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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default MISSIONCAKE for WOTD!


    I'd nominate my world 'MISSIONCAKE' for WOTD!

    It's a speical world for Growtopia's 7th anniversary.

    The world has a very cool story, it talks about (The mission of cake, where you have a quest to find the cake) sister and brother who were searching for a intresting book. Once they found it, the book sucked them into it, and a very cool adventure awaited them in three different places in world : in jungle, caves and mountains…

    The world has :
    *Basic jammers
    *Little portal game
    *Adventure items
    *Room for winners
    *Storyline / credits board

    World is party theme and possible to do without wings.

    Happy 7th Anniverary Growtopia!
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    Default Nominating BeefDream for Wotd :3

    Renominating BeefDream for wotd !
    Took me long enought to build this one and i hope it turns out fun for everyone !! BeefDream is an adventure about getting stuck in never-ending nightmares and attempting to escape and destroy who ever put you in that nightmare (no spoilers) ! ^-^ also its full of parkours and riddles built on a funny and serious story hope you enjoy it !! World includes:
    *P-Z jammers
    *Ghost Charm
    *Pineapple Guardian
    *Weather night
    *Pixel Art
    *Some New Blocks
    *Adventure items
    *Credits + Public bulletin
    *Vip Area
    *and a ton of glue and paint xD

    and as always thanks for keepin the game safe for the peeps, keep going guys, growtopia shall rise ! <3

    GrowID: StarkSpark
    World: BeefDream

    Render :
    Name:  beefdream (1).png
Views: 151
Size:  956.8 KB

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    In your heart


    Name:  D02A6AE3-B62A-4985-B4DC-25CA1312EE5B.png
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    GrowID: QueenPeafowl
    World: BRONZIA

    World Description:
    The land of the ancient bronze elves used to own this land. Though, after the Great Elvish War, the bronze elves were brought to extinction.

    You, an adventurer, has found their once marvellous castle. You feel a need to explore, but you can’t seem to understand why. Something strange is in there, but what?

    - Trickster Parkour
    -Adventure Challenge
    -Entertaining Parkour
    -Entertaining Story
    -An Amazing Castle
    -PZ Jammer
    -Credits Board

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    Default Xmas2remember By DaunKunyit And Friends!

    Name:  xmas2remember.png
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Size:  1.15 MB
    After I Did Some Discussion With My Friends,We Have Decided To Change The Story Because The First Story Was A Little Bit Mess Up And Confusing

    Story :Santa Claus Is On The Way To Deliver The Christmas Gift To All Growtopian Region.
    Out Of the blue The Sleigh Suddenly Lost Control And Make Santa Suddenly Fall Into Weird Maze.
    Somehow His Soul And His Body Are Separated.
    You Need To Help Santa Reunite His Soul With His Body In Order To Make Sure Christmas Eve Happen!
    Whithout Santa Claus Christmas Eve Is Nothing!

    Not Interested In Parkour?
    Dont worry you can hang out with your friends while listening to the Christmas song called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" inside the Santa Claus Gift Bag or you can watch other growtopian complete the parkour at our Spectator Room.

    Well for "Parkour Lover" this will be heaven for you!
    Yes you heard me right!
    Our parkour is not so hard and not so easy.It packed with different difficulties.
    I can guarantee that once you finish the parkour, you can complete other parkour easily.

    This world has:
    • Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Snowy Night Weather
    • Song Called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
    • Vip Room For The Growtopian Who Complete The Parkour
    • Spectator Room Inside Santa Face
    • Hang Out Room

    Credit :
    • Google For The Santa Claus Pixel Art
    • LadyWarrior For The World Ladysong18 That Let Me Copy The Christmas Song
    • (Check Out Her Masterpiece World At Ladysong Or You Just Tap The Last Button On Gateways To Adventure Inside My World)
    • Buysnow Owner For The Bridge Idea ( His In Game Name Also Owner )
    • Digied For Building The Parkour
    • Tacetus For TherMonuclear Blast
    • Blazwal For The Weather Machine
    • AmirulGamer5 For Sponsoring Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Wdaawdwad1For Sponsoring Some Block
    • Lizxan For The Decoration Ideas

    Hopefully You Can Enjoy This World With Your Friend!
    Merry Christmas To Everyone!
    Have A Nice Day
    IGN : DaunKunyit

    My Quote : ( Ask For Wl, And Get Advice.
    Ask For Advice, Get Wl Twice)

    Goals :

    • Focused Eyes (7/100)
    • Win 2 World Of The Day (1/2)
    • Zeus ( Still So Far Away)
    • Own All Ring ( 5/10 )

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    Hello everyone this my submission for Growtopia's World Of The Day!

