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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default Wotd attempt

    goodday growtopia staff,
    I would like to nominate my world for wotd here.
    My world is called “lostbear” it is an adventure world about a bear that got lost and is finding his way back home.

    My world has:
    P and z jammers
    Pixel arts

    Credits to:
    Vrlz for letting me copy his lovely song
    World “ayeshak” and “goldenbunny” i copy a lil designs
    Flixqt for helping me with the world
    Hopefully i win☺️
    Name:  lostbear.png
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    Default My awesome world HILLSOFLOVE for WOTD! (By Carbonide)

    I would like to nominate my world HILLSOFLOVE for the World of the Day!You will love it!

    Story: Welcome to HILLSOFLOVE! The place where dreams really do come true. HILLSOFLOVE is not just any world, but an entire domension - one of love, peace, and joy. It is said that in these hills, awaits esch and every Growtopian true love. A valentines perhaps? You'll know if you let your heart free to wander Cupid's Valley one of the villages on this town! But you must hurry, for Cupid's magic is only around until the clock striked midnight! Best of luck, traveler! Your valentines awaits.

    A traveler searching for true love, sounds cute huh? That's not all! The world has tons of villages with awesome people to meet. Also with very cool stories.

    World includes

    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer

    IGN: Carbonide

    Name:  hillsoflove.png
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    World: DinoScape

    Info: Your an explorer exploring a vast world with dinosaurs everywhere! You have to find certain items to tame the dinosaurs and uncover the mystery

    Includes: Story
    Fun narrative
    P and Z jammers
    Arid weather

    Name:  dinoscape.png
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Size:  1.05 MB

    World: POKEMONAF

    Info: Gotta catch em all... POKEMON! You are in a new town called grow town and you have to find all the pokemon to take on the gym and become the best pokemon trainer in town!

    Name:  pokemonaf.png
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    Default My World AFTERMAYHEM for WOTD! (By Sebi200)

    Hello, I'm Sebi200 and I would like to nominate my world AFTERMAYHEM for the World of the Day. You will love it!

    Welcome to a city that used to be awesome. It was a great city that what filled with acid and radioactive substances storages. But what happened? Everything was just fine before the 20th of November when the 1st warehouse ruptured. Most of the people survived. However, the second warehouse is about to rupture due to the acid melting in surfaces. You have to get to se safe zone in 25 minutes before the area gets flooded with lethal substances.

    IGN: Sebi200

    Name:  aftermayhem.png
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    Default ImagineSummer

    ImagineSummer is not meant to be just a summer world nor a winter world.
    It is a world about nature.
    What better way to start the new year but by doing what should have been done before.....
    "Let's care about our environment."

    Adventure story
    Ice/spike/water parkour
    4 password door quiz
    7 obelisks and sungate... each obeslisk represents a COMMITMENT about the environment (MUST READ)
    Cute and amazing music (credit to SilicaChan)
    Some reminders while doing the mini maze

    PZ Jammers
    Nothingness weather
    Fire house and pineapple guardian
    VIP room


    A new year has begun...
    But, has anything changed?
    The environment has been taken for granted.
    Nature has been abused.
    Dd we start caring?
    Or are we still as unconcerned as we always were?

    Let's imagine for a while...
    Let's imagine a broken season...
    Imagine summer without sun and snow is all over...will it still be fun?
    Imagine summer without a beach... or a beach without water....
    Imagine summer where you are stucked in the house because there is nothing to do...or is no longer safe outside.

    Let's imagine if we protect our nature to prevent these from happening.
    Let's imagine the trees, the water, the sun, the birds and the fishes.

    What better way to start the new year, if I may ask again?
    Make a commitment to care.

    Small things we do mean a lot.
    One small step from millions of people is HUGE.
    It's time to

    World name: ImagineSummer
    Ign: Frarie
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    Default ICECALL by Justine777

    GrowID: Justine777
    World: ICECALL
    Song name:Spirited Away - Always With me
    Inspired by: Touhou 7: Youyoumu - Perfect Cherry Blossom and SCP Community,

    World has:
    -Adventure items
    -Punch&Zombie Jammer
    -Link to song name
    -Room with info about the world


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    GrowID: skullition
    The birth of the 4 stars. The dawn of the universe. These events are interconnected, and is the driving force of the universe. But such a thing never mattered to a young boy. Such events are too big for his feeble mind, having little impact.
    The young boy's ear pricked up because he heard his name.
    "Xolo!" The loud voice called.
    "Stop being so loud, mum!"
    "Can we go there, mum?"
    Xolo's mum, Ares, objected it at first. Then she agreed.
    She marched towards the nearby beach with her son. They shortly arrived near the mountain. The mother and son duo has to scale the mountain to arrive on the beach. Ares climbed each stone with great caution. Xolo followed in his mother's step. They tried their best to climb. Then, they witness a bright, flaming object.
    -Both basic jammers
    -VIP Room
    Name:  nuclearwinterbeach.png
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    Default Wotd attempt

    goodday growtopia staff,
    I would like to nominate my world for wotd here.
    My world is called “lostbear” it is an adventure world about a bear that got lost and is finding his way back home.

