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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Post GODAREA

    Name:  DAD217B9-301E-4D0D-A84F-1069ED3394E0.jpeg
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Size:  409.7 KBName:  DAD217B9-301E-4D0D-A84F-1069ED3394E0.jpeg
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    You are the last hope for the Gods and Humans. The God Of The Titans , Kronos , has risen. He is going to split our Earth to pieces , killing all the Gods and Humans. You are the hero that is chosen , you need to search for the Rope Of Kronos And kill Him with it.It is not an easy mission though, you will face a lot of trouble on your journey. Goodluck Hero .

    Features :
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Parkour
    - Adventure Items
    - Interesting Storyline Guiding The Players
    - 3 Parts Of World Design : Hell , Heaven , Earth
    - Zeus Pixel Art
    - Beautiful view from the rest area for winners
    - Arid weather Machine
    - Difficulty : Hard

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    Grow ID: MegaMilky
    World name: SANTATROPICA

    SANTATROPICA, not all places snow during Christmas, the common notion is that only places that are cold or snowing only celebrate Christmas but that’s just silly because even people in the tropics celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t even snow in CHRISTMAS ISLAND!

    World includes:
    - P & Z Jammers
    - Fire House
    - Antigravity (for an immersive player experience)
    - Weather Machine - Snowy
    - Parkour featuring unique block mechanics + Cybots
    - Mazes
    - Winterfest materials/ Villages & a Santa!
    - Facts on Christmas & more!
    - Credits Board next to the world entrance
    - VIP room with a password door after you finish the world!
    - Cute candy cane pixel art

    Shoutout to my beloved friends who helped me, it would’ve been impossible to bring you guys this experience without the help of:

    Acais & Dvours for the amazing original designs!

    Name:  santatropica.png
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    Default THESUBCONFOREST by crushkrtprml

    P.S. I've already reached 3 day gap
    GrowID: crushkrtprml
    -Punch/Zombie Jammer
    -Xenonite Crystal [Double Jump blocked]
    -Heatwave Weather Machine
    -Parkour (Include climbing!)
    -Consumable is not allowed
    -Adventure Items (Torches, Crystal Goblets, etc.)

    Name:  thesubconforest.png
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    "Subcon Forest" a spooky forest that You must traverse and brave through to collect your lost Time Piece

    Credits (With location of Guest Book):
    Name:  1b314679c3bf64facf062c3a8e4a3ce5.png
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    Name:  fb3e33074ae8f1578252704b943bb1fd.png
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    Welcome to "COLORKINGDOM" Start your colorful adventure here.

    -Colormixing Guide
    -Adventure items
    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather (St.Paddy) etc...

    World Render:
    Name:  colorkingdom.png
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Size:  1.13 MB

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    Default MountainX8 for WOTD!

    Name:  mountainx8.png
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    Dear all who are reading this, I have really put in my heart and soul into creating this Winter-themed world and I really hope every single one of you can enjoy the warmth and thrill of my masterpiece. MountainX8 isn’t just any typical mountain parkour, instead it is depicted in a world where people who have the ability to meddle with the fabrics of time exist. It shows how such power may abused and used for corruption...and may perhaps lead to the downfall of a civilisation. Without further ado, here’s the painstakingly crafted storyline.

    Hey there, have you ever wonder what happens on the mysterious mountain trails? One village, a society of “wolf people”, vanished in one night. All eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the villagers fleeing in terror before the entire horizon plunged them into pure darkness. Who were the “wolf people” and who or what was behind their sinister and unforgiving end? I really need you help on this one! The rupture in the dimensional time-space won’t hold any longer!!! Find out more in MOUNTAINX8!

    GrowID: Kageno

    World has:
    -snowy themed mountain -adventure style parkour
    -creative MYSTERY genre storyline
    -newbie friendly obstacle courses
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -pixel art of a beautiful house (log cabin)
    -original design of an ancient and aesthetically elegant temple
    -A huge variety of blocks that are related to the upcoming Winterfest (i.e winterfest foliage, snowy rocks)
    -Warm and pleasant lobby chill out area
    -Fireplace winter designed VIP room at the end
    -Credits at the guestbook near the white door
    -Greatly inspired by LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN

    Credits are also given at a guestbook a few blocks away from then entrance of the world so anyone can easily see it.

    #growwotddec19 #growtopia #growtopiagame #growtopian #wotd #winner

    Thank you to all and hope I can win WOTD!

    Instagram: @kagenogt

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    Default Unique WOTD! First in GT?

    Name:  477577F5-FBA1-4C59-8EB3-A1B6C5866417.png
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    IGN: QueenPeafowl
    World: CAHZN

    This is Growtopia’s first world that offers information about store packs. Each section is builded mainly on specific packs. The world has fun challenges which you can do with your friends unlike other WOTDs which is just parkour, you can do so much things here with your friends. Test it out!


