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Thread: something bothering me

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    Default something bothering me

    there is something that bothers my mind a little,
    when I was in my main world whitout any jammer or level restriction, no random people came,

    but when I tried to make a dirt farm with a big lock,

    random people keep coming in and out of my world,

    might reach 50-100 people

    Why did it happen?

    can someone donate ANCIENT ALTAR or DNA EXTRACTOR @myslfarm ?????

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    Your world maybe went into random worlds list.

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    There are people who like to visit worlds on the random tab,those people found your world and visited it. You can get fossils btw

    Discord: scr0nchi#1435
    Ign: ItzEaglet
    Main: EagsWorld
    Ig: hey_im_eaglet

    My english is deteriotiating :[

    Pl0x Don8 in EagDonate yes

    Pwease visit :3



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