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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default MISSIONCAKE for WOTD!


    I'd nominate my world 'MISSIONCAKE' for WOTD!

    It's a speical world for Growtopia's 7th anniversary.

    The world has a very cool story, it talks about (The mission of cake, where you have a quest to find the cake) sister and brother who were searching for a intresting book. Once they found it, the book sucked them into it, and a very cool adventure awaited them in three different places in world : in jungle, caves and mountains…

    The world has :
    *Basic jammers
    *Little portal game
    *Adventure items
    *Room for winners
    *Storyline / credits board

    World is party theme and possible to do without wings.

    Happy 7th Anniverary Growtopia!
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    Default Nomination world STICKMENWAR for Wotd by Grilledwater

    Nomination for wotd. world (STICKMENWAR) by grilledwater.
    This world is one of a kind as it has a great story filled with excitement As well as an easy parkour and a password game that is easy so people from different languages can solve. -
    You were flying over the universes with your capsule when suddenly you got hit by a passing meteor. After that you fell and forgot where your capsule landed! You were on a planet that likes WAR! And all you saw were stickmen Fire and Water! Fighting!.You felt dangerous and decided to build your own bunker. The bunker turned out clean and good looking!. But felt bad because you were living here alone for the past 3 years!!. You built a device that can detect your capsule signals! You located your capsule so you decided to go for it!!!
    ((The story is written in the world))
    —-What dose this world contain?
    This world contains -Punch and zombie jammer -Epoch weather machine! -A full original story -6 stick man figures
    ——Why dose it deserve THE WOTD trophy? ������ -It’s clean and fun as well as it’s all original as an idea. Adventure items are being used. Lots of paint to give the world a colourful punch!. And a Great looking pixel art .
    Name:  B1A19EC1-CC81-41BB-95F2-964919CF94C1.png
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    Grow ID :SukaProjek

    Name:  theforgottencave.png
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    Story : You woke up as it is the beginning of a beautiful day.. you went out your bedroom and went to the kitchen to meet your lovely wife.. when you are waiting for your breakfast, someone knocked your door. You went out to have a look, oh it's the mailman! He gave you a strange letter. You went inside and check and reads the letter. And from there your whole new exciting journey begins!

    This world contains :
    - PZ Jammers
    - Credits near white door
    - P Guardian
    - Weather Machine - Pine
    - Original and Unique Story
    - Cool and self-built design
    - A Cave Parkour [kinda hard for beginner]
    - Adventure Items
    - Binary Code Puzzle!
    - A Maze with Dark Cave BG
    - A Temple with obelisk and sun gate
    - Pixel Art of an Old Treasure Chest built by me
    - Winners/VIP area

    and a lot more cool stuff!

    this world is built by myself and my creativity, I didn't copy anybody but I couldn't forget for my friends and the amazing community that had supported me to built this amazing world. It took me a lot of time so yeah I hope the community loves it! <3

    Thanks for your time!
    IGN : SukaProjek
    Level : 48/50
    WOTDs : 1/3

    a nub forumer n player
    follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt

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    Since Growtopia's anniversary has finally arrived, I decided to make a world that contains Growtopia's most important milestones and memories. This world will surely make people remember on how growtopia evolved and being the best game played ever.

    This world contains :
    Trivias about Growtopia
    Both Jammers
    Night Weather
    Newbie-friendly parkour
    Adventure Items
    Growtopian Quiz (at the end)
    Winners' room
    Credits (near white door)

    Latest world render :
    Name:  growtopiaisgold.png
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    This world will surely be informative. I spent so much effort in this world that includes research. I hope you can make it happen to showcase this informative world

    Best of Luck,
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    I'm re-nominating this world again
    I've done improvements into the storyline and i hope you like it

    This world has
    -easy to moderate parkour
    -a lot of mind tricking puzzles
    -adventure items
    -a fun storyline
    -a VIP area for the winners
    - and more fun stuff to do

    (Note: the world doesn't have a jammer so that it will be much more challenging when playing it)

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Latest Render:
    Name:  sakuraventure.png
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    I don't think so

    Default Nominating GLOOMYDUSK for WOTD

    Hey everyone. After designing the world for some time GLOOMYDUSK is finally ready! This world follows a dark-esque theme and uses a rarely used wallpaper: movie screen (which looks holy when painted).

    This world has:
    -vip area for winners
    -basic jammers (pz firehouse)
    -background weather machine
    -lots (and I mean lots!) of paint
    -exotic parkour
    Note that the parkour isn't hard nor easy, it's not a traditional parkour too, but it's refreshing. It's not super long, but it gives amazing gameplay and can generally be completed in under 30 minutes while still leaving joy in the player!

