure items
    *Full set of jammers: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Ghost Charm
    *Publicity of Bridge Creation
    *Moral Lessons
    *Medium Difficulty Level
    *Creditory Board
    *Ensurance of better gameplay
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
    Instagram: @zytran_gt

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    Default FROSTYNATURE by Efio

    GrowID: Efio
    World: Frostynature

    Zombies have attacked the world and been designing traps all year so no one can escape. They have a weakness in which they cannot stand cold weathers. During winter, all zombies hide in a place so no one is guarding the world. All civilians could only get their freedom if they beat the traps and lead themselves to freedom

    World contains:
    - PZ Jammers
    -Other basic jammers
    -Pixel art
    -VIP Room




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