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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default ILOVECAFE by VNCEA

    My first WOTD entry;

    Description about the world:
    The world ILOVECAFE is a antique pagoda cafe that is built with 3 floors dedicated for its purpose which is to hang, have a date, chill, and converse with other growtopians. The world was built especially for the event Valentine's day for dating purposes and to hang with others. The world also consist of the EASIEST and SHORTEST PARKOUR but it contains informative story about love and the moon.

    The WORLD contains:
    -P and Z Jammers
    -easiest and shortest parkour
    -3 floors dedicated for chill and hang
    -informative story


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    Wink LUCARIOSTRIAL: February 2020 Submission

    My IGN is SkyBleau
    The world name is LUCARIOSTRIAL
    It has a Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, and a Firehouse.
    It has all the require boards too!
    The link to my wotd can be found at
    I used this link for the pixel art of Lucario
    Hello, this is my new submission for the Feburary world of the day contest! I made a world about Lucario because he is my favorite pokemon!
    I got the idea to make this world from the people on my discord server! So, thank you.

    Once upon a time, (you) Lucario and your trainer are traveling the Kalos region. You had just caught your trailer's rival in a teeth-grinding battle. You are both very exhausted, so you decide to stay at a local hotel. You take your luggage into your room, and drift off into deep slumber. When you awake, you notice that your trainer is nowhere to be seen. Which is unusual. You go downstairs to ask the receptionist if they saw what happened, or had any sort of idea where your trainer is. The receptionist tells you they remember a group of people coming in, and that they had a giant bag. They came back with someone inside, and that you could hear muffling. They said they couldn't do anything because they were strapped to the chair. So you pack a quick snack, and set foot to find your trailer's whereabouts.
    Name:  lucariostrial.png
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    hello me in future :)



    Info: It's slowly rising, twisting and winding upwards like hungry arms begging for more and more. It's inevitable... or is it?

    Adventure item puzzles
    Password door puzzles
    Adventure door quest system
    Possible without any mods (2x jump, speed, ect...)
    P and Z jammers
    epic gameplay
    Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
    IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

    discord: WillyWongChoi#5501

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    In your Heart




    The Greatest Love begins with young Gloria's love story with a boatman named Peter. Despite the fact that they love each other, Gloria is forced to marry Andres under duress, forced by her father to marry the man who raped her, Andres Alegre Sr., the town mayor's nephew.

    Through the years, an adult Gloria is a loving and selfless mother to Amanda, Andrei, Paeng, and Lizelle. To her children's perception, their father is a hard working overseas worker who visits from time to time. They live in the Alegre's ancestral family home. Andre does not remit funds regularly so Gloria compensates by collecting, buying and selling junk. When their father comes to visit, they are a picture of a happy family.

    A long-kept secret shatters their happy family and Gloria's children leave her one by one. As Gloria struggles to keep her family together, she starts to show symptoms of dementia and begins to lose pieces of her memory. She initially brushes off the symptoms until she is finally diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


    Ign: Vurtune7

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    Default My world of the day nominations.

    I don’t know do I have to post my worlds again every 3 days.

    My world: Valentinescastles.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    Here is the renderworld:
    New lovewillows, lovewillow’s laces and romantic bushes don’t show in the render.
    I can’t post a picture.

    Story: There is a Valentine party today. You are going to ask your love to come to the party with you. You are thinking about your love and you are happy. But then you start to worry.

    There are in the world:
    -zombie and punch jammers
    -a valentine’s weather machine
    -a hangout/VIP room for winners
    -a love story
    -a parkour
    -a heartcastle
    -many adventure items
    -singing lovebirds
    -many valentine’s event items
    -new lovewillows, lovewillow’s laces and romantic bushes.

    My world name: Fireworksjuhla.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    There are a parkour and a story about what can happen if you launch fireworks not carefully. There are some right way launched fireworks in the end.

    Oh no, I can’t add renderworld! It is broken.

    Link to the renderworld:

    There are in the world:
    -basic jammers
    -adventure items
    -VIP room for winners.

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    The first ever legit choice based world. There are total of 10 endings due to limited door limit. This world works through the combination of Gateway coding and adventure items.

    Cotton Mather died from lynching. It was discovered that he is the godfather of the mafia group in town. It was also discovered that he is you! But, as told by elderly, everyone who dies will roam around until the 14th day of their funeral. You will use this opportunity to kill the disrespectful people who farted in your funeral. There are only 3 people who did it. Take them with you.

    Other information that must be considered:
    Gateway to Adventure(s) with Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are doors for kill confirmation.
    Gateway to Adventure(s) without Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are the final doors. They will only work if you already killed 3 people.
    Killing more than 3 people, if possible, will lead to the Gateway to Adventure(s) not work.
    Details about the people are written in the guestbook located in each person's room.

