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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    World: DinoScape

    Info: Your an explorer exploring a vast world with dinosaurs everywhere! You have to find certain items to tame the dinosaurs and uncover the mystery

    Includes: Story
    Fun narrative
    P and Z jammers
    Arid weather

    Name:  dinoscape.png
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    World: POKEMONAF

    Info: Gotta catch em all... POKEMON! You are in a new town called grow town and you have to find all the pokemon to take on the gym and become the best pokemon trainer in town!

    Name:  pokemonaf.png
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    Default My World AFTERMAYHEM for WOTD! (By Sebi200)

    Hello, I'm Sebi200 and I would like to nominate my world AFTERMAYHEM for the World of the Day. You will love it!

    Welcome to a city that used to be awesome. It was a great city that what filled with acid and radioactive substances storages. But what happened? Everything was just fine before the 20th of November when the 1st warehouse ruptured. Most of the people survived. However, the second warehouse is about to rupture due to the acid melting in surfaces. You have to get to se safe zone in 25 minutes before the area gets flooded with lethal substances.

    IGN: Sebi200

    Name:  aftermayhem.png
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    Default ImagineSummer

    ImagineSummer is not meant to be just a summer world nor a winter world.
    It is a world about nature.
    What better way to start the new year but by doing what should have been done before.....
    "Let's care about our environment."

    Adventure story
    Ice/spike/water parkour
    4 password door quiz
    7 obelisks and sungate... each obeslisk represents a COMMITMENT about the environment (MUST READ)
    Cute and amazing music (credit to SilicaChan)
    Some reminders while doing the mini maze

    PZ Jammers
    Nothingness weather
    Fire house and pineapple guardian
    VIP room


    A new year has begun...
    But, has anything changed?
    The environment has been taken for granted.
    Nature has been abused.
    Dd we start caring?
    Or are we still as unconcerned as we always were?

    Let's imagine for a while...
    Let's imagine a broken season...
    Imagine summer without sun and snow is all over...will it still be fun?
    Imagine summer without a beach... or a beach without water....
    Imagine summer where you are stucked in the house because there is nothing to do...or is no longer safe outside.

    Let's imagine if we protect our nature to prevent these from happening.
    Let's imagine the trees, the water, the sun, the birds and the fishes.

    What better way to start the new year, if I may ask again?
    Make a commitment to care.

    Small things we do mean a lot.
    One small step from millions of people is HUGE.
    It's time to

    World name: ImagineSummer
    Ign: Frarie
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Story: One day, your mom asked you to fetch her a pale of water at the nearby village well,
    you lived in a small village and the only source of water
    was the well built at the edge of the village
    while getting the pale of water, you accidentally tripped and fell down the well, and you realised that there was
    a totally different world beneath your feet.
    You decided to explore what was in stored in your nature trail.

    World: The world has parkour
    -cool story
    -Nice song
    -lots of adventure

    Name:  naturestrail.png
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    Default [Worlds I Nominate For WOTD]

    This world is heavily inspired by the game Terraria in it's design and a bit in the story.
    You were awoken one day from your small little wooden hut to a evil presence
    Coming from deep, deep underground, beneath your house, the presence made you tremble in fear
    But you could not let it go on, so you decided to go explore to the depths to find out what was causing that strange feeling, your journey begins in the Jungle, who knows where it may lead you to.

    The world has
    -The Terraria theme song
    -The Jungle, Desert, Hell biome and the Dungeon from Terraria
    -a hidden Terraria boss
    -parkour and a nice story

    Name:  terrafying.png
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    The world was made to showcase Growtopia's past and its growth over the past years its been released.
    Growtopia has many fun and interesting facts that very few players know and I have shared some of them in the world.
    The main objective of this world is to let newer players of Growtopia learn more about the game they are playing and what it has been through,
    and to also let older players reminisce in the past and remember all the good and bad things that have happened in Growtopia.

    The world has:
    -A Rollback hall as rollbacks are a important event for Growtopians
    -Some brief history about Growtopia
    -Fun facts
    -and a growtopian quiz that will sure test their knowledge about the game.
    -The world also has Growtopia's theme song.
    -The world showcases Growtopia's mascot, an original Growtopia's logo and so much more.

    Information source for the world: Growtopia wiki
    Most information sourced were taken for the Growtopia wiki website.

    Explore the world for yourself.

