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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default Nominating BeefDream for Wotd :3

    Took me long enought to build this one and i hope it turns out fun for everyone !! BeefDream is an adventure about getting stuck in never-ending nightmares and attempting to escape and destroy who ever put you in that nightmare (no spoilers) ^-^ also its full of parkours and riddles built on a funny and serious story hope you enjoy it !! World includes:
    *P-Z jammers
    *Ghost Charm
    *Pineapple Guardian
    *Weather night
    *Pixel Art
    *Some New Blocks
    *Adventure items
    *Credits + Public bulletin
    *Vip Area
    *and a ton of glue and paint xD

    and as always thanks for keepin the game safe for the peeps, keep going guys, growtopia shall rise ! <3

    GrowID: StarkSpark
    World: BeefDream

    Render :
    Name:  beefdream.png
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Size:  1,007.7 KB

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    Talking SCHLOSS and MountainX8 for WOTD!

    GROWID: Kageno
    World: SCHLOSS 🏰 (german word for CASTLE)
    Name:  schloss.png
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    Choice of world name: Schloss is the german word for “CASTLE”, and Germany is famous for it’s rich heritage of castles and beautiful fairy-tale like landscapes. In the world Schloss, I tried to replicate that mysterious magical atmosphere through the appearances of mystical characters such as Merlin The Wizard, King Aurelius and so on. If story mode is not your cup of tea, you can choose to chill and hang out with friends in our unique HILTON ROYAL LIBRARY. You can literally DO WHATEVER YOU WANT in this world and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the Winter and the New Year!

    The Kingdom of Schloss was a peaceful world who had access to the sacred secrets of the mythical Winter Magic. One day, they was a space-time distortion which caused all worlds to link to one another. Schloss was heavily attacked and their magic was somehow neutralised by an unknown mastermind. To make things worse, Santa aka Nikolai, their town mayor, went missing during the attack. You, along with some allies from other universes, try to save the fallen kingdom from falling further into the abyss of doom.

    World has:
    -Many Winterfest Blocks
    -Punch Jammer & Zombie Jammer
    -Nice Storyline
    -Riddles and puzzles
    -Nice Lobby Area
    -Nice VIP
    -Original Art of Castle
    -Credits given at White Door

    GROWID: Kageno
    World: MOUNTAINX8
    Name:  mountainx8.png
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    Hey there, have you ever wonder what happens on the mysterious mountain trails? One village, a society of “wolf people”, vanished in one night. All eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the villagers fleeing in terror before the entire horizon plunged them into pure darkness. Who were the “wolf people” and who or what was behind their sinister and unforgiving end? I really need you help on this one! The rupture in the dimensional time-space won’t hold any longer!!! Find out more in MOUNTAINX8!

    World has:
    -winterfest theme
    -snowy adventure parkour
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Cute Pixel Art
    -Unique temple
    -Many WINTERFEST blocks
    -Cozy lobby area
    -VIP Room
    -Credits given near white door

    Credits are also given at a guestbook a few blocks away from then entrance of the world so anyone can easily.

    Thank you to all and hope I can win WOTD!

    Instagram: @kagenogt


    #growwotdjan20 #growtopia #growtopiagame #ubisoft #wotd

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    GrowID: skullition
    This world features=
    - Both basic jammers
    -A lovable story.
    - Carol of the Bells, a song transcribed by LadyWarrior.
    - A VIP Room, obscured by the cloudsName:  nuclearwinterbeach.png
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    Your average guild leader

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    Hey, what have you celebrate for this awesome year?!
    Happy new year 2020 GTOPIANS!
    Come and celebrate this amazing year together!
    P and Z Jammers
    Night weather machine
    Fire house
    Door mover
    Some pixel arts
    Story tale
    Easy parkour
    Party theme (social)
    P.s: I made this world last year, but did not win as WOTD. So I post it again this year, hope it for WOTD.
    Thank you!
    Name:  15-11-41-gtopianparty.png
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Size:  280.7 KB
    GT Name: iSkadi
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG
    Ofc I will do giveaway if I got many followers!

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    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
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    Synopsis :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

    What's New?
    * I've adjust some Balancing Improvement!
    * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
    * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Bountiful blocks was added into this world!
    * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
    * Adventure items was added into the world!

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Weather Machine - Valentine
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself

    Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous!
    Name:  dragonvalentine.png
Views: 122
Size:  1.07 MB

    Synopsis :
    Whoosh, the dark hole moving into red world which it has strange vibes. Fornately, this is an actual arsonist (dragons) hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

    What's New?
    I've added minor changes and balance improvement!
    * Spring clash mechanic, include ( 5 Up, Up, and Away Blocks, and 2 Trickster).
    * Hey, Shock Bot level 2 is blocking your way.
    * Hey, 2 Shock Bot level 1 is blocking your way.
    * Hey, 2 Sear Bot level 1 is blocking your way.
    * Mutation blocks was added into this world!
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Playable adventure items.

    In Additional.
    * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    * Readable story-telling.
    I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x

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    Default CROCODILES for WOTD


    GrowID: Chemmie

    +So! What exactly is this world?
    -It's a world about crocodiles.

