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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    hello me in future :)



    ... Light invades your eyes as your eye lids creek open like an old door. Your brother shakes you telling you to get up, it's midnight its rising again! I don't know what that means but I run, I sprint, I don't look back.. I can feel whatever it is rising and twisting its way upwards like hands gasping for air as it drowns in the buildings it consumes. Horror. Fright. Fear. How do we stop it?

    Adventure door quest system!
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Adventure items
    Intense story line
    Fully possible without wings or any mods (so new players can play!)
    Apocalypse weather
    Secrets to uncover...

    Name:  wIO5RfK.png
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    You! A young brave traveller approach an uncharted island in the Atlantic ocean... A break through! you think. However, its far from one.. The island is riddled with chaos and has been brought to famine, after a mystery shrouded beneath the Earth appeared. It's your job to explore the deep caverns and uncover the mystery of the beast that tourmented this small village and destroyed its once peaceful community

    Adventure door quest system!
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Adventure items
    Intense story line
    Fully possible without wings or any mods (so new players can play!)
    Jungle Weather
    Adventure ends and begins to time your run!

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    An aura of hatred and death looms in the distance. Taunting you. Belittling you. However, you a young aspiring adventurer decide to set forth on a journey to the deceased church that your friends have told stories of and families have told tales of lost children and curses. Do you have what it takes to over come the pungent hatred and break the curse?

    Adventure door quest system!
    Punch and Zombie Jammers
    Adventure items
    Intense story line
    Fully possible without wings or any mods (so new players can play!)
    Spooky Weather
    Easter eggs littered around

    Name:  9weUBvp.png
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    Post TheBrainAndHeart By Maxriii

    Name:  thebrainandheart.png
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    I changed too many, this will may be the finish product. Hope you like it.

    World name: TheBrainAndHeart
    Growid: Maxriii

    Pz Jammer √
    Weather, Fire House √
    Credit Board √
    Maze √
    Parkour √
    Pixel Art √
    Story √
    Trivia √

    This world have 4 Stages.
    Brain Maze
    River Parkour
    Rainbow Parkour.

    Description + Trivia + Story

    They say "Follow your Heart" when you are loving someone, but for me I think that was kinda wrong, Why? Because when loved someone and you only used ur heart, it may caused a hurt or damage in ur heart but what if, If we use our heart at the same time our brain when loving someone. Best combination, right? We always keep using our heart when loving someone that's why, WE KEEP FALLING FOR SOMEONE. EVEN THERE'S NO GUARANTEE THAT OUR FEELINGS WILL BE RECIPROCATED... and just a trivia, wanna know why red symbolize love? Because it bleeds when it ends.

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    Default UNDERTHEGROW, WOTD-Application #2

    World Name: UNDERTHEGROW
    GrowID: BDubz
    Description: This world is based upon the TV-series "Under The Dome". The city is caught under an unknown dome and there is no way to escape. The players inside the dome must work together in order to escape. The cave-systems beneath the city has been affected by a magical force which makes it a dangerous place.

    The world uses adventure items and the spelunky-update.
    The world is 100 % playable without wings.
    The world has Punch and Zombie Jammers.
    (Also the world was played by @Seth back in 2016)

    Name:  underthegrow.png
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    Default valleyofLoves for wotd

    world name: ValleyofLoves

    owner name: Arquiteto

    creditos to: Yugip and Nicolas98

    Story:It's all about love. Story of the couple who married and many problems faced during and after the wedding.

    But is not just any love story, more of my friend Nicolas, based on a real story with a little bit of fiction haha.

    Pay close attention because the world is divided into 5 chapters each with its own part of history. .

    World Info; It Contain (zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer, Ghost Charm, Pineapple Guardian, Love Weather)

    5 chapters Of The Love Story each chapter of the story has its purpose, to challenge your Parkour skills, reasoning and with certain use of adventure items.

    The world contains a VIP area being it The End of the World, An Original Song My Heart will go on - Composed by James Horner and Built by YugiPi

    Render world Information :

    it seems that the game is having problems with the new items from Cave update and valentine, because they are invisible in the render, I used dwarven Blocks and some Willos and they seem to be invisible in the render I hope this does not disturb anything

    Renderworld:Name:  valleyofloves.png
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    Default My nomination

    Renominating SUPERPOLEBLAST! World: SUPERPOLEBLAST Growid: Rolexhoster. Quick description of my world: This world was inspired by a movie with a cowboy who had to do tasks to finish his mission, now obviously he didn’t have to parkour spikes or slide in ice but he did have to pass some big obstacles. And this world is inspired by that. This world is also made by 3 people (Me and my 2 best friends) This is our first time ever designing or building so this was a hard task but we managed to complete the world with fun adventurously and exciting obstacles to pass! And signs that describes the path of the soldier! With fun facts and more!
    - The world has zombie and punch jammer - It has a credit board - It has a tip board
    - It has weather machine and CCTV
    - It has easy to middle difficulty parkour
    - Easy password door questions like, where does a cowboy wear his chaps?
    And I really hope I win WOTD one day.. This is my first time ever building a world haha with over 2.1k hours of play time. Average finish time: 12-17 minutes. I would be really happy if I won. Cya! #growtopia

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    Red face Renominating SaveTheForests.... again.

    SaveTheForests for WoTd

    GrowID: LamboUrus
    WorldName: SaveTheForests

    It took me A WHILE to make, remake and design the world. But the result was for my opinion totally worth it.
    this world is based on all the bad things happening around the world.
    Pandas are become extinct, Bees are all about to extinct as well.
    The Forests in Australia are burning, many people are losing their home's and many Koala's are dying.

