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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    Nominating "THEGREENCLOUDS" For WOTD
    GrowID : JunHongYT

    World Has
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Vip room
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Short Story

    Name:  thegreenclouds.png
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Size:  483.8 KB

    Short Story :
    A group of student are searching for The Green Clouds , so they went to this village to find for it . There are many difficulty during the journey . What will happen next ?

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    Default Wotd nomination

    Hello there everyone
    I'm here to present my world * Nucleardisaster *
    For wotd hopefully

    Includes a story !

    once upon a time a nuclear plant exploded during the night
    The impact was so strong it split the town in half and spread toxic acid around
    And some houses lost their color and became mossy and full of toxic
    the air outside is very toxic to breathe and right now your breathing alot of it
    you need to go investigate the prison on the other side! help who ever is alive!
    What are you waiting for? GO!

    Story can also be found at the white door !

    Other additional information
    World includes
    P and Z jammer
    Ghost jammer
    Arid - weather machine
    Some adventure gates
    Some adventure items
    A pixel art (made by me originally)
    World is really colorful
    Easy - medium parkour
    And a sun gate + obelisk
    ( Sun gate part is possible alone
    It's been tested by a couple of people)
    And last it also has a VIP lounge at the end
    When you finish you can relax and watch others
    Or chat

    Render picture:

    Name:  nucleardisaster.png
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Size:  363.1 KB

    World name : Nucleardisaster
    Owner name : puresadness
    Built by : puresadness everything was by me
    Inspiration or idea : Chernobyl accident !
    A bit history here

    Overall enjoy hope I win Goodluck to everyone!

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    Nominating "RATSPLAGUE"
    for WOTD
    GrowID : DAPPOL
    Attachment 230913

    World Has
    -Zombie jammer & Punch jammer
    -Adventure Item
    -Using 2 Worlds

    Short Story :
    Tells the Story of a Child has a strange disease that cannot be cured, and he is now in the palace. He slept well in his room, but without realizing he was surrounded by many soldiers outside. Then he tried to find a way out of the palace. When he came out of the palace he found a swarm of rats that brought the plague to the village, no could cure the plague there was only one thing that could get rid of the Plague of rats by killing him, Many people had be killed and hanged Because they had rats plague but in contrast to this child's illness, without realizing he could control the rats, and he walked to cave and found witch and a wizard army that made the village chaotic but this child had brought his army rats. So what will happen to him? Go check The world To Know what will happen!

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    Default Nomination of the WOTD!

    Name:  thepikachuadventure.png
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    GrowID: Famia


    -Pixel arts
    -Parkour (medium)
    -PZ Jammers
    -Valentine Weather
    -Colored Blocks
    -Story, storyline
    -VIP room
    -*Credits to* guest book (beside white door)
    -Adventure items
    -Added credits to: (pixelart sources)


    Hello Growtopian! You got an mission! You should complete
    it to get out of here and save the Pikachu too!

    You gotta find all four keys to explore the Poke-Ball!
    You'd ask why would u have to do this. Well, there's
    no much time before the Poke-Ball sucks everything
    around! It's including you too on the list!

    Just stay strong and follow they way and portals which
    are going to lead you to the keys. Stay strong and fight for your's and Pikachu's lives!

    I hope, I win my 3th WOTD!

    THANK YOU UBISOFT, Happy valentine's week!
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    Hello Growtopia community!
    I want to nominate my world for WOTD.
    GrowID: ISKADI
    Story: "Happy New year folks! To celebrate this 'New Year's your friend, Niki's create a party. He invites all of his friend to celebrate together. The party will be held at Niki's house on 08.00 p.m. What are you waiting for? Come and let's go for the party!
    Have a nice party and a better year!"
    P and Z Jammers
    Fire house
    Balloon arts
    Night weather machine
    Adventure items
    Story and easy parkour
    Attachment 231371
    Hope that I can win.. Much love!
    GT Name: iSkadi
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    Default LoveAndCheers

    In this world, I want to share joy and behavior and perspective. One cheer shared to one and re-shared to another...and to another...and so on and so forth. This is what the entire theme wants to convey. Sharing LoveAndCheers everyday and any day that we can do with only one act of sharing that can double or triple or ...who knows how much?

