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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [December - February Cycle]

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    IGN: Zya || World: VALENFEST


    In this world, you're setting up Valenfest once again, every year, alone. However, things feel different. Stones have started appearing everywhere, and every door you enter takes you to another dimension. What is happening? Why is it different...

    Jammers: Pineguard, Punch & Zombie jammer, Mini-mod, Ghost charm, & Firehouse.

    Name:  valenfest.png
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Size:  398.5 KB

    Music: Undertale OST: 090 - His Theme
    By: Deftera

    It's second connected world:

    Music: Undertale - OST:006 Uwa!! So Temperate
    By: MusicOfMine

    Learn to love yourself, before you love others.
    Instagram: @gt.mera

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    Default Articvolcano for WOTD

    This world has:
    -Interesting storyline
    -fun stuff
    -usage of new blocks
    -and many more to explore

    ps: I've made some changes into the storyline

    Grow ID: Chaledean

    Latest Render:
    Name:  articvolcano.png
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    Storyline: Once upon a time while you were farming a mystical dragon appeared Out of nowhere and he said find those four elements crystals And if you find them I will grant you a wish whatever you like ,whatever you want

    grow I'd:Chaledean

    This world has
    -Medium difficulty parkour
    -vip lounge
    -and many more to explore

    Latest Render:Name:  newyearsville.png
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    FROMYOURVALENTINE by ElectroDream.

    In this world, you can either learn the history of Valentine's Day, if you're coming alone, or you can play in a couple's story if you come with a friend or a partner. If you play in the history side of the world, this world will showcase how Valentine's Day came to be complete with mannequins and places that display what they're doing for further immersion. On the other hand, if you play the couple's story mode you can either choose to play as Jesse or Dakota and venture in their little love story sort of has a moral story in the end, instead of a cycle of I like this person - I date this person - We marry. I tried to bring up that sometimes it's not always smooth sailing when you're romantically involved with a person. If you refuse to play either modes and just want to hang around in the world, there is a bonus mode where you can roam around the skies for the VIP password.

    World Features:
    - P, Z jammed, Antigravity Machine, Ghost Charm, Firehouse - you name it! I want to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.
    - Includes the history of Valentine's alongside the information of Valentine's Day.
    - Includes a VIP room for winners and for those who seek for the password.
    - Includes interesting ideas such as going in parkour side-to-side as a couple, storyline with multiple endings (3 endings each character, making it a total of 6 endings)
    - Includes interesting objects that makes a less boring parkour, such as trickster, cybots, and gravity wells.
    - Music: Drift Away from Steven Universe the Movie transcribed by me.

    World render: Name:  fromyourvalentine.png
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    Goodluck to everyone else!
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    Nobody was harmed in the making of this picture... I hope.

    IGN: ElectroDream
    Discord: Dreamy#2149
    IG: @electrodreamy
    WOTD count: 24

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    GrowID: EuryX

    Good day everyone, the world CLIMBORFALL is basically like a board game with the same mechanics of Snake and Ladder, but this world has little twist to make it more exciting, and takes more time to unwinding some stress, or having an insanity from grinding to make some wls. This world is only just a step to make the growtopia more fun again.

    Every levels are designed uniquely, It has a random things that must be done to continue to the next floor, the Mystery Door will decide your fate sending you to higher levels ranging from 1 to 5. Reach the Floor 100 to score 50 points, score 100 points to win the game.

    - Spectate can be unlocked by just reach the 100th floor.
    - A jungle themed board game.
    - Item Quiz using Gateway to Adventure.
    - Spelling bee Questions by using Sign and Password Door.
    - Game Stuffs to start and decide who will win.
    - A set of jammers to prevent ruining the fun. PJ, ZJ, GC, PG, FH.

    World Latest Render:
    Note: some blocks doesn't appear due to the rendering bug.

    Name:  Ji3ncXQ.png
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    IGN: EuryX


    1.Get to Level 125 : [125/125] [ √ ]

    2.Get the 1st BGL : [ Impossible ] [ X ]

    3.Upgrade Guild to Level 15 : [ 9/15 ] [ X ]

    4.Recycle 200 Magplants and Quit Growtopia [ 8/200 ] [ X ]

    Free BFG @ EURYBFG

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    Every year the Growtopians held a competition called The Neon Race. There is only one winner and the winner gets wealth and fame, but everyone else gets nothing. The race is filled with dangerous paths and sadistic traps. This world will test your skills and patience. Only the best will see the finish line.

    World name: THENEONRACE
    World owner: SYYG

    The world has:
    P and Z jammers
    Xenonite crystal to block double jump
    Weather machine: Background
    Steam stuff
    4 levels, each getting harder than the last one
    A credit board
    Challenge timer and the flags for real prizes

    Name:  theneonrace.png
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    pLz doNaTe

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    Default Nominating my world for WOTD

    World name: FearMedusa
    GrowID: Amoht

    Description: In this world, I didn't want to do like all the other worlds where there is mainly parkour. This is why I made a maze with portals. Certainly, it is less beautiful than the other worlds but it is still very original and difficult. The goal is to escape this maze by using the portals, be careful, only 1 way will take you to the exit, that's what makes this world so difficult. You will therefore have to use your memory in order to remember which portal you have already used and which one to take to get to the exit. Be careful, there may be few traps which brings you to useless places . I hope that you all like the originality of this world and maybe it will allow me to win my first WOTD!