    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    Default WOTD Attempt

    World name: FearMedusa
    GrowID: Amoht

    Description: In this world, I didn't want to do like all the other worlds where there is mainly parkour. This is why I made a maze with portals. Certainly, it is less beautiful than the other worlds but it is still very original and difficult. The goal is to escape this maze by using the portals, be careful, only 1 way will take you to the exit, that's what makes this world so difficult. You will therefore have to use your memory in order to remember which portal you have already used and which one to take to get to the exit. Be careful, there may be few traps which brings you to useless places . I hope that you all like the originality of this world and maybe it will allow me to win my first WOTD!

    Story: Medusa is a creature from Greek mythology that traps people in a very confusing maze. Once inside, she tracks them down with her snake hair and turns them into stone,then exposes them in her room. Explore the maze using the portals without getting caught by Medusa to get out of this hell. No one has ever escaped, will you be the first?

    This world have:
    - Punch and Zombie jammer
    - Weather Machine -Nothingness
    - Maze
    - Portal game
    - Memory usage
    - Vip room
    - Story related to Medusa


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    CATINTHEWINTER by Rozaliyaaaaa

    One day, there has a hills which the house located, with a couple of peasant husband and wife.
    But, after the Christmas is about to end. They decided to went to the city for a while. Not for the cat, always living alone.
    After that, santa asked to his elf to accompany the cat as long they return from the city.

    Of course, your journey wont be easy as you expected.

    • Cat in couch and Giving tree Pixel art
    • PZ Jammer,Fire House and Ghost charm
    • Weather Machine - Background • Credit Board
    • Parkour
    • Question on Adventure door and Passdoor
    • Adventure item
    • Trickster
    • Winner Room
    • Credit to People who help me on build the world

    Ign: Rozaliyaaaaa

    Name:  catinthewinter.png
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    Someone pls make interesting thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruri Ichigyou View Post
    dating can't be done alone so let's do it together

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    Red face LoveTheory - By: SonOfCronus & his brother: FazeRush

    World Name: lovetheory
    Owner & Creator: Sonofcronus
    Ladies and and Gentle Men. Brace your selves, for this Magnificent Story!

    Story: Beep. Beep. Beep. Your alarm goes off, at the same time you hear your mom yell "Charlesssss Wake up honey, its Valentines day!" You quickly open your eyes and look at your clock. Your clock says "2 am, December 25th" What the...? You get up and open your door. Where am I as you look to your right and see a portrait of a grumpy old elf. You look to your left and now see the same old elf standing with a coffee mug. As you freak out and scream the elf tries to calm you down and explains whats going on...Moments later he tells you the reason time is all messed up is because the elf is a time traveler who summoned you to redo Christmas morning. He makes you remember the time you threw your girlfriend "Stacy"s Gift across the room because it wasn't what you were expecting. Now why Christmas morning? Well tomorrow is technically Valentines day but since Charles "You" have been ungrateful for your gift you have ruined the relationship with your girlfriend. The elf tells you that he didn't want to see you lonely on Valentines Day. Now go redo Christmas Morning and correct your wrongs! so you can fix your chance of having a Valentine!

    World Contains-
    Zombie & Punch Jammer
    Weather Machine- Background
    Cybot Parkour (Felt that would make the parkour more interesting and fun)
    Illusion Maze (Must try it out! The background makes the maze look very confusing and fun!)
    Amazing Art!
    And lastly an amazing story and lack luster effort to help take the mind off of some of the stress you guys may have gone through this Valentines !

    Attachment 231542

    Please check my Instagram: for the render of the world (if the link doesn’t work) as the forums is very glitchy rn when posting renders. Thank you ^_^

    This concludes my Nomination! Enjoy
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    𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓟𝓡𝓔𝓒𝓘𝓞𝓤𝓢.

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    Default Nominating for WOTD


    GrowID: DevRaLL

    I want to nominate my world for WOTD
    World Has
    -Zombie jammer & Punch jammer, Pineapple guardian, Ghost charm, Fire house
    -Adventure Items
    -Vip area

    The plot: You have received a very strange-sounding announcement; there is a plane... hurtling through the sky without a pilot! How is that possible? Well, it turns out it is. You have to get aboard the plane and take the controls at any costs. The task will be difficult as you have many dangers ahead of you. All the passengers are restless. You need to take a deep breath and overcome this task.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default WOTD Nomination

    World Name: TheGrowtopiaSchool
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Story: Today is your last day of school, which means that you have to do your final exams to graduate. Complete all of your exams in each of the 5 subjects to return to your home with your diploma in hand.

    This world have:
    ~Punch and Zombie jammer
    ~Ghost charm
    ~Vip area


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    Default Nominating "LOVINGTALE" for WOTD

    First, sorry for always posting this post, my dream is to win a world of the day even once
    So, here is render of my world :
    This world contains story, pixel art, parkour, weather, jammer, steam parkour, antigravity, adventure items, and song. Also a nice blocks and color combination to make a nice valentine themed world.

    I've done so much hard work in this world, I hope I can win a world of the day thank you for your attention .



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