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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Post Nominating For World Of The Day!

    World: Dayafternight
    GrowID: Cufex

    You're in your hibernating. That was amazing until you wake up... Its mid winter, actually its your first winter. But something is missing... its SNOW. And there your journey starts.

    P and Z jammers, weather
    Credit sign (did it almost alone so this would be empty, but thanks for good friend Kobokon, for some help)
    Story+ storyline
    Adventure items
    Search for letters
    Little VIP (end chilling area)
    (pixel arts arent copied, i made all by myself)
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    It's the most wonderful time of the year.

    I'd like to submit my world, WINTERNORTHVILLAGE, for WOTD

    GrowID: JonVince

    Name:  winternorthvillage.png
Views: 195
Size:  619.2 KB


    There were a few mistakes in the world which it can't be accomplished but I already fixed it and the world is now fine.

    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Hello there, enjoy your day.

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    Years ago, when Santa Claus was delivering gifts to children all over the world,
    he found a crying baby left alone in the park.
    It's midnight. Not knowing whose baby it belongs to,
    he carried the baby and brought the baby back home.

    The baby was you.........

    Years passed.....Santa keeps on doing the same gift-giving tradition every year.
    Yes, he is happy about it but sometimes he feels the need to have someone beside him
    and have fun talking and laughing.
    So he decided to train you to become his sidekick.

    As part of the training, he will send you to a small village called FROSTYLANDIA.
    This is the same village where Santa has found you years ago.
    This place used to be simple and the people celebrate christmas and all occassions together.
    But as the people progress, they also drift away.
    And they graduallly forget to celebrate christmas as well.

    How to bring back Christmas to Frostylandia?
    Visit the world and read the rest of the story.
    And don't forget to read what Santa has to say about your task


    An inspiring made-up story
    Music made by SilicaChan

    Winter theme world using winter blocks
    Gingerbread house pixel art
    Christmas fun facts and trivia
    Big vip/hangout area
    Punch jammer, Zombie jammer, Pineapple guardian, and Firehouse
    Snowy night weather machine

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    Default GHOSTLYCAVES by BushUwU

    Growid: BushUwU

    A Soccer team went on a exploration into a cave in Thailand and suddenly the cave flooded and most of them died. There is a rumour going around that one of the explorers are living! Go on a great adventure to go find him and bring him back up to the surface!

    World Has:

    New blocks / items
    Information for new players!
    Adventure items / blocks
    Winter area
    Punch Jammer
    Zombie jammer
    Pineapple guardian
    Long Story based on true event (Tham Luang cave rescue)
    Fun and Easy parkour
    Weather machine (to suit the surroundings)
    Bulletin Board showing credits
    Multiple Bulletin Boards giving information about items to new players
    Vip area for people who complete the parkour
    Different pain/kill blocks and mechanics
    Possible without wings or parasol

    Name:  ghostlycaves.png
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Size:  519.4 KB

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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
    -Winter clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here.


    Name:  thewinterrescue.png
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    Default My nominate...

    Growid: RimuWu

    One day, there has a hills which the house located, with a couple of peasant husband and wife.

    But, after the Christmas is about to end. They decided to went to the city for a while. Not for the cat, always living alone.

    After that, santa asked to his elf to accompany the cat as long they return from the city.

    Of course, your journey wont be easy as you expected.

    ~Pixel art
    ~Trickster Parkour
    ~Pass door and Adventure Door Quiz in the Window
    ~Adventure item
    ~PZ Jammer and Ghost charm

    Name:  PicsArt_01-06-02.23.41.png
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Size:  973.8 KB

    Just a normal human and normal player

    🇺🇸 Rimuoi
    My personal background is everything video games and anime.

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    Default 3day gap

    Grow ID :SukaProjek

    3-day gap

    Name:  theforgottencave.png
Views: 176
Size:  1.27 MB

    Story : You woke up as it is the beginning of a beautiful day.. you went out your bedroom and went to the kitchen to meet your lovely wife.. when you are waiting for your breakfast, someone knocked your door. You went out to have a look, oh it's the mailman! He gave you a strange letter. You went inside and check and reads the letter. And from there your whole new exciting journey begins!

    This world contains :
    - PZ Jammers
    - Credits near white door
    - P Guardian
    - Weather Machine - Pine
    - Original and Unique Story
    - Cool and self-built design
    - A Cave Parkour [kinda hard for beginner]
    - Adventure Items
    - Binary Code Puzzle!
    - A Maze with Dark Cave BG
    - A Temple with obelisk and sun gate
    - Pixel Art of an Old Treasure Chest built by me
    - Winners/VIP area

    and a lot more cool stuff!

    this world is built by myself and my creativity, I didn't copy anybody but I couldn't forget for my friends and the amazing community that had supported me to built this amazing world. It took me a lot of time so yeah I hope the community loves it! <3

    Thanks for your time!
    IGN : SukaProjek
    Level : 48/50
    WOTDs : 1/3

    a nub forumer n player
    follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt

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    Default I nominate INSANEWINTER for WOTD.