    My world has:
    P and z jammers
    Pixel arts

    Credits to:
    Vrlz for letting me copy his lovely song
    World “ayeshak” and “goldenbunny” i copy a lil designs
    Flixqt for helping me with the world
    Hopefully i win☺️
    Name:  lostbear.png
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    Post INTERIOR for Growtopia's World Of The Day! (v6.00)(Re-submission)

    Hello guys im TrustfuI (trustfui) and this is my submission INTERIOR!

    World Includes :
    -P Jammer
    -Z Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather , Night
    -Weather , Spring (In use)

    About INTERIOR :
    An amazing world with beautiful scenery and an adventure with a variety of parkour levels to complete and informations to gather!... But it seems like an information was stolen can you find it?

    World is new player friendly and unique
    Everything was credited in a seperate part too!

    Hope i win
    (Resubmission cause forgot to post in this thread)
    Name:  interior-7.png
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    Nominating "RATSPLAGUE"
    for WOTD
    GrowID : DAPPOL
    Name:  ratsplague.png
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Size:  718.8 KB

    World Has
    -Zombie jammer & Punch jammer
    -Adventure Item
    -Adventure Game
    -Using 2 Worlds

    Short Story :
    Tells the Story of a Child has a strange disease that cannot be cured, and he is now in the palace. He slept well in his room, but without realizing he was surrounded by many soldiers outside. Then he tried to find a way out of the palace. When he came out of the palace he found a swarm of rats that brought the plague to the village, no could cure the plague there was only one thing that could get rid of the Plague of rats by killing him, Many people had be killed and hanged Because they had rats plague but in contrast to this child's illness, without realizing he could control the rats, and he walked to cave and found witch and a wizard army that made the village chaotic but this child had brought his army rats. So what will happen to him?
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    Default Xmas2remember By DaunKunyit And Friends!

    Name:  xmas2remember.png
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    After I Did Some Discussion With My Friends,We Have Decided To Change The Story Because The First Story Was A Little Bit Mess Up And Confusing

    Story :Santa Claus Is On The Way To Deliver The Christmas Gift To All Growtopian Region.
    Out Of the blue The Sleigh Suddenly Lost Control And Make Santa Suddenly Fall Into Weird Maze.
    Somehow His Soul And His Body Are Separated.
    You Need To Help Santa Reunite His Soul With His Body In Order To Make Sure Christmas Eve Happen!
    Whithout Santa Claus Christmas Eve Is Nothing!

    Not Interested In Parkour?
    Dont worry you can hang out with your friends while listening to the Christmas song called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" inside the Santa Claus Gift Bag or you can watch other growtopian complete the parkour at our Spectator Room.

    Well for "Parkour Lover" this will be heaven for you!
    Yes you heard me right!
    Our parkour is not so hard and not so easy.It packed with different difficulties.
    I can guarantee that once you finish the parkour, you can complete other parkour easily.

    This world has:
    • Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Snowy Night Weather
    • Song Called "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"
    • Vip Room For The Growtopian Who Complete The Parkour
    • Spectator Room Inside Santa Face
    • Hang Out Room

    Credit :
    • Google For The Santa Claus Pixel Art
    • LadyWarrior For The World Ladysong18 That Let Me Copy The Christmas Song
    • (Check Out Her Masterpiece World At Ladysong Or You Just Tap The Last Button On Gateways To Adventure Inside My World)
    • Buysnow Owner For The Bridge Idea ( His In Game Name Also Owner )
    • Digied For Building The Parkour
    • Tacetus For TherMonuclear Blast
    • Blazwal For The Weather Machine
    • AmirulGamer5 For Sponsoring Punch And Zombie Jammer
    • Wdaawdwad1For Sponsoring Some Block
    • Lizxan For The Decoration Ideas

    Hopefully You Can Enjoy This World With Your Friend!
    Merry Christmas To Everyone!
    Have A Nice Day
    IGN : DaunKunyit

    My Quote : ( Ask For Wl, And Get Advice.
    Ask For Advice, Get Wl Twice)

    Goals :

    • Focused Eyes (7/100)
    • Win 2 World Of The Day (1/2)
    • Zeus ( Still So Far Away)
    • Own All Ring ( 5/10 )

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    Thumbs up The Mystic forgiven world...

    Name:  themysticcastle (1).png
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Size:  809.0 KB

    You woke up in a unknown world full of adventures.The last thing you remember is a airplane crash.....
    To escape this jungle you need to go through many mysterious landscapes...and fight through the jungle.


    -Punch, Zombie, Pineapple, Ghost, Firehouse, Mini-mod jammer for the optimal parkour.
    -Creative 2 Worlds (u swap between them-(TheMysticCastle2))
    -Adventure Items.
    -Boutiful Items.
    -Vip Zone.
    -And Happiness .

    World got testet by OnionBot and OnionRush, my clan mates.

    I worked 2week on this was a hard time.




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