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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default TheBerserker

    Story : Six years after your encounter and hardship of THE ECLIPSE, you are struggling and still are fighting against the haunting memories of THAT DAY. This is a conquest to conquer your ghastly fears and memories. Not to forget, but to leave behind and move on. Will you collect the chilling pieces of memory and compile them into a piece of crap that is no longer a fear, but a distant memory that is not worthy of your worry? ("Pieces of memory" being a reference to the letter collecting game in this world.)

    It's a pretty cool and interesting exploration world; search for and collect secret letters which result in a password that leads to V.I.P. A lot to explore out there ready for people!

    > V.I.P
    > Secret Letter Collecting
    > Cool motivating story
    > Exploration
    > Awesome party weather machine!

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    Default OURTRAVEL By PPVStar

    Nominating My world OURTRAVEL For WOTD.

    Story Line, A group of people set foot on one of the world's undiscovered kingdom, after hearing receiving news about what awaits in its. The Good and lovely side on the kingdom and The Bad and horrible side.

    World Contains:
    -Weather machine - Night
    -Punch and Zombie jammer
    -Fire House
    -Story Line
    -Credit Board
    - Vip area exclusive for the winners

    New Mechanics includes:
    - Storm Clouds
    - Dimension Blocks
    - Deathtrap Walls
    - Gravity Wells

    Owner: PPVStar

    Render world:
    Attachment 231409

    I don't know why but somehow I can't see? Post a render of my world, its says error. Only as a link

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    Y u do dis



    POLARISIV is a loose sequel to my previous world, ARTEMISSTATION, and the first part in a currently planned four-part series. After narrowly escaping the destruction of the Artemis space station, you crash land on a mysterious planet and find an abandoned and decaying research station: Polaris-IV. What secrets could lie within?

    • Non-linear metroidvania-style gameplay: you can backtrack to previous areas at will!
    • Focus on exploration and puzzles instead of parkour.
    • Tons of optional lore bulletins!
    • Side quests!


    Signature v9.1

    Pixel art by Parpul
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    Lightbulb My Valentine WOTD Submition!

    World Includes:
    -Punch and zombie jammer
    -Fun Parkour with rarely used mechanics-
    -Fun Facts related to Valentine's day
    -Valentine theme story
    -Valentine theme blocks
    -Alot of time, work and love put into building it

    World name: ValentineLoveAdventure
    Growid: lilZois

    Hopefully you recognise this

    Old Render (because new one wouldn't upload):
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    This world has a short story about Love. And this will challenge you by finishing Parkours and climbing through mountains.

    Short Story:
    “Every Valentine’s Day our campus newspaper has a section for student messages. Last year my roommate surprised his girlfriend with roses and dinner at a fancy restaurant. When they returned from their date, she leafed through the paper to see if he had written a note to her. Near the bottom of one page she found: ‘Bonnie, what are you looking here for? Aren’t dinner and flowers enough? Love, Scott.’”

    Lastest Render:


    Hope understand me

    IGN: Growsite


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    World : CFGS

    Default LOVETROPHY

    World Name: LoveTrophy
    GrowID: CFGS [Owner's GrowID: Soygaz]
    This is a valentine story world.
    Last Render: 02.16.2020 -

    World Has:
    ~ P-Z-G Jammer , Antigravity , P Guardian
    ~ Music
    ~ A Story
    ~ Antigravity Parkour
    ~ VIP Room / Hanging out area

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    Post Nominating For World Of The Day!

    World: TheWallofLove

    There's no story but world is filled with love quotes, which turn out of the name of the world and the general image.

    -Credits, jammers+weather.
    - Steam system (for a bit of teamwork when there are a lot of people but everything can be done alone)
    - Rope system (for newbies, that means you don't need any speedy or double jump things. Also you can test your skills while doing it without wings/speed.)
    - Portal system (to make gameplay more funnier and harder)
    - Usage of adventure items.
    - Quotes about love.
    - Parkour easy/ medium. (easy for people who are some way good at parkour, medium for who's not.)
    - End area.
    - Pixel arts (made by myself.)

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    Default Dragon speaking...