    +What am I going to find in this world?
    -KNOWLEDGE, you will read facts about crocodiles.
    -A story! as any typical WOTD, there is this interesting story about a lumberjack's encounter with a wild crocodile, this man is running low on money and can't pay rent, so he ventures into the woods hoping to find some trees to chop, but he finds none. (the story continues). Note: it's a multiple ending story.
    -A quiz!
    -A spleef arena!
    -A battle royale arena!
    -BUBBLES! 8x8 bubble wrap pool.
    -True or False game (will host if enough people show up).

    And here's the render:
    Name:  crocodiles.png
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Size:  481.7 KB

    UPDATE: It seems that I forgot to add a firehouse so, I added one.
    Also, there are some stuff that doesn't show up on /renderworld

    Note: the world IS PZ jammed and equipped with a stuff weather machine set on a dinosaur mask

    Discord: Chem #7714

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    In your heart

    Default WOTD pls

    Name:  EE79DFAF-7E9C-4E20-82B9-71FF9231E734.png
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    World: BRONZIA
    GrowID: QueenPeafowl
    Welcome to BRONZIA!

    Quick Story:

    The bronze elves used to own BRONZIA. It was a luxurious land of riches, but a war against the silver elves erupted, the whole land seized to exist. After many years, travellers, like yourself, found BRONZIA again. In this strange land, you met someone, but who?

    Find out!

    Things in the world:

    PZ Jammer
    Weather Machine- Night
    A glamorously made castle
    Parkour that is actually interesting and entertaining
    Trickster parkour
    Fireworks to bring in the New Year Vibe
    Adventure Item Puzzles
    An interesting story
    Credits Board

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    Attachment 229897
    Hi! I want to nominate my world for wotd.

    Ign: Naumie

    This world contains:
    Weather Machine - Background
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    An easy & medium parkour
    World is 70% painted
    Adventure Items
    Pixel Art
    A Sad Song
    And an amazing story


    Water and fire doesnt go together. For water puts off fire. But a long time ago, there were two kingdoms. The water and the fire kingdom. This kingdoms are separated by a huge border. But in that border, there is a forbidden entrance connecting the two kingdoms. But aside from that, in each kingdom has a royal family. In the water kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the princess. And in the fire kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the prince.

    What if the fire prince and the water princess was unexpectedly crossed by faith?

    Hopfully I win :3
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    Default WOTD?

    Name:  collapsedworld.png
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    Hey there, I’m nominating COLLAPSEDWORLD for World of the Day!
    GrowID: UpY

    * The world has many different varying parkour styles which come along with it, including different themes with them.
    * It has a Punch/Zombie jammer and also a Ghost Charm, so ghosts won’t ruin people’s fun.
    * It has adventure items and different tasks you need to complete to advance through the parkour.
    * It has a V.I.P room at the end of the parkour, if you complete it you can hangout there!
    * It has amazing detail so people can have a good time being around the nice scenery of the parkour as well as they do it.

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    Default Nominating TABULATION for World Of The Day!

    Nominating TABULATION for World Of The Day!

    : TABULATION (;To arrange something systematically)
    GrowID: Ephus


    The world's theme was a futuristic hidden tower that somehow causes all the clouds to orbit around it.
    The tower is owned by Skytower industries, and it's surrounded by high mountains and cliffs.


    You are a worker at Skytower industries, you wake up and it's a regular day on the job site, you get out of bed, brush your teeth and prepare your breakfast with a hot cup of coffee.
    You put your jacket on, then come down the stairs of the housing area of the tower. Your task for the day is to collect info about why all the clouds are always orbiting around the tower in donut shaped rings. You take some lunch with you, because you know that you've got a long and dangerous journey in front of you!


    • A tower with orbiting clouds around it
    • Adventure items
    • Password riddle parkour
    • Sungate (Promotes teamwork among players)
    • Two floating islands in the sky
    • PZ jammers
    • Winners area + Winner board
    • Story + theme + credits boards
    • doors to worlds that gave me inspiration
    • music
    • monochromatic blast
    • Ghost charm
    • Medium-hard, long parkour


    -World built entirely by me, Ephus
    -Music from WGPS30
    -Designed in Cernodile's updated world planner

    Here's the render!
    Name:  tabulation.png
Views: 156
Size:  417.1 KB

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    Default Repost: Fireworksjuhla.

    I don’t know do I have to post my world every 3 days again.

    My world name: Fireworksjuhla.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    There are a parkour and a story about what can happen if you launch fireworks not carefully. There is a party and some right way launched fireworks in the end.

    Here is the renderworld:
    Name:  AEBE3448-AA77-48F6-B577-9C44A5AA93CF.png
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Size:  989.8 KB

    There are in the world:
    -basic jammers
    -party VIP room for winners.

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    I don't think so

    Default Nominating GLOOMYDUSK for WOTD

    Hey everyone. After designing the world for some time GLOOMYDUSK is finally ready! This world follows a dark-esque theme and uses a rarely used wallpaper: movie screen (which looks holy when painted).

    This world has:
    -vip area for winners
    -basic jammers (pz firehouse)
    -background weather machine
    -lots (and I mean lots!) of paint
    -exotic parkour
    Note that the parkour isn't hard nor easy, it's not a traditional parkour too, but it's refreshing. It's not super long, but it gives amazing gameplay and can generally be completed in under 30 minutes while still leaving joy in the player!

    Without further ado, here's the render:
    Name:  gloomydusk.png
Views: 194
Size:  199.3 KB

    Ign : ooopsi
    "You don't have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep."

    Sewing and smithing service!



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