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Thread: growtopia should fix this

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    Default growtopia should fix this

    So whenever I server browse i always wonder why hasn't growtopia banned all of these casino world's they're right in front of them and I don't think it could be that hard
    check the picture below

    cya! :)
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    These types of worlds are recommended due to a high count of bots being in them to attract other players' attention. It is not possible to ban each and every one of them when there are thousands of them being hosted each day at the time when none of the moderators are online (might be doing some other important stuff or just resting and having fun in the game itself). If you encounter any of that type of world, enter them and fill a report with all possible links included so they could take a look and take proper actions to stop such things from continuing. Nothing much we can do about it either way.
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