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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    The castle, an ancient legend,
    Now empowered and strengthened by the Golden Heart Crystal,
    The mythical artifact fallen from the stars, infuses things with an essence of wonder.
    It's power transforms the items.
    It's power cannot be contained, and from ruins the castle was revived...

    (Latest Render, Although some of the new blocks are invisible)

    An artifact from the cosmos (right) interwined in the earth to power the ruins into a castle.

    Attachment 231519
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi
    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi

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    Name:  marinelove.png
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    Name:  marinelove2.png
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    (Link World has PZ Jammer and Firehouse)

    Welcome Fellow Angel!
    You have been picked to watch over a loving couples relationship from start to finish!
    At Heaven HQ, we aim to help guide couples relationships to success.
    Theres a twist though...
    You will need to go through a set of obstacles along the way to transport your self through the clouds.
    Good Luck with your Journey!


    A farmer’s boy living on the seasides of Michigan
    A small town girl living it peaceful in Oregon
    Brought together with a passion of Marine Biology.
    Leaving their home towns, their lives will be changed forever.
    Was it just their love of marine biology that brought them together, or was it much more than that?

    World Features:
    -A love story about two passionate Marine Biologists
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Valentines Weather Machine
    -A small harmony of notes
    -Over 30 Dimension Blocks!
    -A few Storm Clouds
    -Rarely used Hypertech Antigravity Fields
    -A couple of new Valentines blocks such as the Romantic Bushes, and the new Angelic Counting Cloud after it has been used forming a new design
    -Two Perspectives to choose from!
    -A VIP Room
    -Credits to all the people who helped me!
    -An Exam at the University
    -World is newly made
    -6 Spectation Areas
    -Growscan to view all the items in the world
    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
    — The Doctor
    “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
    ― Ross Lynch

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    Default TitanComplex For WOTD!

    GrowID: Heramix
    World Name: TITANCOMPLEX

    Titancomplex is a parkour and a puzzle world. It has a long story that continues till the end of the world and the story progresses through these “diaries” that are around the world. It is FULLY noob friendly and doesn’t need a single item. The world also has a xenonite that disables double jump, high jump and speed. Also, THE WHOLE WORLD is PAINTED, yes. it doesn’t have a single block that isn’t painted.

    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine: Nothingness
    -A Xenonite Crystal (Double Jump, High Jump, Speed Blocked)
    -Some Riddles
    -A Winners Area
    -Around 50 Adventure Items
    -Around 1000 Glue
    -Around 4600 Paint (Yes, you red that right)
    -Noob Friendly
    -A Howler Parkour

    The Latest Render:
    Name:  titancomplex.png
Views: 92
Size:  338.9 KB
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    Username : Allyssaaaa


    One day,you decided to go into the wilderness of growtopia and visit the mystical TREETOPWALK.Treetopwalk was once a popular attraction for the locals until the 19th centuries when there were cases of people suiciding by jumping off the bridge that was very high up the ground.After hearing these cases, locals were scared and did not dare to go and its now abandoned.
    You being a daredevil,decided to visit this magical place and discover whats behind it!

    this world includes:
    Credit Board
    Different theme parkour
    PZ Jammer
    Weather Machine - Jungle
    Vip room
    Usage of adventure items

    Hope to win!!

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    Talking MYNIGHTSHADE by JacksHeart

    MYNIGHTSHADE by JacksHeart

    Name:  mynightshade.png
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    Once upon a time you and your wife lived happily together on the the rolling hillsides of Avalia. A kingdom ruled by a corrupt King and Queen who were notorious for kidnapping people and exiling them to endless labor... until they die of over-exhaustion.

    One day on you were on way home after going to the market to get eggs (For your wife's birthday cake). But when you returned she was gone... the house was trashed. Deep down you knew what happened to your beloved wife. You quickly hop on your horse, Buster, and ride into the kingdom in search of your wife as well as a witch who lives deep in the forests of Avalia. The witch shall guide you.

    Gather the poisonous ingredients listed by the witch and sneak into the castle and poison the Queen!

    You seek only revenge!

    - Punch and Zombie Jammers
    - Credit Board (Above Main Door)
    - Love Story
    - Tons of adventure items
    - Tricky puzzles and mazes

    P.S. - The pixel art is all done by me

    ~ JacksHeart

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    Name:  alonelyvalentines.png
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    Name:  alvhouses2.png
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    It’s that time of the year again. Love fills the air with all its beauty once again. However, this year, it’s only you celebrating Valentine’s Day. AGAIN. In the spirit of the holiday, you feel motivated to meet a girl, maybe go out on a date? Maybe dinner? You’ve heard rumors that a beautiful girl lives on the other side of town... Now’s your chance! Maybe you won’t be lonely this year after all.