    INTERIOR is back and is looking fresh!
    Interior v3.00!
    Whats new :
    After getting feedback in game , we have decided that INTERIOR had to have a rebuild and have a detail/decoration update!Name:  interior-4.png
Views: 170
Size:  956.8 KB
    This is all the new changes :
    Buddy's Hut was rebuilded! (Brand New Design and Blocks!)
    Buddy's Backyard was rebuilded! (Anti-Cheat design new design!)
    ScamShady's UFO was detailed and decorated!
    (New UFO Look! New Parkour!)
    The Buddy's Clouds are smarter than ever!
    (New updated information!) (New items were displayed!)
    (More decoration to all of them including the icy one!)
    More life was added!
    (Seagulls and sheeps joined the party!)
    A better overall decoration!
    (Flowers! , Wells! , Fountains! and Breathtaking Ores!)
    A miner started digging! (Miner was added!)
    Growtopia Pixel Art was detailed!
    Comminity aprooves in a climate of 10 , 10/10 people believed that this world is ready to be submited all their wishes were added in the world and in my opinion i see a big change!
    Annivesary decorations and many more stuff YOU will find out

    About INTERIOR!
    I wanted to make the world as enjoyable as I can! So The world includes :
    -Punch Jammer!
    -Zombie Jammer!
    -Ghost Charm! (No Ghosts!)
    -A Night Weather Machine!
    -A Spring Weather Machine! (Beautiful Scenery!)

    About the adventure!
    -Players will enjoy a variety of parkour levels!
    -On every level a useful information is gathered!
    -On your way for the adventure you will notice a CORRUPT FILE! The information is missing who stole it WHY? Find out!

    What about our best friends? New Players!
    -New players will be educated in a fun way
    -World was tested without Double Jump and Speedy!
    (New Player Friendly Enviroment!)
    -A really rewarding experience!
    -We keep our little friends safe how to avoid scammers !
    -New players will also learn on how to earn their Precious WLS!
    -After a little consideration the prize room was added!
    we will refill as much as we can so all players will be able to earn their own pair of wings and continiue their adventures on upcoming WOTD's by our Community!

    -Annivesarry is here! World has been loaded with new blocks / items! (Some are not visible from the World Render sadly it seems that it is missing )
    -We love our one and only Ubisoft ! , world has included the new subscriber item! I decided that people should check the subscription tokens to earn privileges but also support Growtopia and its developers!
    -VIP Room! Show of your accomplishment!

    Everything is credited !
    This project wouldn't be the same without the help in some parts!
    -Music was inspired by player "LadyWarrior"!
    Small extract from her "Counting Star" Work!
    You can check world : "LadySong"
    -We updated some information from world : START so people know the most recent information about "Locks"
    (One of the informations that is gathered by parkouring in my world)
    -We made clear to new players on how to keep their items and accounts safe! We recommended them to visit STOPDONTDROP by one of our moderators : @Jenuine!

    Player's and admins make sure you visit my love : INTERIOR! I hope i will be the next WOTD winner and after this... my goal is achieved , Thank you so much if you made it to the end

    Thats all i hade to say
    Yours ~TrustfuI (with capital i and not L)

    Hello dear admin! If you are thinking to choose this world
    as WOTD make sure to visit INTERIOR in game because some blocks doesnt appear in the world render! Thank you!

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    Default Wotd Attempt

    Name:  image.png
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    Hi! I want to nominate my world for wotd.

    Ign: Kimenaih

    This world contains:
    Weather Machine - Background
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    An easy & medium parkour
    World is 70% painted
    Adventure Items
    Pixel Art
    A Sad Song
    And an amazing story


    Water and fire doesnt go together. For water puts off fire. But a long time ago, there were two kingdoms. The water and the fire kingdom. This kingdoms are separated by a huge border. But in that border, there is a forbidden entrance connecting the two kingdoms. But aside from that, in each kingdom has a royal family. In the water kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the princess. And in the fire kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the prince.

    What if the fire prince and the water princess was unexpectedly crossed by faith?

    Hopfully I win :3

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    Default Nominating Thegameofevilness for WOTD!

    GrowID: Fametic
    Name:  thegameofevilness.png
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Size:  1.09 MB
    The Story: You and your 2 friends, Tom and Jake found yourself at the entrance of a mansion, none of you remember how did you get there. The situation doesn't seem to be that bad, but there lives a man called Fametic. He lives alone and he wants to make you his slaves, he thinks it's a game, but is it? Find Fametic's office, it's the only way out! Good luck!