    This world is over all a fun parkour.
    it has A LOT of information about endangered animals what you maybe don't even know.

    Name:  savetheforests.png
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    - I added 2 more Cybots in the parkour,
    - I decorated a lot of blocks with paint,
    - I replaced some old blocks with a few newer once,
    - I changed a bit of the mechanics in the parkour.
    Update 2:
    - I replaced the old tree trunks with some new ones,
    - I added an optional story,
    - and I continued painting blocks.

    ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴs:
    - PZ jammers,
    - a firehouse,
    - weather machine – Jungle,
    - 6 Cybots and a Trickster,
    - a lot of adventure items,
    - a Quest,
    - Lots of information about animals,
    - a VIP room for winners,
    - 4 Spectate rooms,
    - 3 pixel arts,
    - And a secret side mission!
    - an optional story!


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    Default Nominating GLOOMYDUSK for WOTD

    Hey everyone. After designing the world for some time GLOOMYDUSK is finally ready! This world follows a dark-esque neon theme and uses a rarely used wallpaper: movie screen (which looks amazing when painted)!

    This world has:
    -vip area for winners
    -basic jammers (pz firehouse)
    -background weather machine
    -lots (and I mean lots!) of paint
    -exotic parkour
    -one-way blocks maze
    -alot of maneuvering around
    Note that the parkour isn't hard nor easy, it's not a traditional parkour too, but it's refreshing. It's not super long, but it gives amazing gameplay and can generally be completed in under 30 minutes while still leaving joy in the player!
    P.s. the world has been playtested by several people, it is completely possible and invites you to think!
    Without further ado, here's the render:
    Name:  vBvxj9h.png
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    Ign : ooopsi

    Added more details
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    Username : Allyssaaaa


    One day,you decided to go into the wilderness of growtopia and visit the mystical TREETOPWALK.Treetopwalk was once a popular attraction for the locals until the 19th centuries when there were cases of people suiciding by jumping off the bridge that was very high up the ground.After hearing these cases, locals were scared and did not dare to go and its now abandoned.
    You being a daredevil,decided to visit this magical place and discover whats behind it!

    this world includes:
    Credit Board
    Different theme parkour
    PZ Jammer
    Weather Machine - Jungle
    Vip room
    Usage of adventure items

    Hope to win!!

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    Default Kobe Bryant Themed WoTD

    As most of you know, the legend Kobe Bryant Recently passed away
    in an unfortunate incident.

    I made this world to pay tribute and respect to him, and I made it as
    a way to say goodbye to someone who has meant a whole lot to me
    in my life.

    What this world has:

    - Noob-Friendly Parkour.
    - Facts / information about Kobe
    - Background Weather Machine
    - Cool World Design
    - Tribute to Kobe
    - Vip room.

    GROWID: Ameiias

    Render Link:

    Name:  kobebryantz.png
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Size:  134.2 KB

    Thanks for reading, rest in peace Kobe Bryant !!!

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    Hello everyone! I want to nominate my world for WOTD (also to remember the moments and memories I spent with him)
    GrowID: ISKADI
    We got a best friend who just passed away because of accident.
    He passed away on 8th of Februari 2020.
    I Know him since Primary School, and become closer when Vocational High School.
    The 'We' word refers to us (His best friend). He played Growtopia too, but not serious at it. But we play it (Growtopia)
    untill now since 2014.
    He is a naughty boy at school. He is so popular cause of his noise.
    And now, he is gone forever. But he is still in our heart.
    Rest in Peace Bro! 08-02-2020, You the best!!
    We: ISKADI, MrDecters, MaxQueen, Indracen, MrLegendKIA, and SI16
    *P.S*: I wrote down what's happening to him that night in this world bulettin board. Based on true story
    PZ Jammer
    Fire House
    Nogthingness weather machine
    Song (See You Again)
    Parkour (easy)
    Real Story (Based on true story)
    Adventure items
    Vip Room
    Credits (Song and Pixel Art)
    See You Again Bro!
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    The first ever legit choice based world. There are total of 10 endings due to limited door limit. This world works through the combination of Gateway coding and adventure items.

    Cotton Mather died from lynching. It was discovered that he is the godfather of the mafia group in town. It was also discovered that he is you! But, as told by elderly, everyone who dies will roam around until the 14th day of their funeral. You will use this opportunity to kill the disrespectful people who farted in your funeral. There are only 3 people who did it. Take them with you.

    Other information that must be considered:
    Gateway to Adventure(s) with Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are doors for kill confirmation.
    Gateway to Adventure(s) without Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are the final doors. They will only work if you already killed 3 people.
    Killing more than 3 people, if possible, will lead to the Gateway to Adventure(s) not work.
    Details about the people are written in the guestbook located in each person's room.

    Name:  dontfartinmyfuneral.png
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    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    Default Nominating "LOVINGTALE" for WOTD

    Name:  lovingtale.png
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    Nominating my world "LOVINGTALE" for WOTD
    Grow ID : imProudOfYou
    Story : Once upon a time live a princess and a Prince, the Prince really love the princess , but there is an evil King that wanted for the princess. The evil King know that the Prince is trying to get the princess too, so he kidnapped the princess and lock her in a giant castle. The prince go to the castle to save her. But dangerous and deadly traps await. -------------------------------
    This world contains : •some pixel art
    •antigravity parkour experience + steam parkour
    •jammers •antigravity blaster
    •Love story
    •adventure items
    •VIP room
    •My new made mechanics (boss battle using mystery door).



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