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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    GrowID: Punchas


    * Punch and Zombie jammers.
    * Weather machine - Snowy night.
    * Firehouse.
    * Story.
    * "Let It Go" song.
    * Elsa and Olaf pixel arts. (Insipiration from Google)
    * Basic parkour.
    * VIP area.
    * Adventure items.
    * Public board to express your opinion about the world.
    * Credits board.

    This world once was full of joy and prosperity until the darkness consumed the whole region with snow. Elsa and Olaf were the only ones that made an attempt to put an end for this, however, they've never returned. Four mystical relics have been hidden deep within the souls that tried to defeat darkness but failed miserably. They can open the gates to the Death caves which is the key in defeating the evil lurking in the shadows. You must rescue Elsa and Olaf, get these relics and put a stop to the mysterious plague that keeps this world frozen forever.


    TobyLerasco - Testing out parkour.
    SixFace - Testing out parkour.
    ALwinZx - "Let It Go" song which I've taken from his world ICOMMITB
    Elsa and Olaf pixel arts which were taken from Google, unfortunately, I do not know the original author of these creations.

    Name:  frozenhappiness.png
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    Default Celebrate Anniversary with a winter story!

    A winter love story...
    During the cold season of winter, experience the chilling tale of two quite unlikely lovers...

    Both find themselves stuck in the Forgotten Winter Realm, a world full of snow and isolation. But little do they know, their fates of eternal loneliness isn't what is meant to be.

    Name:  winterlovestory.png
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    The worlds ABOMINABLEVILLAGE and ICEFAIRYKINGDOM are included in the attempt, and intermix with the world's main story.

    World Song:
    My take on "Somewhere In My Memory" from Home Alone.

    Creds: Thanks to Emuora, Lyvewyre, and Antisune!


    -A heartwarming story intermixed with parkour
    -Winter Facts section with information about Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

    -Winter Decorations
    -Parkour Mechanics with blocks like Stone Slabs, Lunar Craters, Adventure Items, etc.

    -Jammers in all worlds
    -A gingerbread house serving as a part of the storyline + VIP area

    The worlds are brand new.

    IGN- sSpark
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    Grow ID: Nabikrebs
    World: GROW7OPIAS

    I made a big cake for us to celebrate the 7th year anniversary of Growtopia, and i also made some minni-games and parkour inside the cake for us to play. Can you climb the cake to wish for Growtopia's Birthday? if so what are you waiting for wear your party shades and lets all celebrate the Grow'7'opia Anniversary!


    ~Parkour and Minni-games i called
    *Sleep or spleef!
    *Entrace or Exit!
    *Slime Surfing!
    *Toxic Mario!
    *Portal LOL!
    *Coral or RIP!
    *FALL-se Swim!
    *Laser GRIDy!

    ~Adventure Items

    ~Code finding

    ~V.I.P Area for the Winners!

    ~Basic Jammers
    *Punch Jammer
    *Zombie Jammee

    ~Weather Machine

    World Render:
    Name:  grow7opias-2.png
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    Name:  overwatcharchives.png
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    growid: Etsal

    A adventure world inspired by the game Overwatch.Go on missions as Overwatch characters and relive the adventures of the heroes of Overwatch in the Overwatch archives. defeat the evil robot organisation Null Sector and save the city of Kings Row before it gets blown up by the Null Sector fleet in an action packed story!

    play as four different characters, in four missions!

    there are four characters to play as and four missions to go on, each characters mission contains different kinds of parkour and challenges.Be it jumping off rooftops and dodge laser grids as Winston the gorilla or teleporting past dangers as Tracer, each mission provides a different experience. Finish all the missions and take on a final mission where the heroes of Overwatch defeat Null Sector and save kings row!

    No strict path, do what you want when you want to do it

    with the exception of the final mission, players are given the choice on which mission they want to go on first. don't want to play the whole map and just want to go on one mission? no problem! there is no fixed order, except for the final mission which requires all the four hero missions to be finished to attempt.

    Cybot and adventure items!

    each mission has different cybots, and all of the five cybots are included in the map, and serves as a good introduction to cybots. Adventure items are heavily used, with the missions being about retrieving adventure items, along with idol gates, angry gorillas and a timed challenge.

    Everything else

    the world also includes:
    -PZ jammer+firehouse
    -apocalypse weather
    -VIP room
    +majority of the pixel art are made of background blocks.

    Grossout event items are underrated, eyes on stalks are a masterpiece.

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    ICYBURDEN by Eximius and Verglas

    This world is a mystery-adventure parkour following an investigative journalist attempting to find the causes of the strange weather patterns that have plagued the town of Bushwell for years.
    The world features an interesting parkour that is challenging and unique from many typical parkours - through the use of a Xenonite Crystal, and blocks like snow blocks and winter winds to give a truly “frozen” feel. As well, the story and mystery aspect of the world offers great gameplay that is actually entertaining. Although gingerbread blocks were not used, we also made a gingerbread house in the middle of the world, using blocks to make it look similar to actual gingerbread houses. Music and jammers are included.