    Name:  groworigin.png
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    Cupid the god of 'LOVE' has set out a Trial for people to join him and his fellow Love Army.
    To become a fellow Cupid, you have to get all necessary items to become one, all the items are scattered around the world and your trial is to find and collect them all.
    You will need to find:
    -Teeny Angel Wings
    -Ruby necklace
    -And a Diaper
    You need to find all the items and meet Cupid in his Love Castle to be a full fledged Cupid!
    World mechanics: There is love tower parkour, archery trail and a love labyrinth where you have to find the password to move on.

    The world has a nice design inspired by Greek mythology as Cupid comes from Classical Mythology.
    There are many Cupid related buildings and pixel art in the world as he is the Icon for Valentine's day.
    I've used a lot of the new and old Valentine's blocks to decorate and design the world, the castle wasn't made using the heartcastle blocks as I felt like it was too common and overly used for the competition. The blocks were used for designing instead.
    There are original pixel arts that fit the theme of the world with a bit of references used.
    There are fun facts about Cupid and Valentine's day all around the world, a nice story and was built with lots of Love.

    Name:  cupidstrial (1).png
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    Smile My nomination

    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
    -Winter clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here. You get the feeling Santa is somewhere around here, so you decide to explore.


    Name:  thewinterrescue.png
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    Exclamation SaveTheForests

    Name:  savetheforests.png
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    This world is based on all the horrible things that are happening right now!
    -Bees are about to extinct,
    -Panda's are about to extinct,
    -Australia is literally on fire, peaple are losing their home's and many Koala's are dying.

    This world was made by:

    Shoutout ShieldKiller by helping me with the financial problems.

    This world contains:
    - Z Jammer
    - P Jammer
    - FireHouse
    - Weather Machine - Jungle
    - 1 Trickster
    - 3 Different Cybots
    - 9 Stages of awesome different parkours
    - 3 Pixel arts:
    a Bee,
    a Koala,
    and a Panda.

    I hope that you guys are aware of all these Horrible things.

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    Default ICECALL by Justine777

    GrowID: Justine777
    World: ICECALL
    Song name:Spirited Away - Always With me
    Inspired by: Touhou 7: Youyoumu - Perfect Cherry Blossom and SCP Community,

    World has:
    -Adventure items
    -Punch&Zombie Jammer
    -Link to song name
    -Room with info about the world


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    My entry for WOTD!
    GrowID: GIVORS

    Name:  lostinstrangeplace.png
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    Roy suddenly fell into a very strange place. He was very scared, he tried to find a way out of that place, his fate was bad ... it turns out he was getting further into a strange place. But you need to be careful because there are a lot of strange things out there. On the way you meet a group of people wearing robes who are doing a ritual. Can you find a way out of this place?

    World info:
    - Storyline
    - Punch & Zombie jammer
    - Firehouse
    - Adventure items
    - Night weather machine
    - Obelisk & sungate
    - Monologue
    - Pixel Art (Dragon Fossil)
    ~I Hope it can be my first WOTD~

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    GrowID: skullition
    The birth of the 4 stars. The dawn of the universe. These events are interconnected, and is the driving force of the universe. But such a thing never mattered to a young boy. Such events are too big for his feeble mind, having little impact.
    The young boy's ear pricked up because he heard his name.
    "Xolo!" The loud voice called.
    "Stop being so loud, mum!"
    "Can we go there, mum?"
    Xolo's mum, Ares, objected it at first. Then she agreed.
    She marched towards the nearby beach with her son. They shortly arrived near the mountain. The mother and son duo has to scale the mountain to arrive on the beach. Ares climbed each stone with great caution. Xolo followed in his mother's step. They tried their best to climb. Then, they witness a bright, flaming object.
    -Both basic jammers
    -VIP Room
    Name:  nuclearwinterbeach.png
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    Your average guild leader

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    Default Wotd attempt

    goodday growtopia staff,
    I would like to nominate my world for wotd here.
    My world is called “lostbear” it is an adventure world about a bear that got lost and is finding his way back home.

    My world has:
    P and z jammers
    Pixel arts

    Credits to:
    Vrlz for letting me copy his lovely song
    World “ayeshak” and “goldenbunny” i copy a lil designs
    Flixqt for helping me with the world
    Hopefully i win☺️
    Name:  lostbear.png
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