    Without further ado, here's the render:
    Name:  gloomydusk (2).png
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    Ign : ooopsi
    "You don't have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep."

    Sewing and smithing service!

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    Default HAWKSPACE For WOTD by TokoMom

    HAWKSPACE By TokoMom

    Reportedly there is a meteor that leads to earth, with a very fast speed. the solo captain as head of the hawkspace fleet gives you a rescue mission, which is destroying the meteorite. therefore this mission requires someone as reliable as you, so good luck.

    World Feature :
    -unique parkour
    -PZ Jammer
    -after getting the key, you will be taken to the inside of the hawkspace spaceship
    -winter clash items
    -adventure item barrier and brazzier
    -adventure Goblet
    -Cybot Machine
    -and various obstacles ready to kill you .

    inspiration to make this world from world POLARISGALAXY made by Fredi.

    Name:  18-49-32-hawkspace.png
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    IGN : TokoMom
    level : 61/100+
    WOTD Win :2

    Gt Since 2015 December
    Love Parkour

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    GrowID: Chemmie

    +So! What exactly is this world?
    -It's a world about crocodiles.

    +What am I going to find in this world?
    -KNOWLEDGE, you will read facts about crocodiles.
    -A story! as any typical WOTD, there is this interesting story about a lumberjack's encounter with a wild crocodile, this man is running low on money and can't pay rent, so he ventures into the woods hoping to find some trees to chop, but he finds none. (the story continues). Note: it's a multiple ending story.
    -A quiz!
    -A spleef arena!
    -A battle royale arena!
    -BUBBLES! 8x8 bubble wrap pool.
    -True or False game (will host if enough people show up).

    And here's the render:
    Name:  crocodiles.png
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Size:  481.7 KB

    UPDATE: It seems that I forgot to add a firehouse so, I added one.
    Also, there are some stuff that doesn't show up on /renderworld

    Note: the world IS PZ jammed and equipped with a stuff weather machine set on a dinosaur mask

    Discord: Chem #7714

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    Default Nominating BeefDream for Wotd :3

    Renominating BeefDream for wotd !
    Took me long enought to build this one and i hope it turns out fun for everyone !! BeefDream is an adventure about getting stuck in never-ending nightmares and attempting to escape and destroy who ever put you in that nightmare (no spoilers) ^-^ also its full of parkours and riddles built on a funny and serious story hope you enjoy it !! World includes:
    *P-Z jammers
    *Ghost Charm
    *Pineapple Guardian
    *Weather night
    *Pixel Art
    *Some New Blocks
    *Adventure items
    *Credits + Public bulletin
    *Vip Area
    *and a ton of glue and paint xD

    and as always thanks for keepin the game safe for the peeps, keep going guys, growtopia shall rise ! <3

    GrowID: StarkSpark
    World: BeefDream

    Render :
    Name:  beefdream.png
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    World name:myzd
    Grow id:mrpillargt
    Go visit myzd i wanna try to win the wotd but i cant place the render pls go to myzd and visit its a adventure world with small parkour and pix art play time About 10min

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    Default Repost: Fireworksjuhla.

    I don’t know do I have to post my world every 3 days again.

    My world name: Fireworksjuhla.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    There are a parkour and a story about what can happen if you launch fireworks not carefully. There is a party and some right way launched fireworks in the end.

    Here is the renderworld:
    Name:  1F4E7681-EF22-447D-AA45-4D8BDE756CE7.png
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Size:  989.8 KB
    There are in the world:
    -basic jammers
    -party VIP room for winners.

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    Hi! I want to nominate my world for wotd.

    Ign: Naumie

    This world contains:
    Weather Machine - Background
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie Jammer
    An easy & medium parkour
    World is 70% painted
    Adventure Items
    Pixel Art
    A Sad Song
    And an amazing story


    Water and fire doesnt go together. For water puts off fire. But a long time ago, there were two kingdoms. The water and the fire kingdom. This kingdoms are separated by a huge border. But in that border, there is a forbidden entrance connecting the two kingdoms. But aside from that, in each kingdom has a royal family. In the water kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the princess. And in the fire kingdom, there is the king, the queen and the prince.

    What if the fire prince and the water princess was unexpectedly crossed by faith?

    Hopfully I win :3
    I dont live in darkness, darkness lives in me.
    Becareful who you trust, the devil was once an angel.
    Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.



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