World: FNAF3RP by Vrlz
Type: Roleplay
PZ Jammers, Pineapple Guardian, Dark scary world, Detailed graphic, FNAF 3 Lores, Thrilling 5 minutes roleplay minigame, multifunction gateway features, functional steam features, Credits, etc.

This is a Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Roleplay world (fan creation roleplay world) in Growtopia. Fazbear's Fright will give you undying nightmares. Play as a Nightguard or Springtrap, you can choose.
Flashlights or other light resources are needed in this world. This world features are made as accurate as the real game. There are 2 type of game mode; Adventure mode (main mode), Cutscene Mode (extra story mode)

About Roles:

Nightguard: Survive the night (5 minutes) by checking cameras and ventilations or play audio to prevent Springtrap go inside office and kill you. You only have 1 life.

Springtrap: Reach the office and kill the nightguard. Place your golden idol to unlock office door and ventilations. After placing golden idol, you can proceed to office.
You only have 5 minutes and 3 lives.

Looking the render won't be enough for you, come and play with friends it will be fun and thrilling.

This world is inspired from a game by Scott Cawthon - Five Nights At Freddy's 3.

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(sorry old render, but still the same)

What do you think guys?