    Prologue :
    Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

    What's New?
    * I've adjust some Balancing Improvement!
    * Summer Clash Mechanic was added into this world! ( 7 Death Trap Wall and 4 Gravity Well)
    * Winter Clash Mechanic, include ( Cave Slab. )
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Bountiful blocks was added into this world!
    * Hey, 2 Searbot level-1 is running into this world!
    * New nor decent valentine blocks was added into this world!
    * Absolutely Dragon stuff such as Dragon Blocks.
    * Adventure items was added into the world!

    In Additional.
    *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
    *Weather Machine - Valentine
    *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
    *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT, was made by myself

    Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous!

    Prologue :
    Whoosh, the dark hole moving into red world which it has strange vibes. Fornately, this is an actual arsonist (dragons) hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

    What's New?
    I've added minor changes and balance improvement!
    * Spring clash mechanic, include ( 5 Up, Up, and Away Blocks, and 2 Trickster).
    * Hey, Shock Bot level 2 is blocking your way.
    * Hey, 2 Shock Bot level 1 is blocking your way.
    * Hey, 2 Sear Bot level 1 is blocking your way.
    * Mutation blocks was added into this world!
    * Block Party v2 was added into this world!
    * Time-Tossed blocks was added into this world.
    * Adventure items was added into the world!

    In Additional.
    * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time by Unknown, was found somewhere.
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    * Stories.
    I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x I hate forum usage, please increase upload size pl0x

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised. Oh, he's a bit fierceness, careful.

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    Smile RUNETRADERS by runicmage15

    Kind of a bit late but still there's hope
    Growid: runicmage15
    world: RUNETRADERS

    Looking to buy? sell? or just spend some time? well, this world is just for you. It serves as a multi-functional world that has a bit of all. From surgeries in a wonderful room to making phone calls and even starting your own legendary quest this world is just for you. It also comes with a bit of trivia on how the game was long before such as the old-fashion geiger charger and other small facts that some people may not know. Why not give it a go and come once and for all.

    World features:
    -P/Z jammers
    -Signal jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Locked with a beautiful bunny lock
    -Full functional farm with a UT
    -Free phone, autoclave
    -l wiz for starting quest at a price

    Latest render (2/16/2020)

    Name:  runetraders.png
Views: 6
Size:  400.6 KB

    Hope to see you there

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    Default Feastopia - my wotd nomination

    "Have you ever had a dream? That you were so sure was real?
    How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?"
    (Quote from the movie THE MATRIX)

    Feastopia is about a love story that once, was never fulfilled.
    A script was written only for this world, with dialogues between characters.

    The (dark) parkour is the main character's dreamzone.
    While the rest of the parkour is the main character's reality zone.

    Original story and script (main focus of the world)
    Music by SilicaChan
    Background weather machine
    PZ Jammers, pineapple guardian, and firehouse
    Easy parkour but possible only with wings (as i believe even new players already have any kind of wings nowadays)
    VIP room

    Added old and new Valentine blocks
    Back story and post-story are also provided.
    Credits are shown in the guestbook at the start.

    I am proud of this world. I hope you visit and read it completely. Thank you.


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    Default EPSILONADVENTURE for World of the Day!

    Hello everyone, I just finished building my world EPSILONADVENTURE and now nominating it for WotD!

    GrowID: ProdigyDawn

    Here is the world render,

    World Description:
    The world is about the adventures of Orion-13, a fully advanced robot invented by Clementine. Clementine is one of the best robotics engineer on planet Epsilon. Because of this, the ferocious overlord wanted to take over Clementine's team to help the military force of the planet. Therefore, Clementine have chosen to hide from the overlord while preparing for their attack in the future

    The world features:

    - A unique storyline(made by me)
    - Basic Set of Jammers
    - Song - Alone by Alan Walker
    - Adventure Items
    - Special Area for World Completers
    - Creditory Board! (Everyone is credited : World Building, Song, Supplies)

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    Default CASTLE AURUM


    The castle, an ancient legend,
    Now empowered and strengthened by the Golden Heart Crystal,
    The mythical artifact fallen from the stars, infuses things with an essence of wonder.
    It's power transforms the items.
    It's power cannot be contained, and from ruins the castle was revived...

    (Latest Render, Although some of the new blocks are invisible)

    An artifact from the cosmos (right) interwined in the earth to power the ruins into a castle.

    Attachment 231519
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi

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