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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Default Renominating "LOVINGTALE" for WOTD

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    Growid : imProudOfYou
    Story : Once upon a time live a princess and a Prince, the Prince really love the princess , but there is an evil King that wanted for the princess. The evil King know that the Prince is trying to get the princess too, so he kidnapped the princess and lock her in a giant castle. The prince go to the castle to save her. But dangerous and deadly traps await. -------------------------------
    This world contains : •some pixel art
    •antigravity parkour experience + steam parkour
    •jammers •antigravity blaster
    •Love story
    •adventure items
    •VIP room
    •My new made mechanics (boss battle using mystery door).
    I hope I can win, thank you.

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    Default CollapsedWorld for WOTD

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    Hey there, I’m nominating COLLAPSEDWORLD for World of the Day!
    GrowID: UpY

    * The world has many different varying parkour styles which come along with it, including different themes with them.
    * It has a Punch/Zombie jammer and also a Ghost Charm, so ghosts won’t ruin people’s fun.
    * It has adventure items and different tasks you need to complete to advance through the parkour.
    * It has a V.I.P room at the end of the parkour, if you complete it you can hangout there!
    * It has amazing detail so people can have a good time being around the nice scenery of the parkour as well as they do it.



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