    World Includes
    +Original Pixel Art
    +Original Love Story
    +Unique Parkour
    +Jammers/Pineapple Guardian/Valentine’s Weather
    +Unique World Swapping Feature
    +VIP Room
    ign: bllade (used to be BladeGamer)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techy, 33-time WOTD winner
    The gameplay was different and enjoyable [and] the lore was convincing
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyeosi View Post
    POLARISIV is a loose sequel to my previous world, ARTEMISSTATION, and the first part in a currently planned four-part series. After narrowly escaping the destruction of the Artemis space station, you crash land on a mysterious planet and find an abandoned and decaying research station: Polaris-IV. What secrets could lie within?

    • Non-linear metroidvania-style gameplay: you can backtrack to previous areas at will!
    • Innovative new gameplay mechanics!
    • Focus on exploration and puzzles instead of parkour.
    • Tons of optional lore bulletins!
    • Side quests!
    • Fully jammed.

    Render: Attachment 231406
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    Signature v9.2

    Art by Intensifies (thank you!)
    Previous sigpic by Parpul
    Quote Originally Posted by Sfsuprafang View Post
    Is m456 a dog? Regardless, he still is a very intellectual being, that one might compare him to the likes of Jesus.

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    GrowID : JunHongYT

    World Has
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Vip room
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Short Story

    Name:  theforestvillage.png
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    Short Story :
    You live in a village.One day, Your mother give you a quest to find the golden statue which is hidden in your village . There are many difficulty during the journey . What will happen next ?

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    Default Wotd 2020

    It’s snowing so hard and your a young boy who’s lost. On the way trying to find your house you find a mountain with a letter “ Jingle city” then you remember that’s your city. Then you go inside the mountain follow the signs. Suddenly you see a old man inside the mountain who wants to help you but he’s coming out of the mountain and your going inside you ask some advice how to get in to the “jingle city” he tells you that you have to parkour your way out and it’s hard you gotta grab on your way some Adventure keys to unlock hidden doors!

    Come enjoy the journey.

    GrowID ContactSport
    World ThePeacefulMountain

    World has:

    -Zombie Jammer Punch Jammer Weather machine Snowy night.
    -Vip for the winner
    -water parkour
    -adventure parkour
    -Credits.Name:  thepeacefulmountain.png
Views: 96
Size:  733.3 KB
    GrowID ContactSport
    Instagram Contact.GT

    Growtopia since 2013 February.

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    Love, Schizo.

    This world is about the story of Angel and his lover who suffers fom schizophrenia. A hurtful fiction story that will surely break your heart. The story won't be included in here since it's the highlight of the world and you must read it yourself. But does love really need a timer?

    Note: Lovewillows and it's underlings are invisible in the render but I still worked with it since it fits best.

    Here's the renderworld:
    Name:  loveschizo.png
Views: 100
Size:  261.5 KB

    Hope you enjoy the world.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 84

    Goals :

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    the render [image of the world] does not represent 100% of all the details
    in this world due to the fact that there is an error that is being repaired about the new elements in the render.
    New items were applied in the world [new Valentine's clothes and blocks, as well as dwarven blocks].

    Name:  thetruelove.png
Views: 113
Size:  1.19 MB

    story: Once, in a beautiful castle, there was a royal family that served its people.
    one day, in the castle, the kings had an argument, and since that day, the fights between them have been continuous.
    the prince was tired of hearing the same arguments every day, so he made the decision to scape of the castle secretly, hiding in the village.
    when he arrives in the town he asks for the help of a villager, who hides him and introduces him to his daughter and the prince falls in love at first sight of the girl, the girl's father finds out that the prince fell in love and wants to return the Prince to the castle.

    Will the prince manage to stay with the girl and live happily?

    IGN : Gxdoll
    This amazing world contains:
    -A fantastic love story
    -P&Z jammers and as a weather machine - heat wave
    -gigantic castle with a variety of infinite details! & an rainbow
    -song: karna su sayang - near ft dian sorowea [GT covered by Cuzycat]
    -Fun and curious facts!
    -adventure items & Parkour and secret room!
    -An incredible landscape with every detail of plants and new blocks
    -a house made in the style of the old medieval century but with a touch of modernity!
    -The clothes of each character adapts to the story!
    -a city of Cupid in the Greek architectural style
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    Grow ID:Nabikrebs

    Every year on valentine's day many princesses and princes visit "Central Castle" to find love. in your kingdom no one likes you, so the King and Queen decided to bring you to the "Central castle". Here you can see many princes and princesses who are also looking for love, many people you can meet here, it can be your new friends or maybe the one that you are looking for or someone that is gonna love you. But first of all you have to deal with the trials and adventures here. Are you ready to do the chalenges to meet your prince / princess?

    ~Interesting Informations about Valentine's
    ~Cute Valentine's jokes to read
    ~Vip Area
    ~PZ Jammers and Weateher (Valentines)

    Latest Render:
    Name:  centralcastle.png
Views: 99
Size:  550.8 KB
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