    World name: INSANEWINTER
    GrowID: Zudikas

    Hey everyone, this is my second attempt for WOTD. Last time people said, that parkour was too easy, now everything changed, I made easy and hard parkour with rarely used blocks like gravity well, stormy cloud, etc. this parkour is possible for everyone, you could make it without wings. I made a new, never used, skip system, which lets you skip 5 levels of parkour. I made a guide for beginners too, which helps them to know what different blocks do. After you finish the parkour, you appear on a huge VIP house, where you can relax and talk with your friends. This world is a dream winter for me, probably others too, it creates magical winter spirit.


    Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer
    Snowy Night Weather
    Hard and easy parkour
    Skip system
    Guide for beginners
    Huge place to relax
    Possible without wings

    Name:  insanewinter.png
Views: 150
Size:  426.8 KB
    These clouds block some blocks, i forgot to remove it when rendering, i hope its not big problem.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Default FOR WOTD

    •World: FrostyParty
    •GrowID: Lots

    You were invited to an anniversary party by a friend and there were two ways of getting there, one was the safe way which was blocked by the snow and the other one was dangerous which leads you through the "Mystical forest of no return" which was believed who enters never leaves it. You go through the Mystical forest of no return and try your hardest to escape and reach your friend's house. Will you make it out of there?

    •Punch Jammer
    •Zombie Jammer
    •Weather Machine
    •Forest Parkour
    •Winter Parkour
    •Cloud Parkour
    •Readable Story
    •Winner Area

    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Red face Nomination for WOTD!

    GrowID: Dauglis


    Quick description: You awaken from a deep sleep at your friends sleepover. As you look around the place it seems that you are not able to find your buddy anywhere. You are worried. You look out of the window, and what a scene a gigantic nightmare spider has eaten your buddy. You get all mad and head out to find him.

    This world contains:
    - Story
    - Adventure Items
    - P&Z Jammers
    - Weather Machine - Background
    - Fire House
    Latest Render!
    Name:  nightmarespider.png
Views: 155
Size:  841.5 KBName:  nightmarespider.png
Views: 155
Size:  841.5 KB

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    Default MADELINESREFLECTION by crushkrtprml

    GrowID: crushkrtprml
    INTRODUCING: Air Dashing with HyperTech Antigravity Field that replenish the player's dash when one touches them!
    This is how it works [VIDEO]

    World Features:
    Punch/Zombie Jammer
    Xenonite Crystal [Double Jump blocked]
    Ghost Charm
    Adventure Items
    Rope Climbing
    Hard Parkour with Story Dialogues
    Pixel Art of an Antagonist of the story


    Madeline's lost in a crystal cavern, she starts to lose hope in her being able to climb the mountain. She's angry that she was very close to the summit but Badeline caused her to fall down all the way back down. The protagonist tries to find her way out of this. During her way out, she finds the Old Woman who seems to think at first that she's given up on her task. Madeline explains that she fell down and Part of Her is the reason why she's unable to reach the summit. Granny suggests that she should talk to Badeline and assumes she may be scared of climbing the mountain. The protagonist decides to go ahead with the suggestion.

    Name:  gran talks madel.png
Views: 135
Size:  33.2 KB Name:  come at me bro.png
Views: 137
Size:  49.5 KB

    After chasing her for some time, Madeline finally finds Part of Herself, and tries to apologise for being selfish and attempting to leave her instead of actually helping. Badeline doesn't believe her, triggering a bossfight sequence. They eventually stop and Madeline tries to comfort her by trying to say that if they want to leave this area, they need to work together. She starts to understand that it's fine to be scared of being abandoned, and if they want to change something, they need to cooperate. This ends up with them merging into one character, giving Madeline an additional dash. They both start climbing back up, finding Granny and Theo who ran into the chasm to find her. Badeline still doesn't believe they can reach the summit, because of the long fall. At the end Madeline says that they should try once again, and that if they will cooperate, they will sooner or later reach the end again.

    Name:  Sry.png
Views: 138
Size:  52.4 KB Name:  hold my bag.png
Views: 135
Size:  63.7 KB

    Recent World Render:

    Name:  madelinesreflection.png
Views: 122
Size:  818.9 KB
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    Default Nominating BeefDream for Wotd :3

    Took me long enought to build this one and i hope it turns out fun for everyone !! BeefDream is an adventure about getting stuck in never-ending nightmares and attempting to escape and destroy who ever put you in that nightmare (no spoilers) ^-^ also its full of parkours and riddles built on a funny and serious story hope you enjoy it !! World includes:
    *P-Z jammers
    *Ghost Charm
    *Pineapple Guardian
    *Weather night
    *Pixel Art
    *Some New Blocks
    *Adventure items
    *Credits + Public bulletin
    *Vip Area
    *and a ton of glue and paint xD

    and as always thanks for keepin the game safe for the peeps, keep going guys, growtopia shall rise ! <3

    GrowID: StarkSpark
    World: BeefDream

    Render :
    Name:  beefdream.png
Views: 147
Size:  1,007.7 KB
    Last edited by StarkSpark; 01-07-2020 at 09:07 PM. Reason: Sorry for the 2 day gap post, i got lost between time zones and i cant seem to delete the post..



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