    Attachment 229535

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    Name:  780AAE2D-B218-4E56-89BC-075F9CF68373.png
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    Features of the wolrd
    • Almost 1350 blocks that are painted black
    • Cybot Parkour those are rare to see
    • Spike Parkour
    • Spike Parkour with some TWISTS
    • Find all the letters type of puzzle
    • Laser Grid Run!, The Lesser the players the easier
    • PZ Jammers and Firehouse
    • Orange Jelly Block level
    • Story
    • and made on a Monochromatic Blasted World

    yes mods this is 3days

    IGN: MadMewMew

    • Floating Speaker
    • Pet Egg
    • Steampunk Goggles
    • Fiesta Coati Scarf
    • Mud Puddle
    • Money Aura

    Master 💩poster

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    Hi there! I built a cool looking jungle world.It took too much time to build it.I tried my best,i hope you like it!
    World Contains;
    - Punch and Zombie Jammers
    - Weather Machine Jungle
    - Adventure items
    - Bountiful items
    - Credit Board
    Name:  jungleofgrowtopia.png
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    World: CorruptionRises

    Info: It's slowly rising, twisting and winding upwards like hungry arms begging for more and more. It's inevitable... or is it?

    Adventure item puzzles
    Password door puzzles
    Adventure door quest system
    Possible without any mods (2x jump, speed, ect...)
    P and Z jammers
    epic gameplay

    Name:  corruptionrises.png
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    Default DInoScape and PokemonAF

    World: DinoScape

    Info: Your an explorer exploring a vast world with dinosaurs everywhere! You have to find certain items to tame the dinosaurs and uncover the mystery

    Includes: Story
    Fun narrative
    P and Z jammers
    Arid weather

    Name:  dinoscape.png
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    World: POKEMONAF

    Info: Gotta catch em all... POKEMON! You are in a new town called grow town and you have to find all the pokemon to take on the gym and become the best pokemon trainer in town!

    Name:  pokemonaf.png
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    Default World of the day attempt

    World Name: TheFallenPlane
    GrowID: Smirky

    On a trip your plane goes down and lands in a cave in the middle of no where, your job is to make your way out of the plane, into the cave and escape, will you survive? **

    Name:  planeattack.png
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    A lot has changed since I last submitted this world for wotd a long time ago and I hope to succeed this time

    World Includes:
    -Zombie and Punch Jammer
    -Fire House
    -Unique Story

    World Name: VOORHEES
    GrowID: Smirky

    Take a trip down memory lane and witness my growtopia style Friday the 13th story, make sure to pay attention to clues all around to uncover details and make your way to the end!

    Name:  voorhees.png
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    World Includes:
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Cool and unique investigation puzzles
    -Storyline from the movie
    -Blocks from Growganoth 2019 and Grossout/Mutant Kitchen
    -A themed SONG!
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    Default Frostylandia for WOTD

    Years ago, when Santa Claus was delivering gifts to children all over the world,
    he found a crying baby left alone in the park.
    It's midnight. Not knowing whose baby it belongs to,
    he carried the baby and brought the baby back home.

    The baby was you.........

    Years passed.....Santa keeps on doing the same gift-giving tradition every year.
    Yes, he is happy about it but sometimes he feels the need to have someone beside him
    and have fun talking and laughing.
    So he decided to train you to become his sidekick.

    As part of the training, he will send you to a small village called FROSTYLANDIA.
    This is the same village where Santa has found you years ago.
    This place used to be simple and the people celebrate christmas and all occassions together.
    But as the people progress, they also drift away.
    And they graduallly forget to celebrate christmas as well.

    How to bring back Christmas to Frostylandia?
    Visit the world and read the rest of the story.
    And don't forget to read what Santa has to say about your task


    An inspiring made-up story
    Music made by SilicaChan

    Winter theme world using winter blocks
    Gingerbread house pixel art
    Christmas fun facts and trivia
    Big vip/hangout area
    Punch jammer, Zombie jammer, Pineapple guardian, and Firehouse
    Snowy night weather machine

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default My nominate...

    Growid: RimuWu

    One day, there has a hills which the house located, with a couple of peasant husband and wife.

    But, after the Christmas is about to end. They decided to went to the city for a while. Not for the cat, always living alone.

    After that, santa asked to his elf to accompany the cat as long they return from the city.

    Of course, your journey wont be easy as you expected.

    ~Pixel art
    ~Trickster Parkour
    ~Pass door and Adventure Door Quiz in the Window
    ~Adventure item
    ~PZ Jammer and Ghost charm

    Name:  PicsArt_01-06-02.23.41.png
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