    Story: Medusa is a creature from Greek mythology that traps people in a very confusing maze. Once inside, she tracks them down with her snake hair and turns them into stone,then exposes them in her room. Explore the maze using the portals without getting caught by Medusa to get out of this hell. No one has ever escaped, will you be the first?

    This world have:
    - Punch and Zombie jammer
    - Weather Machine -Nothingness
    - Maze
    - Portal game
    - Memory usage
    - Vip room
    - Story related to Medusa
    - Song

    Name:  fearmedusa.png
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    Post Nominating For World Of The Day!

    Name:  lavaonthefloor.png
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    World name: LAVAONTHEFLOOR
    GrowID: Cufex

    It's Saturday, and that means your friends are coming to visit you. And as always you play different games together, be it computer games, memory games, card games or anything else. But today one of your friends came out with amazing self maed game... on what you created a gameplay with your imagination.

    - Parkour (easy/medium)
    - Jammers
    - lava game
    - Story
    - Credits board
    - Different levels
    - Adventure items
    - Spectate

    Name:  thejourneyoflove.png
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    GrowID: Cufex

    At first let me explain what's meaning of the world render. As you can see it's almost monochrome but there is one part with purple. This purple part is that what others can see on your journey and the rest is that what you had to go through to get there. There is one question for you: whether it's easier to go up or down stairs? I'm pretty sure there is only one answer for it. And if you are in doubt with that then i have one journey for you. It's with waterfall game. And your goals is to go up. But trust me, you can't pass it without falling.

    Story: talks about what is really behind every happy couple and how important it is to support each other.

    - Jammers + weather
    - Story+ storyline
    - Waterfall parkour
    - A bit of normal parkour
    - Xenonite (High jump blocked which is making parkour a bit harder, speed and double jump on)
    - End area
    - Adventure items

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    Hello everyone! I want to nominate my world for WOTD
    GrowID: ISKADI
    We got a best friend who just passed away because of accident.
    He passed away on 8th of Februari 2020.
    I Know him since Primary School, and become closer when Vocational High School.
    The 'We' word refers to us (His best friend). He played Growtopia too, but not serious at it.
    He is a naughty boy at school. He is so popular cause of his noise.
    And now, he is gone forever. But he is still in our heart.
    Rest in Peace Bro! 08-02-2020, You the best!!
    We: ISKADI, MrDecters, MaxQueen, Indracen, MrLegendKIA, and SI16
    *P.S*: I don't know this kind of world could win a WOTD or not. I don't mean to earn dls from a dead friend. But, I just want to share my memories to y'all!
    PZ Jammer
    Fire House
    Nogthingness weather machine
    Song (See You Again)
    Parkour (easy)
    Real Story (Based on true story)
    Adventure items
    Vip Room
    Credits (Song and Pixel Art)
    Love you! See you again!
    GT Name: iSkadi
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    Default WOTD Nomination

    World Name: TheGrowtopiaSchool
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Story: Today is your last day of school, which means that you have to do your final exams to graduate. Complete all of your exams in each of the 5 subjects to return to your home with your diploma in hand.

    This world have:
    ~Punch and Zombie jammer
    ~Ghost charm
    ~Vip area
    Name:  B25692F5-975F-49E6-81D9-9B75068AABAB.png
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    The first ever legit choice based world. There are total of 10 endings due to limited door limit. This world works through the combination of Gateway coding and adventure items.

    Cotton Mather died from lynching. It was discovered that he is the godfather of the mafia group in town. It was also discovered that he is you! But, as told by elderly, everyone who dies will roam around until the 14th day of their funeral. You will use this opportunity to kill the disrespectful people who farted in your funeral. There are only 3 people who did it. Take them with you.

    Other information that must be considered:
    Gateway to Adventure(s) with Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are doors for kill confirmation.
    Gateway to Adventure(s) without Big Old Down Arrow(s) above are the final doors. They will only work if you already killed 3 people.
    Killing more than 3 people, if possible, will lead to the Gateway to Adventure(s) not work.
    Details about the people are written in the guestbook located in each person's room.

    Name:  dontfartinmyfuneral.png
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Size:  322.3 KB
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 84

    Goals :

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    Name:  theberserker.png
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    Story : Six years after your encounter and hardship of THE ECLIPSE, you are struggling and still are fighting against the haunting memories of THAT DAY. This is a conquest to conquer your ghastly fears and memories. Not to forget, but to leave behind and move on. Will you collect the chilling pieces of memory and compile them into a piece of crap that is no longer a fear, but a distant memory that is not worthy of your worry? ("Pieces of memory" being a reference to the letter collecting game in this world.)

    It's a pretty cool and interesting exploration world; search for and collect secret letters which result in a password that leads to V.I.P. A lot to explore out there ready for people!

    > V.I.P
    > Secret Letter Collecting
    > Cool motivating story
    > Exploration
    > Awesome party weather machine!



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