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Thread: Issues with /renderworld.

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    Default Issues with /renderworld.

    So when I did /renderworld of my world in picture weather machine turned off and items went into wrong places.

    Edit: I looked at the picture again and I noticed few more things. There didn’t show any dropped items and my world had 3 white doors.

    Edit 2: There is only dirt dropped in random place. There shouldn’t be dirt dropped.

    Edit 3: I tryed with other world and it looked normal. I think it maybe happened because I broke 1 block while it was rendering. The picture still looked funny with 3 white doors.

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    Can you link the renderworld?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SmartWaffle View Post
    Can you link the renderworld?

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    Hello Omppu641

    Could you wait a full 24 hours and try again to see if the issue still persists?

    Sometimes changes to a world will mess with the /renderworld command and give you an outdated stamp.

    We'll also not rule out the fact that you were breaking a block while the world was rendering.

    From personal experience, waiting some time will resolve this and give you the correct render.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out to us as support if the command is still not working!
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    my render is still completely broken, the top half is shifted a couple blocks, the display shelves (that had items) have vanished and been replaced with block sized sprites of the items in them, a random piece of bedrock appeared, an extra white door, lock lines where there shouldn’t be, random dirt blocks everywhere

    been like this for the last two days, and haven’t broke blocks during the rendering process
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