    Here, parkour represents the act of sharing. It can be easy and comes naturally to some but difficult to others. But even if others may find it hard, it doesn't mean it's no longer possible.

    I personally made the happy and upbeat song from the anime www.working. I also put the neccesary jammers, fire house and weather machine. Medium to hard parkour, a simple dialogue story, some cool bits of information, and a cool overall design focusing on one theme.

    It's a cool and a feel-good world
    Thank you

    IGN: Silicachan
    World: LoveandCheers
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    A story about a lovely princess, make your choice now!

    Name:  taleofaprincess.png
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    may my demise be a promise to you.

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    Default Renominating my world "VALENTINEORIGIN" For WOTD

    Name:  valentineorigin.png
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    World : ValentineOrigin
    Grow ID : imProudOfYou
    Backstory : back to the old centuries, the brothers Remulus and Remus the founder of Rome and also the founder of "Lupercalia Festival" (known as valentine now). All their life journey until they found valentine. As we know, valentine is an event with full of romance and loving spirit. But is it the same in the old days?, who knows?, No spoilers, feel free to jump in the world!.
    This world contains :
    - Easy to Hard parkour
    -Story (Based on real life event)
    - Riddle
    - Adventure items
    - Some Pixel Art
    - Jammers
    - Vip for those who successfully done
    Thank you.
    Ps : I Changed my username to imProudOfYou

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    Default OURTRAVEL By PPVStar

    Nominating My world OURTRAVEL For WOTD.

    Story Line, A group of people set foot on one of the world's undiscovered kingdom, after hearing receiving news about what awaits in its. The Good and lovely side on the kingdom and The Bad and horrible side.

    World Contains:
    -Weather machine - Night
    -Punch and Zombie jammer
    -Fire House
    -Story Line
    -Credit Board
    - Vip area exclusive for the winners

    New Mechanics includes:
    - Storm Clouds
    - Dimension Blocks
    - Deathtrap Walls
    - Gravity Wells

    Owner: PPVStar
    Render world:
    Name:  ourtravel.png
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Size:  535.8 KB
    Attachment 231409
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    GrowID: Chemmie

    +So! What exactly is this world?
    -It's a world about crocodiles.

    +What am I going to find in this world?
    -KNOWLEDGE, you will read facts about crocodiles.
    -A story! (70% of the world) as any typical WOTD, there is this interesting story about a lumberjack's encounter with a wild crocodile, this man is running low on money and can't pay rent, so he ventures into the woods hoping to find some trees to chop, but he finds none. (the story continues). Note: it's a multiple ending story.
    -A quiz!
    -A spleef arena!
    -A battle royale arena!
    -BUBBLES! 8x8 bubble wrap pool.
    -True or False game (will host if enough people show up).

    And here's the render:

    Attachment 230827

    Note: the world IS PZ jammed + firehouse-ed and equipped with a stuff weather machine set on a dinosaur mask

    Discord: Chem #7714

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    Post Renominating SaveTheForests

    GrowID: LamboUrus
    WorldName: SaveTheForests

    This world is based on all the animals that are almost about to extinct. Thats why theres alot of Information spread around the world of the following animals:
    - The Giant Panda
    - Koala Bear
    - and Bees


    This world includes:
    - PZ Jammer and a firehouse
    - weather machine • Jungle
    - 4 Cybots and a Trickster
    - 3 Pixel Arts
    - a VIP room for winners - spectator rooms

    I really hope this world wins, it took me alot of effort to make this world.


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    Default ANCIENTFORESTS (helping to my friend)

    Name:  ancientforests.png
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Size:  1.46 MB
    World Name: AncientForests
    Growid: Dinoturtles
    Desc:There Have
    1.Jungle Weather
    2.Punch Jammer
    5.Pixel Art
    6.Vip Room
    Story:One day in a forest came a group of historians to study the forbidden forest in the Amazon jungle. They did not know that there were still tribes who hated outsiders people. Until arriving one night they accidentally entered the village and found something interesting. that is a temple in a row and it is said that there are many tribes that set a lot of traps. Now let's help historians to get out of the forest
    Be careful whom you trust and play safe and smart as always



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