    Needed Jammers
    Weather Machines - Night
    Obelisk challenge
    3 Supreme Challenge ( 3 quests )
    Credit board
    Race Maze

    World possibilities:
    You can role play in this world with friends at the various sections such as the school pack section. You can race with friends. You can challenge players in parkour.

    Please consider, thank you!

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    World Name: WATERANCIENT GrowID: STYX🥶Five simple but extremely hard challenges await you! Do you have the patience to overcome them?The world has classical music, a story, full jammers, and a free-style parkour. Come check it out!🧊Name:  19F992C1-0246-42F4-9396-8BA79BEA54B4.png
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Size:  818.3 KB

    Instagram: styxMD

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    Hi forumers! Im nominating my world for contest. Its my first parkour and wotd try ever so please give tips to improve it!

    World: SKARZ
    IGN: ffakke

    Its about scars in life, and how everything will be good at the end even how hard life is sometimes. (Story doesnt continue in bigger way in playing parkour) Just love anime so i chose song and pixelarts for that. Naruto was one who helped me when i had hard times in life, also many years later allmights supreme pure kindness is the thing i like to look up

    Wotd requirements/plus/info:
    P&Z jammers
    Bulletin & guestbook with credits
    Adventure items use
    Letter/number search and use in door
    Different pain/kill blocks and mechanics
    No parasol must, ”noob friendly”
    Door to world where song is copied. (Mainlink is in SONGTOPIA, go left and search lowest row ”HOKAGES FUNERAL”)
    Endlobby with full of love =D
    ”Super-vip” to different doors all over world to cheer up other.
    I think thats it
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    Name:  HuntingDucksEnlarged.png
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    Based on the notorious NES classic and a Discord bot among other things, HUNTINGDUCKS is an innovative Gateway-to-Adventure-based world where you attempt to eliminate freaky flocks of foul fowls laying waste to Winterfest with your awful aim. Featuring:
    • A wholly-original trial-and-error-based gameplay fully dependent on mad luck and memory. No parkour for a fresh change!
    • Jammers to keep the restless off the grid.
    • Tasteful trivia & exciting easter eggs.
    • Sniveling super sinister scammer ScamShady, discreetly dealing in dastardly deeds of doom.
    • Last *quack* but *quack* not *quack* least, a quacker ambience for a quack of a good time.

    Name:  huntingducksrender.png
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    HUNTINGDUCKS, by Zierfandler.
    In-game name: Zierfandler
    Growtopia Wiki's admin.

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    Thumbs up THEPIXELQUEST by Saphion


    One day, you went out to the nearby hill to play and found an old game console!Out of curiosity you decided to turn it on and play a game!Suddenly the world around u shrinks and you find yourself being sucked into the game!You have to complete 4 quest to exit the game. Each quest is linked to a retro video game etc.donkey kong, pacman. Throughout these 4quest u need to complete various parkour and puzzles!

    World contains:
    Moderate level parkour
    Tricky puzzles
    Trickster parkour
    PZ jammer and firehouse
    Digital rain weather
    Mannequins and bulletin to tell the story
    Winner vip area

    P.s. this is my first word so hope to receive feed back!This project was also solely done by me!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default PortalPK For WOTD!

    GrowID: Heramix
    World Name: PORTALPK

    PortalPK is a parkour made by nothing but portals! The world includes long, unique and hard gameplay. Its also completely noob-friendly requiring nothing in order to complete. And it has a prize pool of 35 Wls For the first winner!

    -Punch jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather Machine: Night
    -Xenonite Crystal
    - 4 Diffirent Biomes
    -Around 1000 glue
    -Around 2000 paints
    -A Credits / Special thanks board next to the start

    This world was the biggest challenge for me, as it took me weeks and weeks to finish. Im really happy with the final result, hoping you are happy with it too

    Name:  portalpk.png
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Size:  954.9 KB

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    Red face Nominating my world for WOTD!

    Latest Render:
    Name:  thehiddenchristmastree.png
Views: 322
Size:  1.49 MB

    GrowID: Xaviels

    You hear the rumours in the pub, that if you travel East, you will find the legend of the Hidden Christmas Tree. It has been said that if one obtains the star, that appears once every year. The wielder of the star, will be granted the one very wish they prolonged. So you venture out in search for the Hidden Christmas Tree, but aren't wary about the dangers that lie upon the wilderness. It has been said, that those who venture out to seek for this Hidden Christmas Tree.. But because you are filled with courage and bravery, you ignore the consequences and in search of The Hidden Christmas Tree.

    World Contains:
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Snowy Weather(Night)
    -Story Board
    -Adventure Items
    -Medium Parkour
    -Credits Board

    Hoping to win my first Christmas World of the Day Thanks! and Enjoy my world everyone!
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