    The world has:

    Punch jammer
    Zombie jammer
    Pineapple guardian
    10 differently themed parkours (some of them might seem hard but you can try different strategies/think outside of the box, you can msg me aswell, I'd be glad to help you out)
    Recommended items' board
    Few totally unique rooms
    The winners room (Fametic's office)
    Password doors' test in the winners room (about the parkours)
    A story

    This is my first attempt for WOTD! I've spent a lot of resources on it, I built it all by myself, the ideas came from my head. The reason i made that world is that i wanted to try if I'm able and skillful enough to win a WOTD. You can play in there any time, you can msg me if you have any questions or need some tips for getting through! Hopefully you enjoy the world. Good luck and let's hope the best


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    Nominating My World Lovelysnowman For WOTD.
    ☃️World Contains:☃️
    -Weather machine -Snowy Night
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Pineapple Guardian
    -Credit Board
    -Vip area exclusive for the winners
    -Lovely Parkour
    -Pixel art
    -Cracked a Stone Slabs

    Name:  6DF40808-9C28-4DEC-9AC0-19627B33E212.png
Views: 171
Size:  1,021.5 KB
    Owner: PPVStar
    @growtopia #growwotddec19 #growwotd

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    Default WinterWonderTopia

    This world has been also entered in the winter world building contest.

    GrowID: Slayer7
    Worldname: Winterwondertopia

    Welcome to Longyearbyen the world's most Northern Town. This world contains a multistage parkour with a story about Robert Peary the first man to venture to the North Pole. Contains

    - All the Jammers In the game
    - Story
    - Cybot Parkour
    - Adventure/Shatter Parkour
    - Obelisk Mechanics
    - Laser Grid/Plant Maze
    - Multiple Endings/ Different Modes
    -Vip Area
    -Transcribed Music (Deck The Halls)
    - Plus a lot more...

    This world is filled to the brimmed with different mechanics and there is something for everyone to enjoy doesn't matter if you are a new player or a old player. The world has been designed in a way so everyone can enjoy it.

    Name:  winterwondertopia.png
Views: 185
Size:  1.13 MB
    wow nice picture

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    Default MADELINESREFLECTION by crushkrtprml

    GrowID: crushkrtprml

    INTRODUCING NEW MECHANICS: Air Dashing with HyperTech Antigravity Field that replenish the player's dash when one touches them!

    World Features:
    Punch/Zombie Jammer
    Xenonite Crystal [Double Jump blocked]
    Ghost Charm
    Adventure Items
    Rope Climbing
    Hard Parkour with Story Dialogues
    Pixel Art of an Antagonist of the story


    Madeline's lost in a crystal cavern, she starts to lose hope in her being able to climb the mountain. She's angry that she was very close to the summit but Badeline caused her to fall down all the way back down. The protagonist tries to find her way out of this. During her way out, she finds the Old Woman who seems to think at first that she's given up on her task. Madeline explains that she fell down and Part of Her is the reason why she's unable to reach the summit. Granny suggests that she should talk to Badeline and assumes she may be scared of climbing the mountain. The protagonist decides to go ahead with the suggestion.

    After chasing her for some time, Madeline finally finds Part of Herself, and tries to apologise for being selfish and attempting to leave her instead of actually helping. Badeline doesn't believe her, triggering a bossfight sequence. They eventually stop and Madeline tries to comfort her by trying to say that if they want to leave this area, they need to work together. She starts to understand that it's fine to be scared of being abandoned, and if they want to change something, they need to cooperate. This ends up with them merging into one character, giving Madeline an additional dash. They both start climbing back up, finding Granny and Theo who ran into the chasm to find her. Badeline still doesn't believe they can reach the summit, because of the long fall. At the end Madeline says that they should try once again, and that if they will cooperate, they will sooner or later reach the end again.

    Recent World Render:
    Name:  madelinesreflection.png
Views: 188
Size:  1.27 MB
    Last edited by crushkrtprml; 01-16-2020 at 02:42 AM.

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    Default Nomination for WOTD!

    GrowID: Dauglis


    Quick description: You awaken from a deep sleep at your friends sleepover. As you look around the place it seems that you are not able to find your buddy anywhere. You are worried. You look out of the window, and what a scene a gigantic nightmare spider has eaten your buddy. You get all mad and head out to find him.

    This world contains:
    - Story
    - Adventure Items
    - P&Z Jammers
    - Weather Machine - Background
    - Fire House
    Latest Render!
    Name:  nightmarespider.png
Views: 173
Size:  841.5 KB

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    Default Repost: Fireworksjuhla.

    I don’t know do I have to post my world every 3 days again.

    My world name: Fireworksjuhla.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    There are a parkour and a story about what can happen if you launch fireworks not carefully. There is a party and some right way launched fireworks in the end.

    Here is the renderworld:
    Name:  42A01E31-C00F-484A-B2E9-CB89CC6A1E55.png
Views: 175
Size:  989.8 KB

    There are in the world:
    -basic jammers
    -party VIP room for winners.



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